Les périls

A set of 6 postcards showing six grave dangers facing France: contaminated milk, excessive bureaucracy, the rise of China, corrupt priests, revolutionary socialism, and ABSINTHE! The artist T. Bianco, was one of the leading satirical illustrators of the era.

Les Périls – Collection – T. Bianco.Original wrapper for the set of 6 cards.

Le Péril Blanc: Le Laite falsifié. Contaminated milk endangers the lives of babies.

Le Péril Bleu: Le Papier timbréFrench business is strangled by paperwork and regulations.

Le Péril Jaune China‘The Yellow Peril’ – threatens Europe.

Le Péril Noir: Le Mauvais prêtreCorrupt priests exploit the people.

Le Péril Rouge: La Révolution socialeSocialism brings war and revolution.