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Absinthe Berthe de Joux 56% - 70cl

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The Berthe de Joux absinthe, made by the Emile Pernot distillery, is the first original absinthe crafted entirely by our newly appointed master distiller, with very rich mountainous fragrances combined with a refinement reminding the greatest absinthes from the 19th century. The Berthe de Joux absinthe is carefully distilled in our centennials alembics using a wine alcohol base because of its silky and fruity notes, green anise because of its gourmands and spicy notes, fennel because of its rich mouth feel, grande Pontarlier wormwood because of its aromatic puissance and its herbaceous notes from our mountains, and other natural herbs kept secretive. The result is at the same time spicy, herbaceous, fresh, peppery and extremely complex. The Berthe de Joux absinthe is offering you a unique trip not only back in the days where majestic flavours from the Belle Epoque absinthes can be rediscovered, but also a trip through our beautiful region with a rich aromatic bouquet full of fragrances from the Jura mountains. Regarding the name “Berthe de Joux”, here are the explanations about its origin: The name Berthe de Joux pays hommage to the magnificent medieval Chateau de Joux which directly overlooks the distillery, but more specifically to Berthe, the young - and if the medieval chroniclers are to be believed - smokin' hot wife of Amauri III de Joux, who ruled in the late 12 century. While trusting Amauri was away on the Crusades, lonely Berthe fell for the chiselled good looks of Amey de Montfaucon, a young knight who oh-so-conveniently arrived at the Chateau to have some trifling wounds tended. Let's just say that within a short time, he was feeling much, MUCH better. As you've no doubt already guessed, this ended badly for all concerned: Amauri arrived home early from an exhausting day slaughtering unbelievers, found his wife in bed with Amey, and rather than, as one might have hoped, sitting down and having a meaningful talk about the future of their relationship, instead impaled Amey three times with his sword, and hung his body from a gibbet over the castle walls. Poor Berthe was imprisoned, naked and in chains, in a tiny dungeon, accessed only by a small peephole, presumably so that Amauri could periodically drop by and hiss "that'll teach you". When Amauri eventually died, their son, Henri de Joux, in a "the very least you could do" gesture, had his mother freed and transferred to the neary Abbey of Montbenoît, where she lived out her days in prayer and repentence, with, one hopes, still a faint twinkle in her eye.

Serving Suggestion

- At first, savour Berthe de Joux with half a piece of sugar. Then add more or less according to your taste.

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measure of fresh water.

This product contains alcohol and can only be delivered to adults. Proof of age will be required at delivery. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Distillery or Brand : Emile Pernot
  • Product Type: Absinthe
  • Description: Spirit
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Responsible Food Company: Distillerie Les Fils d`Emile Pernot, 44 Rue de Besancon, 25300 Pontarlier, FR
  • Net Quantity: 70cl
  • Alcohol Content: 56% vol
  • Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
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Weight: 1.46 kg
Dimensional Weight: 1.45 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: Emile Pernot
Region: Pontarlier
Product Type: Absinthe
Brand: Emile Pernot
Base Alcohol: Neutral spirit
Description: Spirit
Absinthe Colour: Green
Country of Origin: France
Production Method: Distillation
Closure: Natural Cork
Authentic?: Yes
Responsible Food Company: Distillerie Les Fils d`Emile Pernot, 44 Rue de Besancon, 25300 Pontarlier, FR
Net Quantity: 70cl
Alcohol Content: 56% vol
Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.

Customer evaluation for (19)

27 Jul 2018

Habitué d'absinthes Pernot (série "les Parisiennes"), j'aime beaucoup celle-ci : on sent bien l'absinthe sans que l'anis ne l'écrase.

27 Sep 2017

Saveurs raffinées et équilibrées pour cette absinthe aux parfums délicats.
Dommage qu'elle ne soit pas en 65° ce qui lui donnerais plus de force.
Pour compenser, je la dilue à 1/3 pour 2/3 d'eau.

21 Dec 2014

Nice peridot color, though noticeably pale and cool compared to other Pernod absinthes.
Frankly weak louche, barely over Un Émile 68 and nowhere near to Authentique.
Unsettling aroma; wormwood present but fully soaked in the wine alcohol base and fruity perfumes.
Spicy but milder taste than expected; same weird wormwood-wine-pefume mix that kills the anise.
No numbing or finish at all, just the licorice wine taste remaining in the tongue for a moment.
Produced a wine-familiar buzz feel, far from the serenity I usually get from higher proof absinthes.

CONCLUSION: quite an oddball. I tried it because of all the the positive reviews; it's a craftsmanship product alright and I figure it might be a treat for white wine enthusiasts, but definitely not what I look for in absinthe. No sugar added, as usual.

15 May 2014

Great stuff with a lot of personality. Took me a while to get used to, though, I think it needed some time in the bottle. Reminds me a little bit of Perroquet but I now prefer Berthe. Much more aggressive on mint and other fresh, peppery herbs, where Perroquet is less aromatic, more full-bodied. So much flavour for 56%. For some reason it reminds me of (very) old Calvados - cooked apples and vanilla - there is something barrel-aged about it.

18 Oct 2013

Best at 3:1 / 3.5/1 as ABV is 56%.

Tastes like an Emile Pernot absinthe - powdery and floral. Very, very well balanced with quality ingredients. Delicious.

23 Aug 2013

I am no expert, but I have tried about 20 different absinthes, and this is, without a doubt, my favorite so far. I just received a new bottle of Berte de Joux and am looking forward to opening it.

I also want to thank absinthe.com for making the ordering process very easy and consistent. I have purchased 4 or 5 orders from you and all have been delivered with perfection! Thank you.

23 Apr 2013

Bought a bottle during my last trip to Paris. Beautiful peridot color and just a stellar absinthe. Strong wormwood flavor for those who like their absinthe on the bold side. I prefer to drink my absinthe sans sucre and this one is quite fine when prepared as such. I certainly recommend this absinthe to anyone who seeks a fantastic, bold, and flavorful absinthe.

1 Nov 2012

Very impressive. One of the most vibrant greens I've seen in a while. This one has a complex, potent & decidedly herbal flavor with excellent wormwood tones. Definitely not too sweet. The only drawback is that it's easy to drown if you add too much water, but I guess that's a slightly subjective matter. Otherwise, it's pretty top notch.

5 Aug 2012

This absinthe is summery and fresh, with a topnotch wormwood profile, that is upfront and delightful. It is bold, but not at all overbearing. It is complex and inviting, with nothing to hide. The Berthe De Joux is one of the highest rated absinthes of expert opinion, and is definitely one of my very favorites to date.

27 Feb 2012

Très bonne absinthe de la distillerie Émile Pernot, complexité et goût bien présent de la grande absinthe sont au rendez vous, une absinthe délicieusement herbacé et médicinale, un seul petit reproche, le choix d'un taux d'alcool de seulement 56°. Un taux plus élevé aurait sans doute pu lui donner un peut plus de puissance et des arômes plus présents. Mais dans tous les cas une excellente absinthe, aucun regret.

27 Feb 2012

This Absinthe is very herbal with many wormwood notes with less anise than most absinthes I have tasted. It it very close in some ways to Perroquet Absinthe, with less alcohol.

27 Feb 2012

Dieser kräutrige Absinthe enthält verschiedene Wermut- Noten und weniger Anis als die meisten Absinthes, die ich kenne. Er ähnelt irgendwie dem Perroquet Absinthe, hat aber weniger Alkohol.

17 Nov 2011

Une de mes absinthes préférées avec en + un nom culte. Bon produit avec effectivement un aspect poivré (je rejoins le commentaire ci-dessous) mais je perçois peu le côté mentholé. Beau bouquet floral.

4 Nov 2011

A very good Absinthe. I can feel "baby powder" here, maybe grape alcohol base with high quality hyssop. A good wormwood foundation I can feel it's power, followed by fennel and anise. Complex. I impressed, because it's only 56º. I am a novice, but I recommend this one.

31 Jan 2011

une des absinthes que je préfère avec un gout très subtil

12 Jan 2011

Bonne absinthe, avec un profil médicinal et herbacé à souhait, avec une plante de Grande absinthe régionale bien marquée, pour laquelle une dilution de 2 part d'eau pour une part d'absinthe est nécessaire pour pouvoir la savourer pleinement.
Lorsque le dosage est respecté, c'est une joie pour les papilles!

22 Dec 2010

Pure fresh licorice root, that is what this reminds me of. A wonderful treat for the licorice lover. Still I prefer Vieux Pontralier over this for the licorice qualities, but BDJ is fantastic on all counts, color flavor aroma and louche.

16 Nov 2010

Incredibly herbaceous and tasty, and all the taste and aromas packed into an absinthe only 56% alcohol by volume! I have found only a few of the stronger (68-72%) high quality absinthes to be as floral in aroma as the Berthe.

1 Oct 2010

Attaque mentholée qui évoque l'Eucalyptus, une grande absinthe florale, goût poivré évoquant d'avantage le poivre que la menthe poivrée, arrière goût et arrière arôme citronné, l'anis loin en arrière, rafraichissante et enveloppée d'une harmonie alpine. Ça sent les montagnes. C'est délicat mais ça a du corps, le louche est bien défini sans être un mur de brique. Ça plaira bien au gens qui aime les absinthes plus herbacées qu'anisées.

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Emile Pernot, Frankreich

1899 : the young Emile-Ferdinand Pernot, a native of the Fougerolles region, where he had trained as a distiller, joins the Parrot brothers and together they establish "Emile Pernot et Cie" located in Pontarlier. Emile-Ferdinand's son, Emile-Joseph (don't worry, none of their sons were called Emile-Emile even though they loved this first name), a survivor of the World War I trenches, later registers the famous name "Emile Pernot".


2009 : The distillery moves from the center of Pontarlier to the magnificent old Cousin Jeune building in La Cluse et Mijoux, at the foot of the Château de Joux, the very same building where the young Emile-Joseph Pernot learnt his trade a century earlier. And you know what? It was a pure coincidence - the building had been a post office and a fire station in the intervening years!


Absinthe distillation at Emile Pernot :

The two century-old copper alembics used by Emile Pernot for their absinthe distillations were made by the famous firm of Egrot in the early 1900s. They were especially designed and built for absinthe distillation, and they are the only stills of their kind in operation anywhere in the world. These stills allow the Pernot distillery to produce absinthes of exceptional quality according to methods unchanged for a century.

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