Absinthe Alambics

Alambics designed for the distillation of absinthe are almost always based on a bain-marie system, so that the herb mass can be indirectly heated by steam, without risk of scorching.

An unusually finely made 6 litre alambic dating from the first half of the 19th century, with an internal bain-marie, and the “col de cygne” rather charmingly finished with a swan’s head design. The maker’s mark “aux Camille esperon” has unfortunately not yet been identified.

The Vichet Stills

A remarkable photograph circa 1900 showing the then newly installed Egrot alambics at the Vichet distillery. On the far wall can be seen two of the famous Absinthe Vichet posters designed by Nover, while a lithographed tin plaque with the same design is affixed to the side of the cooling tank (just to the left of the head of the figure in the foreground).

Schematics for the Dual Egrot stills installed at the Vichet distillery in Pontarlier in 1898.