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Calvados Drouin - Calvados Très Pomme N°10

By A, Added on the : 29/01/2020

Lovely stuff, cask strength Calvados is hard to find- please get more in!

Absinthe Le Vélo

By Tast-e-crazee, Added on the : 29/01/2020

Aroma...Aroma...AROMA!!! WOWWWW!!! This is by far, the BEST one I've had so far when it comes to aroma...It has a warm, spicy smell in what I can describe as a cinnamon roll made love to a gingerbread cookie. I can't stop sniffing the bottle. The taste is quite tongue numbing followed by a fast dissipating bitterness...Doesn't linger very long, but it's a fairly typical and pleasant taste...Needs a sugar cube or 2...Louches nice and thick...But again...Oh that wonderful smell!!!

Sugar for Absinthe

By King of Crows, Added on the : 25/01/2020

I didn't think this sugar was going to be THAT different but I was surprised to see how much smoother this dissolved over my typical "Dots" sugar. Worth it? Yes and no. It is just sugar after all. It is also only $1.50 more added to your cart. For me; if I'm going to do something I'm going to do it right; and if its just 1.50 more than, meh, why not?

Absinthe Gustave 72%

By King of Crows, Added on the : 25/01/2020

I think I'll go get a glass of this right now! I cant give it a full 5/5 because I'm no expert but so far my favorite absinthe next to Gron Opal.

Liqueur La Clandestine Creme d'Absinthe

By dark horse, Added on the : 16/01/2020

I am saving this duff for a special friend or family its more of a holiday type beverage but i think i will find a use for it