Collecting Absinthe Antiques

Few fields are more fascinating and rewarding than collecting absinthe antiques. Long cherished by knowledgeable collectors in France and Switzerland, the accessories of the absinthe era are now also avidly collected in the US and Canada, the UK, Australia and Japan. As English language reference sources become more available, so this pool of collectors will continue to increase. This is a rapidly growing and uniquely fascinating arena: anything high quality you buy should not only retain its value, but consistently increase in value in the years ahead.
Additionally the re-legalisation of absinthe in France and Switzerland – and, most recently, in the USA, the explosive growth of the worldwide absinthe market, and the prominent role accorded to absinthe in films like Moulin Rouge have all increased demand for the antiques of the pre-ban period. Prices, especially for exceptional items, continue to rise steadily.