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Liqueur Vecchio Amaro Del Capo

By JPB, Added on the : 23/04/2019

Very nice bitter, refreshing just dry on ice. Loads of flavours developing in the nose and the mouth.
It is NOT an Amaretto, no almond taste here. Maybe closer to a jagermeister, but far better and complex in aromas!

Absinthe Roquette 1797

By JPB, Added on the : 23/04/2019

So far the best Absinthe for me. Wonderful colour, wonderful louche, and the taste is really rich, letting you discover more hints of different flavours each time. I drink it without sugar. Bitter but that's what I like. The Anise is nice enough to smooth a bit the bitterness and is not over-powering.

Absinthe Spoon Elephant Grille Sterling Silver

By Scott MacDonald, Added on the : 20/04/2019

This is a work of art. I believe it to be the greatest modern absinthe piece being made. I treasure this and the wormwood spoon I own, made for me by this great artist.


Absinthe Dubied - Zufanek 1798

By Ecurb, Added on the : 20/04/2019

Will you be making more? Let me know! I've tried other "modern" absinthes but found them ponderous and unexciting.


Kalevala Vodka - Organic Finnish Wheat Vodka - FI-EKO-301

By Vodkalover, Added on the : 17/04/2019

Best vodka I ever tried ! Smooth and easy to drink