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Absinthe Angélique Verte Suisse 68% - 70cl

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A full flavour and complex aromatic palate define Angélique Verte Suisse. Something a bit different.
Angélique truly is a Swiss "Verte", coming as it does from the Val-de-Travers in Switerland, including twelve different plants, including angelica, or Angélique in French, and grand wormwood. Its colour is obtained by the natural infusion of aromatic plants, no artificial colouring is added. Angélique Verte Suisse absinthe can be thought of as the rebellious, diabolic sister of the Clandestine. Indeed, it's stronger, more bitter, but still recognisable as a modern Swiss absinthe.

Did you know?

- Claude-Alain Bugnon is the first Swiss distiller to have obtained a production licence in 2005.

- Angélique Verte Suisse was created two years later to satisfy customers who wanted a Swiss absinthe with a bitter twist.

Serving Suggestion

- At first, enjoy a glass of Angélique Verte Suisse without any sugar. For the next, add some according to taste. If it simply couldn“t be better, carry on as before!

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measures of fresh water.

This product contains alcohol and can only be delivered to adults. Proof of age will be required at delivery. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Distillery or Brand : Artemisia-Bugnon
  • Produkttyp: Absinthe
  • Bezeichnung: Spirit
  • Ursprungsland: Switzerland
  • Lebensmittelunternehmer: RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
  • Nettofüllmenge: 70cl
  • Alkoholgehalt: 68% vol
  • Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
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Weight: 1.20 kg
Dimensional Weight: 1.55 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: Artemisia-Bugnon
Region: Val de Travers
Produkttyp: Absinthe
Marke: Artémisia-Bugnon
Alkoholbasis: Neutral spirit
Bezeichnung: Spirit
Absinthe Colour: Green
Ursprungsland: Switzerland
Production Method: Distillation
Closure: Natural Cork
Contains Anise?: Yes
Authentic?: Yes
Lebensmittelunternehmer: RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
Nettofüllmenge: 70cl
Alkoholgehalt: 68% vol
Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.

Customer evaluation for (49)

23 Nov 2019

A fantastic Swiss style Absinthe, strong and herbal. I noticed a strident, (some said sour) note of something a bit different, perhaps hyssop. It is a little more prominent in this than others. But as the bottle has had time to mature, I have found this flavor mellowed out just as some other reviewers experienced. I find I keep coming back to this bottle to enjoy the unique flavors. Highly recommend.

12 May 2019

Still a solid day-to-day choice for those invested in the bitterness of wormwood and a good louche. A consistent bitter absinthe that'll keep you going.

21 Jan 2019

Après avoir goûté plusieurs absinthes, je reviens toujours à l'angélique verte. Bien huileuse, goût très long en bouche, bref une absinthe obligatoire!

13 Dec 2018

Pour celui qui cherche une amertume prononcée, mais équilibrée . Une trés bonne absinthe .

27 Feb 2018

This absinthe initially perplexed me a great deal. Upon first opening it tasted of an overpoweringly "bad" kind of bitter, bordering on sour. Not at all a pleasurable experience and upon reading someone else's review about receiving a "compromised bottle" I thought I must have had one too. So I contacted the good folk at and explained the situation, provided the batch number and they checked back with the manufacturer who asserted that the batch was OK. After tasting it once again about two weeks later, without sugar, it was still an undeniably bitter absinthe (which I personally enjoy) but had entirely lost any trace of the inital sourness becoming a wonderfully complex and enjoyable beverage that could be diluted more than most and retain all of it's charms. So there are two lessons here. Firstly should you buy this absinthe, and I would encourage you to do so, do not neccersarily judge it upon the inital opening as you may just need to let it sit (or perhaps "breathe") for a time to reveal it's full glory to you. Secondly the staff at this site genuinely care about your opinions and make every attempt to provide genuinely great service ensuring your satisfaction. Thanks to Stefanie and Andrew!

25 Jul 2017

Outstanding traditional absinthe. Not for beginners aromatic and powerful. Our of my rite Swiss absinthe from one of the greatest absiebthers of today well worth the extra change

18 Jul 2017

Commencer par une verte ? Pourquoi pas celle-ci. Une belle manière de s'initier à la fée verte.

31 May 2017

Thanks to the man who makes this treasure, I trust that this is one of the finest examples of a Verte Suisse. I found it to be compelling and impossible to stop drinking. The first bottle I received was damaged and after communicating this to Stefanie, I had a replacement bottle arrive with the next order I placed. Clearly that first bottle was compromised because this bottle was so vibrant and fresh compared to the damaged one. This is a very complex flavored Absinthe and it does have some bitterness but I still found it to be sweet and delicious, with a dense mouthfeel which did not require any sugar to enjoy immensely. Perhaps not for beginners, but if you are a connoisseur you will find this to be one of the top Absinthes available in the traditional segment of the market.

2 Feb 2017

A verte from Claude....yes please. As smooth as Clandestine.

2 Nov 2016

This is a good absinthe but I like his Clandestine better, and the Butterfly is one of my top 2 favorites that I always have on hand.

31 Oct 2014

Very pale (somewhat cold) green before water.
Beautiful opalescent louche (nor weak, nor plain opaque milky).
Great rich herbal aroma.
Strong flavor: stingy even with sugar. Lasting wormwood finish that climbs up your heads and stays in your temples. Refined and complex but not something I could drink daily.

Not for the faint of heart.

23 Aug 2014

Excellent Absinthe, goes down like a dream, nice smooth texture. Has lots of flavors swimming around, wormwood coming through nicely as i like it. Pretty color, a lot different from most as with the flavors. Was better to me without sugar as i usually don't use it.
Highly recommend.

22 Jun 2014

Geruch ist anisig und alkoholisch stechend. Die Trübung hat sich rasch eingestellt und ist gleichmäßig dick. Der Farbton schimmert von leicht bräunlich bis grünlich. Am Anfang etwas brackisch, danach bringen Fenchel und Anis Frische und Süße mit, während der Abgang eine schwere, herbe Note hat.

Sterne: 3,5

5 Mar 2014

Très bonne absinthe de chez Artémisia-Bugnon. Comme d'habitude j'ai envie de dire. A commander sans hésiter.

13 Feb 2014

Pour moi s'est la meilleure absinthe. Je la préfère à d'autres qui sont plus amères. Idéal pour de grande occasion.

27 Jan 2014

Pour l'instant, parmi les Suisses que j'ai achetées, elle est ma préférée.

9 Jan 2014

Excellente, une des meilleures absinthes sur le marcher selon moi

18 Oct 2013

Absinthe de qualité, envoi impeccable, très satisfait comme d'habitude.

24 Sep 2013

Very good ..earthy tasting very herbaceous...I still prefer his butterfly!!!!

21 Aug 2013

La grande soeur de la clandestine ! Si vous aimer la clandestine vous allez adorer celle-ci ! Légèrement plus corsée, c'est une verte de 68°! Le gout est plus herbacé, un peu plus anisé aussi mais, qu'elle classe ! On est au-dessus ! Cette absinthe est une pure merveille...

4 Jul 2013

Bonne absinthe de qualité, rafraichissante, peut-être un peut trop anisé à mon goût.

12 May 2013

Loved this so much. The thick, delicate taste made it truly a pleasure to drink- would buy again!

10 May 2013

I have never had "real" absinthe before. After watching a documentary on Netflix I thought this would be a good one to try. Boy was I right! This is a wonderful spirit. Great flavor, and and fun ritual.

28 Mar 2013

This was the first absinthe I bought from this site. I got it really quickly and delivered at my door. I got it sendt as a gift with no extra charges or anything. The service is just great on this site!
When it comes to the absinth I got no complains on that either. It tasted like expected, it was strong and good and I would like to buy it again.
I'll give it top score cause that's what it deserves. So does! :)

28 Mar 2013

Une absinthe particulière de part sa puissance et son amertume qui pourraient en surprendre plus d'un. Que l'on aime ou pas, je vous recommande de ne pas vous arrêter aux commentaires avant de vous faire votre propre avis.

23 Sep 2012

This absinthe will never lose its place in my top 5. Beautiful louche, wonderful complexity, and a strong bitterness offset by an unusual sweetness. This is one of the few I drink with little to no sugar as it stands alone perfectly.

19 Sep 2012

La description donnée par correspond parfaitement avec ce que l'on peut ressentir
en la dégustant. Complexe et puissante, elle pourra aussi séduire des personnes qui en boivent pour la première fois, mais on peut la trouver trop 'classique'.

26 Jul 2012

Yesterday at night, I had a glass of Angelique Verte Suise...
The first word in my mind were... WOW... !!!

At palate, a Superior mix of wormwood, angelica and some other spices. Well rounded (as Suisse Bleues should be) and strongly bitter (not for amateurs and not like French Absinthes); not like Butterfly absinthe (refreshing) or nearly comparable to La Clandestine or La Capriceuse... Anyway, all use the same wormwood plants and you can perceive it on your palate and nose.

Louche was good, but I was expecting something more darker... but its natural green coloration is spectacular, before and after diluting it.

The end was so bitter but agreeable at the same time, something like having Espresso Cafe before even take breakfast. This is the first Verte Suise I have tried, and I'm willing to buy more in the future.

Thanks for this great opportunity!

4 Jul 2012

Being from Pontarlier and liking absinthe a lot, this is one of my favourite! I bought the bottle in the place where it was made and they had a really interesting liquor made of egg and absinthe as well.

26 Jun 2012

As a first time Absinthe drinker, I wanted to try something highly regarded by . . . . I cannot be a critic since i have zero knowledge of the drink but I will say the flavors are over whelming for me. I recommend this to a more seasoned Absinthe drinker.

17 May 2012

Très bonne absinthe, la meilleure que j'ai pu boire, avec une finesse en bouche et un mélange subtile d'arômes.
Je la conseille vivement.

26 Feb 2012

Pas vraiment spécialiste en absinthe ... mais très parfumée, très agréable à boire ...

26 Feb 2012

Excellente absinthe, saveurs complexes mais sans amertume, à la fois rafraîchissante et complexe.

17 Nov 2011

Très bonne absinthe, pas trop forte, excellent rapport qualité prix .

4 Nov 2011

I live in Mexico City and a good absinthe is hard to come by around this place. I bought a bottle of Angelique during a trip to Switzerland and I had to leave it at the airport due to a bad call from my part. So I bought through and I must say their service is top notch and the absinthe is delicious. I just love the louche.

20 Oct 2011

I really like this absinthe a lot. It is a well-made and delicious verte. Its aroma neat reminds me of the distillery itself, which I have visited. As I uncorked the bottle, I was transported back to Boveresse. Though it has a strong personality, and a slightly bitter edge, I find with one sugar, it balances out wonderfully. Angelique is both delicate and powerful at the same time, and certainly should not be missed.

30 Jun 2011

Après avoir goûté des spiritueux du type ABSENTE et liqueur au plante d'Absinthe c'est ma 1ère véritable Absinthe de nom !

Très surpris par les subtilités qu'elle apporte, un puissant goût de plante qui dure longtemps.

A déguster avec un sucre de préférence.

17 May 2011

Très bonne, force et caractère sont au rendez-vous.

4 Apr 2011

Beautiful taste, with or without sugar. Definitly a must-try!

2 Mar 2011

tout simplement l'une des meilleures absinthes, moins amer qu'une "Roquette" ou qu'une "Angélique 72 verte", mais moins légère qu'une "Clandestine", elle est pour moi un très bon compromis !
Sans doute ma 3ème favorite après la Butterfly et la Mansinthe !!!

22 Feb 2011

Très bonne absinthe, j'ai adoré. Très agréable en bouche.

5 Feb 2011

Cette Absinthe Angélique est, à mon goût, presque parfaite: Plusieurs arômes fins et subtils, une très belle couleur, une odeur enivrante, et un goût d'anis très faible (ou inexistant).
La livraison a été très rapide (quelques jours tout au plus), et la bouteille était soigneusement protégée.
En clair, je recommande RueVerte, et cette absinthe ;)

8 Jan 2011

Une superbe absinthe ! A la fois raffinée et puissante, elle est aussi belle que riche en goûts. Je la conseille !
PS : Une livraison très rapide :)

28 Nov 2010

Remarquable par son excellence, voilà je n'en dirai pas plus...
Bien absinthement !

15 Sep 2010

La Verte Suisse par excellence si on aime les absinthes de caractère! Souvent décrite comme étant amer étant donné que l'artemisia absinthuim serait utilisé dans la coloration, le vieillissement de cette absinthe prouve tout le contraire. La note amer décrite par certain est selon moi plutôt une note de plantes d'absinthe franche! Avec une artemisia absinthium distillé bien soutenue par sa coloration, ce procédé ne fait que ressortir le caractère puissant de la plante d'absinthe. Une absinthe qui allie la douceur des absinthes Bleues Suisse et le caractère puissant de la plante d'absinthe elle-même. Fenouil confit, anis sucré et grande absinthe puissante! Évoquant autant des arômes herbacées que des arômes qui font penser aux confiseries. Une référence qui restera!

9 Dec 2009

Very full bouquet, this absinthe is a really bitter/amer.

For connoisseurs, or amateur with 1 sugar cubes :)


Ps. - perfectly louche

15 Jan 2009

Merci à Claude-Alain Bugnon pour cette absinthe tout à fait remarquable, puissante, complexe, longue en bouche. Elle ravira les adeptes des vertes comme moi, la grande absinthe est très présente (amertume), l'anis vert est là ! le fenouil le talonne de près ainsi que l'angélique, les 8 autres plantes qui entre dans sa composition apportent une touche "herbacée" subtile et agréable. Son séjour en barrique lui donne une petite note boisée.
Surement une des meilleures Verte Suisse du moment.

A servir sous un morceau de sucre et un filet d'eau glacée par dessus. (pas de briquets ni d'allumettes !)

Je la recommande vivement en espérant que d'autres verte sortiront de ces alambics !



13 Jan 2009


J\'ai découvert votre site par hasard et je dois dire que ce fut une bonne surprise!
En effet, on peut découvrir un large choix d\'absinthes mais aussi beaucoup d\'accessoires.
Pour ce qui est de ma dernière commande, nous l\'avons gouter, et la description faite par votre site était vraie, c\'est une véritable composition florale qui explose en bouche avec une bonne tenue. Un délice.

7 Dec 2008

J'ai trouvé le gout moins fort mais légèrement plus amer que La Muse Verte 2004, mais en reste entièrement ravi !

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Claude-Alain Bugnon was the first clandestine distiller granted legal status by the Swiss government in the spring of 2005. For years he had been responsible for a certain quantity of bootlegged absinthe that brought so much attention and status to this small region. His ‘Clandestine' has been and is still considered by many to be the best Swiss La Bleue available today. Claude Alain's custom designed distilling apparatus is located at his premises in Couvet, a former butcher shop! The alambics each have a capacity of 145 litres, and produce 95 litres of finished absinthe. They are single-walled, rather than duplicating the bain-marie system more commonly used in France. Claude-Alain feels that the fiercer heat gives better extraction of the herbs.
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