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Set Absinthe Creations

Did you ever think of making your own absinthe? This Set by Paul Devoille enables you to.   Read the whole description
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Description of the Set :
The Absinthe Creations Set is a new invention by the Paul Devoille Distillery.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the taste of absinthe. Thankfully, there are plenty of different tasting absinthes available out there. However, now, you can create your own absinthe through mixing the herbal distillates that are contained in this set. Each tube contains an alcoholic distillate of the common herbs that you find in absinthe. By mixing them yourself, you have control over the outcome, and its taste.

The set comes with tubes containing the following distillates:

- Wormwood
- Green Anise
- Green Anise with essences added
- Fennel
- Veronica
- Angelica
- Coriander
- A herbal distillate, which, after maceration, tastes of for example liquorice, and mint. It will give your absinthe a nice, green colour.

The Set also includes three recipes, and an absinthe spoon.

This will be the most exciting new experiment for your absinthe evenings!
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By Watered Down. Posted 13/09/2012

I finally bought this set, to learn about the smells in my bottles of wonderful absinthe.
However, they are all watered down to 45%, so the scent is very faint, easily dispersed
and not at all what one would smell from a bottle with 60%-70% of the same herb.

Very, Very disappointed.
I suggest you DO NOT buy this for scent or taste education.
It's too watered down to discern much of anything.

Jo & Bob

Resonse from Andrew -

Thanks for the comment Jo & Bob, I'm sorry to hear you found the aromas faint - we have only heard positive things so far about the set! Are you diluting the mixture more than usual?

By SethP. Posted 10/09/2012

I totally agree with Bob & Jo above! A reasonably priced kit just for training one's palate and to be able to distinguish one flavor from another would be really awesome. I guess I'm not the only one with an uneducated palate... that can barely distinguish anise from fennel. ;)

By Bob & Jo. Posted 01/09/2012

I don't want to make it, I want to learn to recognize the smells and tastes inside it.
Any chance of getting a series of kits designed to be pulled out and sniffed to compare to the drink, to determine what all those mysterious smells are?

1. Basic 3 of course (Grand wormwood, aniseed, fennel seed)
2. Typically also used (Hyssop, Mellisa, Pontica, petite wormwood)
3. April fools - you've been suckered - Herbs used to make cheap stuff to cheat beginners like me out of their money. (star anise, fennel stem) I"m sure there are more.
4. Specialty add ons - gentian, chamomile, genipi or genepi (seem it spelled both ways), assorted mints, veronica)

Just a small tightly sealed bottle of each type, designed to be resealed billions of times. In a DVD type case, with some sort of packing to keep the smells of that "kit" from mingling "too" much. Each kit fitting on the shelf or bookstand next to each other nicely.

I'd buy one of each of them, promise ... if they are reasonably priced ... less than 20$ per kit.

Thanks for thinking about it.

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