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Absinthe Blanqui Poster - Canvas Print

Absinthe Blanqui Poster - Canvas Print
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The delightful poster for absinthe Blanqui, designed in the 1900's by Nover, is a wonderful example of Art-Nouveau heavily influenced by the then fashionable vogue for orientalism. The posture and the hairs of the young lady are probably recalling you the famous poster for absinthe Robette, another classic Art-Nouveau image. For printing our posters, we have chosen a professional specialized in billboards and advertising mediums, so that we would obtain the best possible rendering. So the canvas used is a Jetex 300g (10.6oz) tissue, entirely ecological, and anti-curling (allowing the poster to retrieve its flatness once you get it out of the parcel). Opposite is a close-up picture showing the wonderful texture of the Jetex tissue.

  • Distillery or Brand : RUEVERTE
  • Poster Dimensions: 390 x 565 mm
  • Produkttyp: Canvas Print
  • Poster Material: Canvas
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Weight: 0.06 kg
Dimensional Weight: 2.02 kg


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Distillery or Brand: RUEVERTE
Poster Dimensions: 390 x 565 mm
Produkttyp: Canvas Print
Poster Material: Canvas

Customer evaluation for (5)

17 Jul 2018

Ein wunderbares, super schönes Plakat in überraschend aufwändiger Herstellung!

1 Sep 2014

Beautiful poster and even better framed. Nice quality!

Sadly this and one more poster was damaged in shipping, but being canvas it is more robust than paper. Still, I wish would ship posters in robust tubes instead of flimsy boxes. Thankfully, customer service is great and eager to please. Thumbs up!

28 Feb 2012

Beautiful heavy duty cloth poster. Love it and worth every penny!

28 Feb 2012

Ein wunderschönes, hochqualitatives Poster. Ich bin begeistert! Seinen Preis ist es wert!

23 Apr 2011

Nice poster, nice printing, it looks divine at my living room.

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Our very own brands – we currently make a clear absinthe „Blanche Neige“, a green absinthe „Gustave“, and a gin „DER THEWES“.
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