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Absinthe Akveld's Artisanale Verte Tasting Notes

The beloved recipe from Serge Helfrich. After Serge stopped distilling his absinthe, Ton Akveld carried on distilling after Serge's Recipe. Now, the recipe was passed onto his friend... [...]

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Akveld\'s Artisanale Verte
New product

Absinthe Akveld's Artisanale Verte - 50 cl

The first Dutch absinthe, made after the Helfrich Verte absinthe recipe.

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Last reviews
Absinthe Fountain Antique mini - 2 taps

Absinthe Fountain Antique mini - 2 taps

By By osseja posted 7 april 2014. Posted 07/04/2014

I bought this fountain for my boyfriends birthday. He was so pleased with the fountain as he had always wanted one after spending many years in France and really impressed by the design and quality of the item. It is not flimsy or unsteady and is beautifully crafted. I was also impressed by the fountain as it achieved all my expectations. It now stands proudly on the table with accessories. I would definitely recommend this fountain as a great gift.
Absinthe Authentique

Absinthe Authentique

By Jean Lafitte. Posted 06/04/2014

Excellent Absinthe. This will spoil you after trying it. Very nicely organized profile with an excellent boquet!
Well done.
Absinthe Versinthe La Blanche

Absinthe Versinthe La Blanche

By Jean Lafitte. Posted 05/04/2014

This remains one of my favorites, partly to the strong anise-forward character and also because it was one of my first absinthes many, many years ago. When it is poured, it can be smelled from across the room - very fragrant. Nice louche.
I wouldnt say its particularly complex but it is a great addition to your collection.
Hapsburg Absinthe Cream

Hapsburg Absinthe Cream

By J. Posted 05/04/2014

This is a very tasty change of pace. It makes a good after dinner desert drink. I'll be getting more of this :)
Absinthe Spoon Frénay Feuille Sterling Silver

Absinthe Spoon Frénay Feuille Sterling Silver

By Shandy. Posted 30/03/2014

This exquisite vent spoon looks truly Elvish.
People I drink Absinthe with are drawn to it. It's a tactile, we'll balanced yet surprisingly weighty artifact. Sits well on your glass, but people will find an excuse to touch it and use it themselves. And it's beautiful in all 3 dimensions too.
I wouldn't mind being born with this in my mouth.
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