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Christmas Holidays 2014-2015 – Order Dates & Customer Service Availability

Order Dates:

If you want to receive your order before Christmas day, choose Express Delivery and make sure to order before the 19th December. (Express delivery outside Europe is for non-alcoholic products only).

All orders with Standard Delivery received up until the 19th of December will be sent out before the 24th December 2014.

Service Availability:

Our packing team is on holiday from the 24th December 2014 – 4th January 2015. You can place orders as usual during this time: orders received will be dispatched as soon as possible starting 5th January.

Any emails or queries received after the 22nd of December will be replied to starting on the 2nd of January.

From all the team here, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

christmas21ca24 Christmas Holidays 2014 2015   Order Dates & Customer Service Availability

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Blanche Neige – award-winning Swiss absinthe

After we spent quite a long time on planning and testing, we’re pleased to tell you that our very own absinthe, the Blanche Neige, is now available in a full-sized 500ml bottle.

Absinthe Blanche Neige 500ml

Blanche Neige is the name for our true, Swiss La Bleue from the Val-de-Travers, the birthplace of absinthe. This absinthe is distilled by Gaudentia Persoz, one of the world’s most talented absinthe distillers, who has achieved great success with her own absinthes.

What makes Blanche Neige that extra bit different is a precious and priceless ingredient, Génépi. This  aromatic herb, from the Wormwood family, grows wild in the Alps. What sets it aside from other blanche absinthe is the much larger variety of herbs.

Blanche Neige Manuscript with Dried Wormwood and Genepi 340px Blanche Neige   award winning Swiss absinthe

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Back from the Absinthiades 2014

An eventful weekend, which passed by so quickly.

As every year, we drove to Pontarlier, in France for one weekend in October. This year was 14th Absinthiades taking place from the 3rd to the 5th of the month.

Read Stefanie’s account of what we got up to, below, and find out which absinthe brands were awarded medals at the end of this article.

20141005  SC 1165 1024x683 Back from the Absinthiades 2014

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By on September 17 introduces the artisan spirits of the Zufanek distillery

Today we’ll introduce a Czech distillery to you, specialized in the production of fine, artisanal spirits. The Zufanek distillery is a family business, best known outside the Czech Republic for their absinthe. The best kept secret however is their exceptional liqueurs and eau-de-vies. The family started their absinthe production in 2008, after a lot of trial distillations, research and input from experts. From then on, all the absinthe made by this distillery has been a wonderful success!

The history of the Zufanek Distillery

Josef and Maria Zufanek founded the distillery in 2000, together with their sons (Josef, Martin and Jan). The company’s mission is: to specialize in the production of all-natural spirits and liqueurs, especially Slivovitz, that is, plum brandy.

Zufanek distillery 300x199 introduces the artisan spirits of the Zufanek distillery

The Zufanek distillery is located in the village Borsice u Blatnice in Czech Republic. All fruits used for the production of spirits and liqueurs are cultivated in the family’s own fruit orchards. These orchards are both close to the distillery, and more importantly, in one of the best locations in the country for growing plums. The climate, as well as the local soil, rich in minerals, are very favorable for growing fruits in this area. All the fruit is certified organic quality.

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Maison de l’Absinthe: the new absinthe museum in Switzerland

The history of absinthe is full of sudden new developments, from its rapidly rising popularity and becoming France’s most popular drink, to its prohibition at the beginning of the twentieth century and then its unexpected comeback a few years ago. This history is deeply interwoven with that of the Val-de-Travers, Switzerland. It is precisely there in a small city named Môtiers that the “Maison de l’Absinthe”, an absinthe museum, opened its doors for the first time in July 2014.

Landscape farm Maison de lAbsinthe: the new absinthe museum in Switzerland

trans Maison de lAbsinthe: the new absinthe museum in Switzerland

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About Pastis

In this article, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about pastis. Discover what pastis is, how it is produced and how this spirit with a relatively young history has become a widespread aperitif. Thanks to this article you will also learn how to taste it and find multiple comparisons with other anise-flavoured beverages, from absinthe to anisettes. Finally, we prepared for you a few cocktail recipes with pastis – to get you started with this savoury classic drink!

What is Pastis?

To say pastis is very appreciated in Southern France would be somewhat of an understatement: the act of drinking pastis is very much interwoven with the culture and the lifestyle of the region. The main ingredients at the basis of every pastis recipe are anise and liquorice roots. Today, there are numerous different pastis recipes, more or less complex.

3 pastis glasses blurred 300x197 About Pastis

Pastis apéritif

trans About Pastis

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The Pernod distillery in Thuir

The Pernod distillery in Thuir is located in one of the historic homes of the brand near Perpignan, in Southern France. The distillery is part of Pernod’s factory where Suze, Byrrh and the firm’s wine-based aperitifs, are produced. It was officially opened in October 2013.
Pernod began the 2-year long construction of the site after the French law-makers voted to lift the nation-wide ban in 2011.

a9abc196 a3be 47b3 9e89 f4e47837cded The Pernod distillery in Thuir

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The secret absinthe fountains: an ongoing mystery

Absinthe is fascinating – once beloved then banned, its history is full of controversies. Discover in this article the even more mysterious secret absinthe fountains of the Val-de-Travers.

Secret fountain la discret panorama2 The secret absinthe fountains: an ongoing mystery

A secret fountain

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H.R. Giger Absinthes Wolfsmilch and Zeitgeist

The final project of the late artist H.R. Giger was the creation of two new absinthes Zeitgeist and Wolfsmilch. Giger was most famous for his creation of the Alien in the 1979 Ridley Scott film of the same name.

These absinthes are now available on our site – in limited quantities only.


Absinthe Wolfsmilch HR Giger

b38f178c 3f51 486a 8420 3b7d4442dff4 H.R. Giger Absinthes Wolfsmilch and Zeitgeist

Absinthe Giger Wolfsmilch is a Verte distilled in the Val-de-Travers.

Naturally coloured with herbs. Locally-grown plants are the key to the smooth taste of this absinthe.


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Fête de l’Absinthe in Boveresse 2014

Dear friends and Absinthe Lovers,

It has become a nice tradition to attend the annual Fête de l’Absinthe in Boveressse, in Switzerland. Just like the past years, the whole team of went to the Val-de-Travers last weekend. There, we met other absinthe lovers, spirits experts, absinthe producers and distributors, to exchange ideas about the passion we all have in common. Furthermore, some new absinthes had to be discovered!

Boveresse 2014 Chapeau de Napoleon Panorama Boveresse watermarked Fête de lAbsinthe in Boveresse 2014
An amazing view from top of the hill

I’ll talk about the different days separately because it has been a long and exciting weekend.

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