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Awen Nature – an organic absinthe distillery

In the small town Chevaigné in Brittany, France, Julien Fanny has founded the Awen Nature distillery, realizing a longstanding dream of his. He produces the first, high quality organic spirits in Br [...]

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Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard
Safran - Awen Nature
New product

Absinthe Safran - Awen Nature - 70 cl

Colored with organic saffron for a golden hue. A world first!

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Last reviews
Absinthe Fountain Simple - 2 taps

Absinthe Fountain Simple - 2 taps

By Jack diamond. Posted 19/05/2016

This is a great little fountain (yes it is quite small) but, this is ideal for the modern home. It is made out of glass so it is quite sturdy, the taps are plastic but they seem fine and they work well.
This is an ideal fountain for one or two people would be great to use outside on a summers day.
Absinthe Apocalypse

Absinthe Apocalypse

By Great Stuff. Posted 30/04/2016

No reviews on this on yet, except for one person's shallow comment about liking the bottle.

Unfortunately that does not support the cause of the review. Enjoyable and quite different, this absinthe is definitely not complex but it does have its own unique flavor. If you are interested in trying a decent drinkable to say the least absinthe with strong lemon flavor, try this one out. Depending on your palate, it may or not be one on your reorder list. I happened to enjoy it to some degree, but find the more complex absinthes to be more interesting. But to sum it up yes, this is a bottle that is worth trying at least once. As far as the other skull shaped bottles offered on this sight that are clearly artificially colored and obnoxiously high proof, this seems to be the only one worth trying.

The French seem to make consistent quality stuff, so it is tough (although not impossible) to not recommend them.
Absinthe Rouge - Awen Nature

Absinthe Rouge - Awen Nature

By Carlo. Posted 29/04/2016

I'm very happy to see this very interesting absinthe available here. In the past I got some samples, also Verte and Safran, and I was looking forward to get some more.

Appearance: A beautiful orange red, very clear, less deep than it looks in the website pictures.

Louche: In the beginning it's beautiful to watch because of the many swirling colours, green, yellow, orange. After adding water it gets, quite unexpectedly, mostly green. Oily layer on top, translucent, not thick. I would not dilute it past 1:3. This is also the website recommendation.

Aroma: Not very strong, some dryness, a little alcohol. Little anise, some wormwood. A wood in summer, peopled with different wild plants. It's interesting that aroma changes a lot as minutes go by. Not the average absinthe at all.

Taste: Some wormwood bitterness, freshly cut grass and flowers, very little anise. It is quite creamy, thick, in the mouth. Complex, but very very mild. No strong taste in front. Not even flowers. My main objection here is that it is very mild.

Lingering: some bitter wormwood, grass.

Overall: I tested Awen Rouge over two months, during which I had a whole bottle of Neuzeller Malvales and half of Adnams Rouge. Getting back to Awen, I expected to like Adnams much better, remembering I had previously found Awen far too mild. I would now rather describe Awen as delicate and balanced, complex in its own way, putting no stress on flowery aromas. I'm getting some more bottles in the future, as it deserves a deeper acquaintance.
Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

By Great Stuff. Posted 28/04/2016

I agree with my fellow connoisseurs on this absinthe. Nothing super special, but that is no reason to not add it to your reorder list when your first bottle is done. It is an absinthe that is affordable and delivers a quality experience. I am currently into diving into the deep end of complexity and quality, but to have this on my shelf as a relaxer when I am not quite feeling as sophisticated is reassuring. A good offering, at a good price!
Absinthe Bizarre

Absinthe Bizarre

By Great Stuff. Posted 27/04/2016

More often than not, on this website the reviews seem to live up to the hype. Especially true with this particular absinthe. Often times I think ranking some of the best of the best is tough, and people have different palates. Whatever your palate, this absinthe ranks a minimum of the King of Diamonds, but is most likely an Ace. You won't find many in this league. This is perfect balance with no one flavor overwhelming. Smooth as can be, with a taste that has you going for more. This selection is pricey (being that it comes in an .5 liter bottle as opposed to the standard .7 for the same price) and its obvious now what the reason is. Does everyone want to drink absinthe this good all the time? Obviously not. But for those making a habit of seeking to add the best in their collection, this verte will knock your socks off.