Absinthe Carafes

Carafes held the ice water for diluting absinthe, they were – and are – an essential part of the accoutrements associated with the pouring ritual. The most desirable are those with specific advertising for the leading absinthe marques.

Absinthe Mugnier.

Absinthe Parrot-Fils.

Absinthe Girond.

Absinthe Junod.

Oxygénée E. PerringSo called “bubble” carafes had publicity on a raised punt at the bottom – when water was added, the lettering was magnified, giving an attractive fish eye effect.

Absinthe Française – J. Michal Hyeres.

Absinthe Donizeau.

Three carafes from the period between 1910 to 1920.

An unusual small individual carafe with etched advertising for Absinthe Segaut Fils.

La Blondinette Absinthe Extra.

Remarkably, the recent discovery of this Verreries Legras pricelist seems to indicate that most of the best-known styles of publicity carafe were made by the same firm.

Verreries Meisenthal Catalogue A

Catalgoue Verreries de Portieux

An unusual blown glass ice-carafe, with an internal reservoir (accessible from the side) in which one could place ice cubes, to keep the water in the carafe chilled. Judging by the heavy base, prominent pontil mark, slightly irregular lip and occasional bubbles in the glass, it probably dates from the 1890’s or earlier.

A dual-mouthed carafe with an extremely fine spout, especially made for use with absinthe, and above an image from an original Verreries Portieux catalogue showing a similar item.

A unique very early ice carafe for Absinthe Georgette with brass fittings and a screw off lid to access the ice chamber in the base. Circa 1880 to 1890.