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Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72 72% - 70cl

Alternative sizes: Content: 50ml, Content: 20cl,

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72 72% - 70cl
Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72 72% - 70cl
$49.65 ¹
Content: 0.7 Litre ($70.93 ¹ / 1 Litre) Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

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Content: $7.09 $141.80/Litre Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs
Abisinthe Amer 72 is a perfumed absinthe, powerful and full of aniseed flavours. Ideal for an initiation to strong sensations. Abisinthe Amer 72 won a bronze medal a the 2004 Concours International des Eaux de Vie de Fruits in Metz (International Contest of Fruit Brandies) The ancient recipe of this sugarless absinthe is obtained especially by distillation of a mixture of green anise and wormwood. However, many other plants, finely selected, are also part of its composition: star anise, fennel, gentian or even mugwort. Abisinthe Amer 72's natural colour is obtained by infusion of plants.  This absinthe has one of the highest thujone contents.   Probably the most powerful aniseed absinthe !   Serving Suggestion   - At first, savour Abisinthe Amer 72 with a piece of sugar. Then add more or less according to your taste.- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measure of fresh water.  

Serving Suggestion

- At first, savour Abisinthe Amer 72 with a piece of sugar. Then add more or less according to your taste.

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measure of fresh water.

This product contains alcohol and can only be delivered to adults. Proof of age will be required at delivery. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Distillery or Brand : Lemercier
  • Product Type: Absinthe
  • Description: Spirit
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Responsible Food Company: Peureux, 43 Avenue Claude Peureux, 70220 Fougerolles, FR
  • Net Quantity: 70cl
  • Alcohol Content: 72% vol
  • Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
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Weight: 1.10 kg
Dimensional Weight: 1.15 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: Lemercier
Region: Fougerolles
Product Type: Absinthe
Brand: Lemercier
Base Alcohol: Neutral spirit
Description: Spirit
Absinthe Colour: Green
Country of Origin: France
Production Method: Distillation
Closure: Steel screw cap
Authentic?: Yes
Responsible Food Company: Peureux, 43 Avenue Claude Peureux, 70220 Fougerolles, FR
Net Quantity: 70cl
Alcohol Content: 72% vol
Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.

Customer evaluation for (95)

29 Apr 2020

Thank you both products ere 5 star I enjoyed the monkey gin. It was smmoth

15 Apr 2020

Very smooth and clean. Louches nicely with good wormwood and angelica flavours.

25 Mar 2020

Nice and delicious, the anis flavour bites my tongue a bit, good enough for surviving the pandemic.

14 Jan 2020

What I like to call "the AK-47" of Absinthe. 10 thumbs up.

1 Nov 2019

Absinthe pas très amère finalement. Je suis d'accord avec certains commentaires, le goût d'anis est assez prononcé (un peu trop pour ma part) . Cependant par rapport au goût d'alcool, je trouve cela plutôt normal puisqu'il s'agit d'une absinthe à 72°. Je suis satisfaite de ce joli produit. L'emballage est excellent !

6 Sep 2019

Great Absinthe for a beginner or connoisseur. Outstanding service!

22 Aug 2019

My personal favorite Absinthe, affordable, beautifully made and all around a wonderful spirit. Just ordered my second bottle, can't wait to get it. Cheers!

15 Aug 2019

This drink is the smoothest tastiest absinthe that I've had so far I'd like to think of myself as a connoisseur of fine absinthe. When you buy it in the 20cl it has a pop top like grolsch beer. When you're done drinking it you can refill it and use it as a flask. This product has four and a half Stars and there's a good reason why great product great price.

8 Jun 2019

I was very surprised how good this one is. I pour a shot over four ice cubes, wait for half an hour or so, and my oh my is it good! This, along with the non Amer of the same bottling are great. Pay no mind about the price, it good!!!

21 Mar 2019

This one is quite simple and relatively cheap, yet fairly strong. A good beginner's one, i think. Fairly thick, this has the peculiar quality of being already sweet, so it goes well just with water without any further sugar to be added. Provides a more than decent experience, though it's not a much refined one. Great value nonetheless, just don't expect wonders if you're an expertised absinthe taster.

13 Dec 2018

Sehr Gut! geschmacklich gut, wirkung top! werde ich wieder bestellen

31 Oct 2018

This absinthe does what it says on the tin. Rich flavour without any quirkiness, it's a good solid performer. Great in cocktails or in the traditional cordial fashion, it's worth having a bottle on hand. It is worth getting a little experimental with other absinthes but you'll find yourself coming back to this one.

4 Oct 2018

On time, as described, tasted like Absinthe! Bought as a present for my girlfriend who wanted to try the Absinthe experience. Will buy again if we ever get through it.

31 May 2018

Seit Jahren einer meiner Lieblinge unter den Absinths.

20 May 2018

If your absinthe connoisseur this is a must-have. It's very smooth a little on the dry side but flavored nicely I give it a 5 out of 5

29 Jan 2018

Die Lieferung kam schnell und sehr gut verpackt, bin sehr zufrieden.

4 Jan 2018

Schon lange keinen Absinth mehr getrunken. Sehr gute Marke. Bin sehr zufrieden.

24 Dec 2017

My favorite absinthe. I have tried many, and enjoyed them all, but this is the one I always come back to...

18 Dec 2017

My favorite! I have tried many others, but I prefer this one for true absinthe.

12 Dec 2017

Sehr ausgewogener, feiner Geschmack!
Gehört zu meinen Lieblings-Absinthes.

4 Dec 2017

Alles super geklappt und wie immer lecker....ich kann diesen Absinth nur weiter empfehlen

13 Nov 2017

j adore pas trop amer et c super pour faire dodo je dore très bien

17 Oct 2017

Beautiful absinthe! Taste is well rounded, anise aroma and flavor is strong but not overpowering! No complaints with this bottle. Customer service was great as always!

15 Oct 2017

I have tried about 12 different Absinthes and always return to this one, my favourite, it has been my staple for years.

2 Sep 2017

One of my favourite absinthes. Great taste with deep aroma and very well balanced bitterness.

31 Jul 2017

10 years of 4 & 5 star ratings. 35 parts per million, the highest allowable amount of thujone (if you're into that sort of thing). From the #1 producing country of Absinthe in the world. 72%, the alcohol level (again, if you're into that sort of thing). 1811, the year Lamercer started fermenting fine products. 3:1, the perfect ratio of water to Absinthe. 6, the number of times I've ordered it. 4, the number of bottles I ordered last time I ordered it. 72 ml, the largest bottle you can buy. 0, the amount of sugar needed to savor this treat. Lastly, I will say, that if you don't like Jagermeister because of the anise flavor, that doesn't mean you won't like this. The additional herbs balance this out nicely.

21 Jun 2017

First off, I am very impressed with this vendor. I haven't ordered absinthe online in seven years and I'm glad I chose Absinthes.com to get back into the world of absinthe I so dearly missed. I am no connoisseur, I am no expert. I'm just a simple man who found himself allured to the green fairy. Though I can't tell you what herbs I taste (with the exception of anise and wormwood), I can appreciate the complexity of the taste and aroma to a point. Though I am far from an expert and am not adept to identifying a taste profile with any precision, I know there is a rich bouquet of fine craftsmanship contained in Amer 72. For 72% alcohol and triple wormwood distillation, this absinthe is remarkably smooth and refined. For the price you pay, you get a bit more than you expect. My next purchase will be one of the Jade series, thanks to a $10 off coupon from Absinthes.com. Thank you for providing both an excellent selection as well as amazing service. I will recommend you guys first as an absinthe vendor for friends. You guys are awesome at what you do, thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering from this site again. In fact, it's very likely the only vendor I will use. As I finished this comment, I just finished a glass of Amer. Definitely will get it again. Great for an everyday's absinthe or something more. Likely to be my go to default absinthe choice.

25 Apr 2017

I have been trying some different absinthe and this one is a very nice and pleasing product. The bottle is well packed reducing the possibility of damage. I am glad to have found a place where the recommendations have been justified in the product taste.

19 Jan 2017

I Like it!
It is a good and well balanced BITTER absinthe.
Nice louche, nice colour, good aroma and without a crazy price.
I will buy it again.

5 Jan 2017

Auch hier werde ich sehr gern meine Erfahrung mit guten Schluck nieder schreiben.
Für mich etwas widersprüchlich wird in den bisherigen Kommentaren von viel und wenig Anis gesprochen. Ja was denn nun? Auch der Thujon Gehalt lässt aufhorchen. Aber der Reihe nach.

Die Flasche besitzt ein für mich medizinischen Eindruck...Naja, stimmt ja auch irgendwie.
Der Verschluss ist 100% Kunststoff ABER beinhaltet einen "eingebauten" Ausgießer. Kein kleckern über den Glasrand. Sehr sehr gut. Lieber so als Kork! Super gemacht.

Sonst riecht er pur sehr sehr fruchtig, sehr süß und ausgewogen. "Nett" könnte man sagen. Ein nur leichter Alkoholgeruch lässt keine 72 Umdrehungen erwarten. Für mich bisher der beste Geruch eines Absintes - unterdess kenne ich ca. 20 Stk.
Er ist sehr klar, für "blasses grün" brauche ich viel Fantasie. So oder so, er macht eine gute Figur.

Pur kommt geschmacklich der Knall. Die 72% spürt man deutlich brennen. Er ist zu Beginn wenig bitter und wird im Nachgeschmack/Abgang sehr sehr süß, lakritzartig. Schmeckt fast schon nach Süßholz oder Salmiak. Das liebe ich zufällig. Trifft genau meinen Geschmack. Für mich auch in den Top 3 der pur genießbaren Absinthes.
Das leicht bittere verschwindet im Abgang.

Der sehr gute Tropfen opalisiert eher langsam und schwach. Er wird komplett dicht, aber weniger nebelig oder dichter wie andere Absinthes.
Das lässt erstmal auf weniger Anis schließen was auch mein geschmacklicher Eindruck ist. Eher wenig Anis, mehr Fenchel und Richtung Süßholz. Er sieht trotzdem sehr schön aus und bleibt weiß.
Der Geruch bleibt verdünnt nahe an unverdünnt, das habe ich auch selten. Ist weder gut noch schlecht, aber es fasziniert mich wie viele unterscheide es in den Absinthen gibt.

Verdünnt, ca. 1:8, ist und beibt er sehr süß. Ich würde das nächste mal geringer verdünnen. Er ist süßer als mancher Absinth mit Zucker von mir genossen wurde. Es festigt sich der Eindruck von wenig Anis, viel Fenchel und Süßholz.
Was ist mit dem Wermut los? Mit einem solch hohen Thujongehalt würde ich mehr Bitterkeit erwarten. Ist aber nicht der Fall. Komisch. Aber positiv komisch.

All in All überzeugt Preis/Leistung sehr gut.
Der süße und eher milde Geschmack eignet sich für Einsteiger sehr gut, die gefühlt vielen Überraschungen auch für Fortgeschrittene oder Experten. Man muss es aber etwas süßer mögen oder akzeptieren und wenig Anis tolerieren.

Sehr gut. Der zweite Absinth nach dem "Absinthe St. Antoine" den ich sicher wieder kaufen werde und hier als "Standard" zu Hause ist.

Super Sache, klare Kaufempfehlung von mir.

16 Dec 2016

Yes thank you. The Absinthe was bought as a preasant for somebody who enjoys it and they were very, very satisfied.

14 Dec 2016

Sehr lecker und ausgewogen. Gibt, meines Erachtens bessere, aber der hier ist schon ziemlich gut.

2 Dec 2016

I am very pleased with the amer 72 """ What more can I say ??

18 Nov 2016

A clear but pale amber, almost a blanche in colour absinthe, greets you in the glass.
Sort of odd cap and pouring mechanism for an absinthe, but it does the trick.
Before you add any water the anise takes the front in the aroma, very pleasant.
When water is added, in my case a shy less than 3/1, the anise takes a step back.
The louche is a cloudy amber/white, with a blue tint in the edge, and it builds quickly in the glass.
Anise is again first in the mouth, followed by some herbs I can't really tell, maybe it the gentian or mugwort.
Wormwood in the finish with a slight hint of bitterness, and a smooth numbness on the tongue. No oil or thickness.
After a couple of minutes the anise and wormwood hangs around and begs for another glass.
In my opinion there's no need for sugar.
All and all a very nice absinthe, very close to 5 stars.

15 Nov 2016

This probably should be a five star rating, because I really like this absinthe. But since I'm a beginner I want to leave some room for improvement in the future. Compared with other absinthes I have tried as Valkyria, St Antoine's and Enigma there really is no comparison. Amer is just levels above the one's mentioned.

11 Jul 2016

Einfach nur GUT. kann ich jedem nur empfehlen!!!!!

28 Apr 2016

I agree with my fellow connoisseurs on this absinthe. Nothing super special, but that is no reason to not add it to your reorder list when your first bottle is done. It is an absinthe that is affordable and delivers a quality experience. I am currently into diving into the deep end of complexity and quality, but to have this on my shelf as a relaxer when I am not quite feeling as sophisticated is reassuring. A good offering, at a good price!

29 Jul 2015

Reminds me of Le Chateau De Provence. What a wonderful experience.

3 Nov 2014

Excellent absinthe. Not a "Jade", but significantly less expensive.

2 Oct 2014

It is not the best absinthe, but for that price it is very good, especially for novices and as everyday's absinthe.

26 Jul 2014

This is a lovely absinthe despite the aniseed power which works well with its soul anyway. Not complex but just a nice balance of anise and wormwood with an earthy hit. Very silky smooth and kicky. Simple but perfect in its own right. Pour it to your preferred levels and it will repay in kind.

1 Mar 2014

Merci de m'avoir permis de retrouver cette absinthe de grande qualité.

21 Feb 2014

It's a very simple absinthe, nice taste, nice kick.

30 Jan 2014

Now this is a terrific absinthe, especially one you can drink every day or even share with your friends. I know I will order 3 bottles next time!

13 Jan 2014

I haven't had this absinthe in a while. Why haven't I ordered it more recently? It is because I am continually ordering other top shelf absinthes from this wonderful site. This would be an order on a continual basis...if only I had more money:)

9 Jan 2014

I love the bite and subtleties lurking within. No sugar needed for the hardcore green fairy devotee.

9 Jan 2014

Excellent product combined with excellent service. Smooth taste, nice anise flavour, no bitterness will definitely buy again.

9 Jan 2014

I liked this product excellent. Good taste, loved the anis. Didn't burn my guts even it was 72%.

9 Jan 2014

Always a favorite absinthe to turn friends onto the Fairy. Powerful with a nice balance of flavors - this has been in my stable for a decade now - - - love it !!!

26 Nov 2013

I love this drink. Not too much alcohol-taste, heavy anis is great.

18 Oct 2013

Wer einen hohen Anisanteil mag ist mit diesem Absinth auf der sicheren Seite. Stark aber weich im Abgang. Danke für diese Empfehlung. Er ist einer meiner liebsten.

18 Oct 2013

Pas si amère que cela et délicieuse à déguster glacée.

30 Sep 2013

J'ai reçu cette bouteille d'Absinthe ce matin(Abisinthe 72Amer) et je me suis servi un verre qui finalement n'est pas aussi Amer que vous ne le penser; et vous envoute le palais avec pleins de bonnes saveurs et le gout de l'anis qui vous reste pas mal de temps en bouche tout en couvrant l'amertume qui finalement vous étonne pleinement!!! Une absinthe que je recommande volontiers pour les amateurs de bonne sensations en bouche.

21 Sep 2013

Great flavor and color. I always recommend it to my friends who prefer a gentle herb flavor. I have given this bottle as a present. I also ship this bottle to my vacation destinations because of the great effects and sophisticated flavor. I made a custom lamp out of one of the bottles.

21 Sep 2013

Un peu trop anisée à mon goût. Mais elle est intéressante quand même grâce à son mélange de saveurs.

4 Jul 2013

My favorite absinthe. Beautiful louche, wonderful flavor profile. Got turned on to this one in Berlin at the absinthe Depot. Waiting to find one that I like more!
Will buy again and again.

4 Jul 2013

My favorite absinthe. Beautiful louche, wonderful flavor profile. Got turned on to this one in Berlin at the absinthe Depot. Waiting to find one that I like more!
Will buy again and again.

9 May 2013

An enriching experience. Distinctive taste. Ritualistic process. Lovely buzz.

5 May 2013

Everything is perfect about this bottle. Big alcohol content and a very low price! I had my first taste of Absinthe while in New Orleans last year to see if it lived up to its myth. I instantly fell in love with the taste and the ritual. The Amer 72 is the perfect starter bottle for beginners, with such a low cost and a hefty kick. Just one serving puts you at ease and the flavor and smoothness make you forget it is 72% alcohol. I'm just 3 or 4 drinks into this bottle and I'm already excited about buying the next one!

17 Apr 2013

I am very impressed with this absinthe. The bouquet is delightfully full, and the louche is creamy. Although 72%, the taste is very smooth. Indeed, it packs a real punch. I intend to order Amer again.

22 Jan 2013

By far my favorite Absinthe. The taste is clean and crisp, it has a gorgeous louche, and very little bitterness or sharp aftertaste. I would compare this to Delaware Phoenix "Meadow Of Love" Absinthe Superieure, but with a higher wormword concentration. This is an Absinthe lover's Absinthe. One taste and you'll be hooked and moved away from the lesser stuff.

29 Nov 2012

Top quality absinthe, especially if you prefer a bitter edge.

28 Nov 2012

This Absinthe is now my favourite, I am now on my 4th bottle of Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72 with two more waiting for me and will continue to buy more when I run out. I don't think there is better value out there. Although this is an Amer it is not overly bitter but rather well ballanced and it has nice licoricy notes which is of most importance to me.

7 Nov 2012

I've provided my background and experience at the end of this review, so you might weigh my comments to others on the site.

Lemercier's Abisinthe Amer was the first absinthe I tasted and just fell in love with. To this day, I struggle between the Boston reproduction "Butterfly" and Lemercier's Amer as my absolute, all time favorite. The Louche is gorgeous, the mouth-feel is creamy and naturally sweet while avoiding some of the 'oily / petrol-jelly residue' feel you might get from a Le Blue style. The bouquet on the nose is floral and intricate, with anise contributing a sweetness you'd experience smelling it grow in the wild in early bloom, not at it's peak. It is completely balanced and not at all overwhelming. The same rings true on the palette, where the anise activates more floral flavors with a delicate sweetness. You avoid an overwhelming licorice taste, and in fact can nearly forget about it...until it reach the back of your throat.

Overall, this bottle is as good as it gets. If you're trying to convince someone that significantly dislikes anise, I'd use the Amer, but with caution. It's perfect for serving to that person at the peak of an extremely hot summer day where the anise will cool the back of their throat, or mid winter paired with the right dish. My suggestion would be to brush lamb with blueberry preserves then grill it, allowing the preserves to caramelize and harden while keeping the meet cooked medium-rare/medium-light. Alternatively, you can try roast chicken breast covered with triple creme brie and a dollop of raspberry preserves. Both pairings have been flawless in making this bottle the start of every tasting I've held. I cannot speak highly enough of Lemercier's Abisinthe Amer, and if you are either looking to try a new bottle or try your first bottle, this is the way to go. I'm a die-hard fan, and I just can't speak highly enough of this absinthe.

2006 - Tasted my 1st Absinthe (All European)
2007 - Tasted 6 Absinthes new to me (All European)
2008 - Tasted 6 Absinthes new to me (All European)
2009 - Tasted 2 Absinthes new to me (US Only)
2010 - Tasted 5 Absinthes new to me (4 Euro, 1US)
2011 - Tasted 12 Absinthes new to me (All European)
I'm also a level-1 graduate from the Mastercourt of Sommeliers, worked in the wine industry from 2001-2008, and run an independent cellar-stocking business, where my palette is trusted by high-end clients to purchase wines matching their tastes and expectations of quality. Additionally, since 2010 I've hosted a semi-annual Absinthe Dinner for party sizes of 35-70 guests. Each course is paired with a dish developed uniquely to match the absinthe ordered for the event. Each event usually fills up more quickly with reservations than the previous one, due to the patrons enjoying the pairings and bottle choices to such a significant degree.

20 Sep 2012

Interesting. Not particularly refined but also not particularly expensive. I drink it occasionally - this bottle should last me a while.

19 Jul 2012

Loved it!!! Great taste really nice finish definitely one of my favorites!!

14 Jun 2012

This was my third bottle I bought and it was nice to drink, low anise taste but a hi taste of herbs! It is one of my favorites still ^^

18 May 2012

Je ne suis pas connaisseur, mais pour un débutant, je pense que cette absinthe est tout à fait recommandable. Le goût d'anis, certes prononcé, n'occulte pas les autres plantes entrant dans la composition de l'absinthe. Un peu déçu par sa couleur jaunâtre, et par le phénomène de louche, je ne le suis pas du tout en ce qui concerne le nez et le goût. Le tout est de prendre son temps pour la déguster pour en découvrir bien les saveurs...

24 Mar 2012

Well-rounded, even if not terribly complex. Spice and bitterness work wonderfully together with this affordable absinthe.
This is a staple every time I place an order and a favorite within my circle of friends.

24 Mar 2012

Vollkommen, wenn auch nicht unglaublich komplex. Würze und Bitterkeit sind wunderbar aufeinander abgestimmt bei diesem erschwinglichen Absinthe.
Er ist bei jeder Bestellung ein Muss und auch in meinem Freundeskreis ein Favorit.

26 Feb 2012

My favourite absinthe, great spice type of taste to it.

21 Nov 2011

This is a medium quality absinthe, strong aniseed base and good amount of alcohol; but it's a nice starter to drink absinthe. Maybe some extra thujone there...? Highly recommended for amateurs.

17 Aug 2011

This is one of my great faves. Note that it's an "Amer," not strictly absinthe. This allos them to increase the thujone level.

17 Feb 2011

La première absinthe que je découvre, et déjà la troisième bouteille.

21 Dec 2010

I love this stuff, for special events, or just a quiet cocktail this is my favorite.

4 Nov 2010

I've always loved this stuff, which is hard to find. Its up-front kick takes your breath away, and the complexity of the herb mixture delights at the finish.
Thanks for stocking -- it's a great deal.

6 Sep 2010

Not my favourite one; this Absinthe has a very present anise taste... Its complexity is not enough for me, too aniseed and a poor balance... I'm sure that could be a right choise for an amateur who want to try absinthe for the first time.... Quite cheap product.

13 Jul 2010

This one is my favorite. Strong effect, smooth flavor, I've tried quite a few brands but this is the one I never want to run out of...

6 Jul 2010

Une douce amertume, fraiche et trés agréable par cette chaleur.

15 Jun 2010

Absinthe sans aucun intérêt; elle est fade sans arômes, on ne sent que l'alcool et le louche est léger. Même pour un débutant, je déconseille cette absinthe; préférez la Verte de Fougerolles !

29 May 2010

Goût super et très très efficace, je vais en racheter c'est certain.
La commande s'est rendue à moi sans problème merci.

23 Mar 2010

Excellent for beginners. Will leave you wanting and willing to explore more refined absinthes.

6 Sep 2009

Décevante... :o(
Un goût d'alcool très prononcé, une coloration très légère jaune paille et un anis trop présent qui écrase l'absinthe.
Pour moi, cette absinthe n'a que peu d'intérêt...
A la limite pour flamber les crêpes :oP

1 Aug 2009

Très bonne absinthe! La meilleure de la maison Lemercier à Fougerolles!
Et surtout pas flambée !!! C'est n'importe quoi, une hérésie !!!

12 Jun 2009

"Absinthe" sans intérêt, goût d'alcool, pas de plantes, juste la mélisse. Affreux, à éviter.

13 Mar 2009

Très très bonne, je la conseille, elle est parfaite.

15 Feb 2009

Very good absinthe, increadibly mild compared to what you would expect (72°)...
Very refined, for amateurs and novices...

Whether savoured "flambée" on top of a spoon or according to the classic ritual, it is a good Standard.

15 Feb 2009

Très bonne Absinthe , incroyablement douce par rapport à son 72° affiché ...
Très fine , pour les amateurs et les novices ...

à la cuillère flambée au sucre ... façon 18ème siècle ... reste un très bon standard.

15 Feb 2009

A good absinthe with a herbaceous taste, quite mellow for its 71°. Amateurs and connoisseurs will appreciate it. Nice price.

15 Feb 2009

Bonne absinthe au goût herbacée, assez douce finalement pour 72°. Les amateurs comme les connaisseurs l\'appricieront. Bon rapport qualité/prix.

5 Jan 2009

Excellente absinthe - originale et surprenante - à déguster sans modération

4 Jul 2008

Excellent absinthe, lightly bitter and herbal, very good and perfect to start off with.
It's the best absinthe of the Lemercier distillery in my opinion.
Absinthely yours,

4 Jul 2008

Excellente absinthe, légèrement amère et herbacée, trés bonne et parfaite pour débuter.
Pour moi la meilleure des absinthes de chez Lemercier à Fougerolles.
Bien absinthement.

3 Jun 2008

This absinthe is very good, I highly recommend it: a light taste of anise just like everybody likes it, a delight to savour with friends !

3 Jun 2008

C\'est une très bonne absinthe, je vous la conseille fortement: un léger goût d\'anis comme tout le monde adore, un vrai régal à déguster entre amis.

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Lemercier, France


1811, The Lemercier family used to run a farm and distill Kirsch and Plum Brandy for mostly their own use, but for other people from around Fougerolles as well. After noticing the rising demand for their spirits, the family decided to found their own distillery in 1811. Nicolas started distilling absinthe around the same time, however, he had to stop during 1915 due to the worldwide ban of absinthe.

1991, After finishing his business studies, Alain Aureggio, Desle'S grand-grandson, decided to take up the family business.


Lemercier's absinthes and liquors :

Their probably most popular absinthe is the Absinthe Abisinthe - available in a 72°, 72° Amer and a 45° version. These are classed as the ideal absinthe for people discovering this drink. Some more absinthes in the Lemercier product range are the Absinthe Coeur d'Absinthe double and triple distillation - two significant blanches! Furthermore, Lemercier distills several eau-de-vies and the Green Demon Absinthe.

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Absinthe Blanche Neige 53% - 50cl
Blanche Neige won the gold medal at the Absinthiades 2014. The fairest...
Content 0.5 L ($115.84 ¹ / 1 L)
$57.92 ¹

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Absinthe Philippe Lasala 50% - 1L
Philippe Lasala is a fruity and refreshing absenta. Very good value for mon...
Content 1 L
$35.46 ¹

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Absinthe François Guy 45% - 50cl
François Guy is more aniseed than average and is produced in the pure tradit...
Content 0.5 L ($70.92 ¹ / 1 L)
$35.46 ¹

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Absinthe Spoon Toulouse-Lautrec
The precise origins of the Toulouse Lautrec spoon are shrouded in mystery. Th...
$13.00 ¹

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Périgord Absinthe Glass
This absinthe glass is the reproduction of one of the most well-known café gl...
$8.27 ¹

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Absinthe Grön Opal 72% - 50cl
The Grön Opal absinthe (Swedish for Green Opal) is made according to a F...
Content 0.5 L ($125.30 ¹ / 1 L)
$62.65 ¹

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Absinthe Libertine 72 Intense 72% - 70cl
Libertine 72 is fine and powerful. Its balance and its various plants make i...
Content 0.7 L ($65.86 ¹ / 1 L)
$46.10 ¹

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Absinthe Glass - Reservoir Pontarlier - High Quality
This absinthe glass is a new edition of the most classic glasses of the XIXth...
$15.37 ¹

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Absinthe La Clandestine 53% - 70cl
La Clandestine absinthe reveals a very complex aromatic palate and a subtly ...
Content 0.7 L ($96.26 ¹ / 1 L)
$67.38 ¹

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Absinthe Sugar Cubes - 17 Pairs
Sugar isn't always the same - some sugar cubes you can buy at your local supe...
Content 74.8 g ($2.37 ¹ / 100 g)
$1.77 ¹

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RUEVERTE Explore Absinthe Blanche Neige 53% - 50ml
Blanche Neige won the gold medal at the Absinthiades 2014. The fairest absi...
Content 0.05 L ($177.40 ¹ / 1 L)
$8.87 ¹

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Absinthe Eichelberger 78 Verte 78% - 50cl
The Absinthe Eichelberger 78 Verte is a strong yet soft absinthe, made from 2...
Content 0.5 L ($85.12 ¹ / 1 L)
$42.56 ¹

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Versailles Absinthe Glass
This absinthe glass is decorated in a Baroque style. The level to which the a...
$10.64 ¹

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Absinthe Spoon Feuille II
One of the most beautiful spoons from the Belle Epoque. Intertwined wormwood ...
$13.00 ¹

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Absinthe Fountain Set - Bistro 2 taps & 2 Pontarlier II Glasses & 2 Feuille II Spoons
The perfect set to enjoy your absinthe together with your friends. You'll get...
$218.69 ¹

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Absinthe Fountain Bistro - 4 taps
This magnificent ornamental absinthe fountain is inspired by a 19th century d...
$199.77 ¹

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Set Absinthe St. Antoine und Amave
With this set, you get 2 of the best absinthes from Czech Republic: St. ...
Content 1 L
$67.38 ¹

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Absinth Abel Bresson 72% - 50cl
This absinthe is recreated after a highly successful recipe from 1839 . Whil...
Content 0.5 L ($92.20 ¹ / 1 L)
$46.10 ¹

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Absinthe Set with Grön Opal & Vit Opal - 2 x 0,5L
With this set you get both absinthes from the Svensk Absint distillery from S...
Content 1 L
$112.30 ¹

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Zufanek - Absinthe Justifiée & Ancienne 2019 65% - 50cl
The last version of Justifiée & Ancienne sold out within days. Now a ne...
Content 0.5 L ($170.22 ¹ / 1 L)
$85.11 ¹

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Absinthe Libertine 68 Amer 68% - 70cl
Libertine 68 Amer has a delicious light bitterness, thanks to a powerful gra...
Content 0.7 L ($57.76 ¹ / 1 L)
$40.43 ¹ $44.92 ¹

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Henri Bardouin Pastis 45% - 70cl
Henri Bardouin Pastis is one of the finest around. If there were an award ...
Content 0.7 L ($42.21 ¹ / 1 L)
$29.55 ¹

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Absinthe Mata Hari 60% - 50cl
According to the Fischer distillery in Austria, the Mata Hari is the result...
Content 0.5 L ($56.74 ¹ / 1 L)
$28.37 ¹

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Le Lyonnais Absinthe Glass
A nicely decorated absinthe glass. Goes well with the Lyonnais carafe.
$10.64 ¹

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Torsade Absinthe Glass
This absinthe glass is a very pretty replica of one of the most trendy café g...
$10.64 ¹

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Absinthe Carafe Versailles
With a pleasing profile, decorated with scallops and rococo decorations. M...
$17.73 ¹

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Absinthe Glass Bubble Reservoir
Especially commissioned by Absinthes.com, the Bubble Reservoir Absinthe Glas...
$21.28 ¹

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Absinthe Spoon Guy Ouvragée
This absinthe spoon comes from the Distillery Francois Guy. The centre of th...
$16.55 ¹

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Yzaguirre Spanish Vermouth Rojo Reserva (Red Vermouth) 100 cl 18% vol - 1L
Mahogany red Spanish vermouth, barrel aged in oak for 1 year . With intense...
Content 1 L
$17.73 ¹

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Absinthe La Valote Martin - La Grenouillarde - 100cl 65% - 1L
La Grenouillarde is a tribute to the birthplace of absinthe. The wormwoo...
Content 1 L
$73.29 ¹

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Absinthe La Valote Bovet Tradition 100cl 65% - 1L
A delicious, quite untypical Swiss Bleue. The Bovet family takes great pride ...
Content 1 L
$74.47 ¹

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Absinthe La Capricieuse 72% - 70cl
La Capricieuse reveals a remarkable aromatic palette and a delicate final bi...
Content 0.7 L ($101.33 ¹ / 1 L)
$70.93 ¹

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Absinthe Libertine 55 Originale 55% - 70cl
Mellow and with a light aniseed flavour, Libertine 55 is a refined absinthe....
Content 0.7 L ($59.10 ¹ / 1 L)
$41.37 ¹

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Absinthe Un Emile Blanche 68 68% - 70cl
Un Emile 68 absinthe is characterised by its fruity fennel. It is produced a...
Content 0.7 L ($82.74 ¹ / 1 L)
$57.92 ¹

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Absinthe Spoon Feuille (Stainless Steel)
The pleasing outline of this spoon is a leaf, but the beauty is in the detail...
$10.64 ¹

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Absinthe Jade Nouvelle-Orléans 68% - 70cl
The Nouvelle-Orléans absinthe, created by T.A. Breaux, is an absinthe for con...
Content 0.7 L ($109.77 ¹ / 1 L)
$76.84 ¹

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$49.65 ¹
0.7 Litre ($70.93 ¹ / 1 Litre)