The Absinthe Producers Fight Back

The absinthe producers had hard time in this fight, and finaly lost the war. But they were trying to defend their economic interests naturally, and wrote texts with solid arguments to fight back the anti-absinthe propaganda.

Au Pays de L’Absinthe, by Edmond Couleru Published in 1908, and written primarily to counteract the increasingly strident anti-absinthe propaganda of the temperance movement. This is the most authoritative contemporary resource on the history, production and consumption of absinthe. Particularly interesting is the detailed statistical information on absinthe consumption patterns, and the growth of and expansion of the industry.

An extremely scarce and fragile 78 page pamphlet:Appel adressé au bon sens et à la raison du peuple Suisse par l’Union des intéressés à la question de l’Absinthe au Val-de-Travers 1906.The booklet gives a comprehensive rebuttal to the prohibitionists’ arguments, and discusses the flaws in the scientific evidence against absinthe, the unfairness of blaming the Lanfray murders on absinthe, and the probable economic costs of banning the liquor.