The Val de Travers Today

~ legendary home of La Feé Verte ~

The Val de Travers is in the canton of Neuchâtel, legendary home of La Feé Verte. Pernod Fils had a factory in Couvet, and dozens of other distillers were based in Fleurier, Travers and Môtiers, while Boveresse was the centre for the cultivation and drying of the wormwood plant. Today, production of the artisanal clear absinthe La Bleue continues in the valley.





The Val de Travers, looking from the west, or Pontarlier side. In the foreground is Fleurier, in the middle is Môtiers while the outskirts of Couvet can be seen at the top left of the photo.

The famous sechoir or drying shed at Boveresse, where the freshlyharvested absinthe was dried, prior to maceration and distillation.