Absinthe Bistrot Matchstrikers

Porcelain matchstrikers, known as “Pyrogene” after one of the major manufacturers, were a feature of every bistrot table. Many carried advertising for the leading absinthe marques. The striking surface was usually ridged porcelain or occasionally a wooden insert.

Extremely rare “emaux de Longwy” pyrogene made for Absinthe Mugnier.

The brass plate underneath reads: ancne mon f. Moreau a.Duval sucrparis24, faubg du temple

An unusual rectangular Absinthe Junod pyrogene.

Absinthe Maurice Robbe Pontarlier Demandez Partout une Robbe blanche/ une Robbe verte.

Absinthe Dutruc, Le Grand Lemps, Isère.

La Parisienne la meilleures des Absinthes.

Distillerie H. Bazinet Absinthe National tricolor pyrogenes.

Dornier-Tuller Extrait d’Absinthe Fleurier & Pontarlier.

Absinthe Non Oxygénée Veillesse Naturelle A.Junod, Pontarlier.

Absinthe Berger Maisons à Couvet Suisse Marseille, Buenos-Aires.

H. Deniset Jeune, Pontarlier.

Absinthe Premier fils.

Absinthe Vichet.

Absinthe Dutruc.

Royer Hutin.

An early Royer Hutin pyrogene.

Absinthe la Française Javalier & Sarazin, Dijon.

Spanish version: Ajenjo BergerFound recently in Buenos Aires, it seems to have been made for the Argentinean market.

Absinthe Bell Matchstrikers

The firm of A. Marchand & Cie in Aix-en-Provence made publicity pyrogenes with a bell, to summon the waiter, concealed in the base.

Wrapping tissue for Marchand & Cie, describing the features and benefits of their bell pyrogenes.

Absinthe Superiéure Parrot Fils