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Absinthe La Valote Martin l’Originale - 1 L

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This absinthe reveals sweetness and very herbaceous flavours. A very elegant “Bleue”.   Read the whole description

Absinthe La Valote Martin l’Originale - 1 L

This absinthe reveals sweetness and very herbaceous flavours. A very elegant “Bleue”.
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  • Alcohol Content : 72°
  • Production Method : Distillation
  • Country of Origin : Switzerland
  • Distillery : La Valote
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La Valote Martin l’Originale reveals sweetness and very herbaceous flavours. A very elegant “Bleue”.

After La Valote Martin, Mr Martin offers a very interesting version of this absinthe with a higher level of alcohol.
It is distilled by a man concerned about perpetuating the Green Fairy’s myth, and who wants to guarantee a traditionally produced absinthe.

A magnificent version with great complexity of aromas!

Nose : Fine and strong. Evokes precise notes of Angelica.

Palate : Light anise attack. It reveals very herbaceous notes developing to a perfumed bitterness.

Finish : Good length. Notes of fennel and delicate bitterness.
La Valote distillery produces three different absinthes. Three stills measuring between 25 and 90 litres are used. Messrs Bovet, Fornoni and Martin share them to produce three different absinthes, each bearing the name of its respective distiller.
La Valote distillery received the authorisation to professionally produce absinthe on 26th April 2005, after absinthe was officially legalised in Switzerland on 1st of March 2005.
- At first, savour La Valote Martin l’Originale without any sugar. Then according to your taste, add some eventually.

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measure of fresh water.
  • Capacity :
  • Alcohol Content :
  • Production Method :
  • Anise taste :
  • Color :
  • Country of Origin :
  • City / Region :
  • Distillery :
  • Stopper :
  • Coloration :
  • 1 L
  • 72°
  • Distillation
  • Yes
  • Clear
  • Switzerland
  • Môtiers / Val-de-Travers
  • La Valote
  • Steel screw cap
  • Natural
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