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The 15 most popular absinthe brands of 2014

At the beginning of every new year we compile a list of our top selling absinthes from the year that has just finished. It's always fun to see how your taste in absinthe compares... [...]

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This month's top sellers

1 - Absinthe Roquette 1797

Absinthe Roquette 1797

2 - Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

5 - Absinthe La Clandestine

Absinthe La Clandestine

6 - Absinthe Blanche Neige

Absinthe Blanche Neige
Jade Terminus Oxygenee
New product

Absinthe Jade Terminus Oxygenee - 70 cl

Absinthe Jade Terminus Oxygenee was created as an homage to one of the best absinthes of the 19th century.

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Last reviews
Absinthe Eichelberger 78 Verte

Absinthe Eichelberger 78 Verte

By Trigun042. Posted 26/01/2015

Very smooth Absinthe. It's strong but not over powering and has a strong Anise taste but super smooth, and the color is an amazing Natural green I was shocked when I poured it into a glass I wasn't expecting a natural colored absinthe to be so green. I will be a returning customer for this in the future and the bottle is just cool looking. I'd considered it to be collectable for a conversation piece in the future too.
Absinthe Libertine 72

Absinthe Libertine 72

By m2racing. Posted 26/01/2015

Nice louche. Balanced flavor. Thoroughly enjoyed this. I would buy this again!
Absinthe Guy - Côté France (2013)

Absinthe Guy - Côté France (2013)

By Vasilis. Posted 22/01/2015

I wanted to taste an absinthe with light anise flavour and aroma, so I gave it a try.
Very nice indeed I might say! I found it to have quite a pleasant bouquet of aromas,
light to the nose and pleasantly filling at the same time!
The palate is well balanced and soft with anise being present, but not overwhelming,
leaving wormwood to develop.
Doesn't have the heavy strike of other absinthes, especially compared to the ones with heavy anise flavor.
I find it to be an excellent absinthe, truly special and very refreshing.
I have to also note that I tasted it without any sugar and found it to be just perfect!
There is no heavy (if any) bitterness for the sugar to counterbalance,
so I didn't find it necessary to add any! A thin louche indeed (due to the little anise),
but it is "quietly" standing there, more observable if you enjoy it lightly dilluted
(about two measures of water for one measure absinthe).
For all the little I know, I give a full 5 star note!!
For all those who'd want to enjoy a light anise absinthe, I totally recommend it!
Absinthe St. Antoine

Absinthe St. Antoine

By Robbie. Posted 22/01/2015

Yeah this a great Absinthe, love the sweet flavour that lurks, its not a creamy type of drop so if you like your Absinthe light and refreshing this one is for you. Has a fine vibe about it. Its one I will always want in my cabinet.
Absinthe Dripper Pernod

Absinthe Dripper Pernod

By JosephL. Posted 16/01/2015

A really nice, well-made dripper. I have a few other see-saw models and would say that this one is now my favorite. It is made very solid - thick metal legs which cover a number of glass sizes. The see-saw action does not get stuck on this one as it does on some other models. A great little accessory!
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