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Absinthe Apocalypse Tasting Notes by Marc Thuillier

Absinthe Apocalypse is an unusual absinthe – unusual for us to make it the Absinthe of the Month of January, anyway, as we tend to dismiss anything that comes in a skull bottle. This absinthe, however, is a real, handmade, distilled Verte with a citrusy taste. Judging from the color alone you’ll be able to see that this is a real absinthe!

Read Marc Thuillier’s Tasting Notes on Absinthe Apocalypse!


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Barrel aged absinthe revisited

Oak barrel aged absinthes have been around for a while, and more and more distillers are experimenting with their absinthes recently. You have probably heard about La Clandestine VSO Barrique, a version of the La Clandestine Absinthe that aged in a barrel for six years.

Recently, the producers of Absinthe Valkyria have launched their barrel-aged version of their absinthe in Sweden, and on Absinthes.com. There are other distillers doing the same (more…)

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Absinthe Blanche Neige Review by Marc Thuillier

Marc Thuillier

Vintage spirits treasure-hunter, connoisseur and altogether good chap: Marc Thuillier is one of the world’s foremost authorities on absinthe. When old bottles are uncovered from a bricked-up cellar or dusty attic, Marc’s your first port of call to determine their vintage, quality, and value. His knowledge of modern absinthe is no less impressive, having experience and tasting skills paralleled by very few others in the world.

We’re honoured that Marc has lent us his formidable palate to review Absinthe Blanche Neige.

Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Thuillier!



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Mead Base Absinthe Review

Mead Base Absinthe

As a few of you have probably heard already, we recently added an absinthe to our portfolio that is truly something special – Mead Base Absinthe.

This absinthe is made at the Žufanek distillery (one of the creators of Absinthe L’Ancienne), and is distilled on the basis of honey wine which was aged for at least 3 years. The result is a gentle and herbal spirit, with a lovely aroma of honey – but let us introduce this absinthe to you in more detail: (more…)

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How To Taste Absinthe

Have you ever wondered how some people become experts in the world of absinthe, and why their opinion is valued so much by fellow experts, buyers, business men and absinthe lovers? Is it simply the amount of absinthe they have tasted throughout their career, or is it a special talent that is either there or not?
Or have you ever asked yourself how you can tell a good absinthe from a bad one, how to tell which herbs are included in which quantity compared to the other ones, and so on? (more…)

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