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Absinthe Adnams Absinthe Rouge - 50 cl

This is a rare red absinthe, made by a distillery in the UK.   Read the whole description
  • Alcohol Content : 66°
  • Production Method : Distillation
  • Distillery : Adnams
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Adnams absinthe rouge is produced at the Adnams Copper House distillery in Southwold, UK. The vivid red colour is obtained entirely naturally from hibiscus flowers.

Aroma: Complex, floral and candied with subtle hints of wormwood.

Louche: Slow forming and thick, resulting in a liquid with the colour of parma violets.

Taste: Floral with the hibiscus flowers contributing a unique flavour that sits along side of the wormwood and anise to produce a creamy round and slightly sweet mid-palate and a long finish.

Red or Rouge Absinthes are extremely rare. One historical example exists, Absinthe Rosé Oxygénée by Rosinette, made famous by a publicity poster.

  • Capacity :
  • Alcohol Content :
  • Production Method :
  • Anise taste :
  • Color :
  • City / Region :
  • Distillery :
  • Stopper :
  • Coloration :
  • 50 cl
  • 66°
  • Distillation
  • Yes
  • Red
  • Southwold /United Kingdom
  • Adnams
  • Cork
  • Natural
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By Abbisomething 13. Posted 27/07/2013

Being that I'm relatively new to the absinthe experience, I must say I was quite surprised and pleased by this offering. The Adnams Rouge is not merely beautiful in the glass. It is delightfully delicate, well balanced and satisfying. This was my first venture away from the many verte's I have enjoyed, and I recommend this to anyone looking for something a bit different.

By Dejv. Posted 28/03/2013

This absinthe is a wild card. If you want to taste something you have never before, and still remain in the domain of real absinthes, this is the one. It actually really has a rich flowery flavour, is really smooth and has a nice, full and cloudy white/pink louche which makes ladies happy and tastes also pretty good.

By Mari-AU-1967. Posted 30/01/2013

A very pleasant experience.
From deep red in the bottle to a vibrant, jewel like ruby in the glass, a floral, toasted marshmallow scent with the promise of much anise, Adnams Rouge grabs the attention.
The louche is entertaining, with the rolling cloud effect being quite prominant through the ruby red, which then settles into a very pretty, pastel blushing pink.
With a pleasing mouth feel, the friuty, floral notes are well defined and quite delicious. Anise is solidly represented with a mellow wormwood presence leading into a nice finish.
Adnams Rouge will no doubt go on to form the basis of many interesting cocktails. It is certainly worth the effort should it be something a little different, yet still based on tradition you are wanting to enjoy.
I doff my hat to the UK.

N.B. This is personally based on 3 parts water - 1 part Rouge, no sugar.

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