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Fête de l'Absinthe 2015 in Boveresse

Dear Absinthe Lovers, Once again, the weekend went by way too fast! As in previous years, our team took part in the Fête de l'Absinthe. This Absinthe Festival is held annually... [...]

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This month's top sellers

1 - Absinthe Roquette 1797

Absinthe Roquette 1797

2 - Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

3 - Absinthe La Clandestine

Absinthe La Clandestine

4 - Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard

Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard

5 - Absinthe Jade 1901

Absinthe Jade 1901

6 - Absinthe Calavera Vert

Absinthe Calavera Vert
Française du Levant
New product

Absinthe Française du Levant - 50 cl

Originally developed for the Japanese market, this absinthe swaps traditional lemon balm for Japanese Lemongrass.

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Last reviews
Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

By Great Purchase. Posted 29/07/2015

Reminds me of Le Chateau De Provence. What a wonderful experience.
Absinthe Soixante Cinq

Absinthe Soixante Cinq

By Jean Lafitte. Posted 28/07/2015

This was a great discovery in my last shipment. The dark green color in the bottle was a great initial clue as to the contents as they louched. I lean towards a darker bottle green coloration in my vertes. Slow build up in color then led to a brilliant jade glass of liquid green clouds. A bit of a bitter bite - not too much - but enough to signal the presence of Artemesia Absinthium and to let say "hello" to your mouth. Love this Absinthe at this price point. Glad I tried it.
Absinthe Fleur d\'Absinthe

Absinthe Fleur d'Absinthe

By Jean Lafitte. Posted 28/07/2015

I initially sampled this to compare lower priced Absinthes. What I found was a surprise. There is a certain something that it possesses that the Libertine lacks. The wormwood is more pronounced and forward - either from the sprig or the distillation process. While it's a great bargain I cannot compare it to other, more complex Absinthes I have tried. For this price point I give it high marks.
Carafe for Absinthe, Vintage Reproduction

Carafe for Absinthe, Vintage Reproduction

By wayek. Posted 25/07/2015

Hands down the best carafe I've ever used ... you can easily control the stream or drip with the spout
wont need another!
Absinthe Adnams Absinthe Verte

Absinthe Adnams Absinthe Verte

By Robbie. Posted 03/07/2015

Great absinthe, lovely flavour combination with the lemon balm being well balanced in there. Very thick louche and layering not the most attractive colour but when it hits taste buds it really makes you smile. Pretty intense so diluting it more makes it easier to appreciate the whole package. Only bad thing was the fair amount dark brown sediment that sinks to the bottom after my bottle rests and has to be swirled to mix it back in. Didn't know what to make of it it?? Just didn't like the look of it at all, but it doesn't seem to taste bad on any occasion. So. Cheers!
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