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The 15 most popular absinthe brands of 2014

At the beginning of every new year we compile a list of our top selling absinthes from the year that has just finished. It's always fun to see how your taste in absinthe compares... [...]

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This month's top sellers

1 - Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

3 - Absinthe Antitoxin

Absinthe Antitoxin

4 - Absinthe François Guy

Absinthe François Guy

5 - Absinthe Blanche Neige

Absinthe Blanche Neige

6 - Absinthe Roquette 1797

Absinthe Roquette 1797
Blanche Neige
New product

Absinthe Blanche Neige - 50 cl

Blanche Neige is a Swiss La Bleue, a project by! It was awarded Gold at the Absinthiades 2014 in Pontarlier.

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Last reviews
Absinthe Glass Goblet

Absinthe Glass Goblet

By Robbie. Posted 22/03/2015

Great little goblet, well made, no flaws. Reservoir glasses are great!
Absinthe Eichelberger 83,2

Absinthe Eichelberger 83,2

By Northern-Regius. Posted 02/03/2015

When the prohibition of Absinthe was in full swing, as with the US, many places in Europe continued to make Absinthes. Many of the recipes took the "Green" out of the mix which made it easier to boot-leg. This outside-the-box thinking not only helped preserve Absinthe during the "dark days", it challenged makers to refine the process. As a result, we now have many fine white Absinthes that hold their own against the classic greens.

If you've avoided the Blanches in favor of Classic greens, this is one NOT to miss. Celebrate the history of Blanche Abainthes. You'll be glad you tried this! Great louche, depth of flavor and an added kick thanks to high alcohol content. Use a 4:1 or 5:1 to bring out the best of this fine Absinthe.
Absinthe Jade VS 1898

Absinthe Jade VS 1898

By Northern-Regius. Posted 02/03/2015

This classic recipe is what Absinthe drinkers of old enjoyed. The blend of herbs including Anise is off-set by an excellent 65% base. The wormwood while present, is in harmony with the other ingredients- no bitterness here. All the Jades louche fantastically well & this one is no exception. While I am a fan of Strong wormwood blends, this ticks all the boxes of what the classic recipes should be and as well as those priced much higher.
Absinthe Sade

Absinthe Sade

By Robbie. Posted 27/02/2015

This Absinthe is out of this world! Well it speaks to my tastes very loudly anyway. Colour clear and has a noticeable dark green tinge. Aroma is herbaceous and wormwood, fennel, anise are there but subtle and balanced, the louche is long and entrancing. Now the best part. The taste. It just makes me stunned! and I go wow, how does someone make something that good? Very good balance of flavours in there, mainly I taste the anise and wormwood up front. The wormwood comes on nice after sipping (as I like it) with the anise putting a little numbing in . There is lots of other characters in there (but I am not experienced enough to go into detail) they all play together very well close behind those two. The texture is just right, its light but still has a nice silky smoothness about it. Without a doubt my favourite absinthe after second pour. Cheers.
Liqueur Fleur de Couscouille

Liqueur Fleur de Couscouille

By pax. Posted 27/02/2015

Beautiful. delicate. a cloud that floated from the alps onto my tongue.
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