Electrocardiographic findings after acute absinthe intoxication

~ Abstract only ~

by J . Benezet-Mazuecos , A . de la Fuente International Journal of Cardiology , Volume 113 , Issue 2 , Pages E48 – E50, 2006


A 29-year-old comatose patient was brought to Emergency Department with severe alcohol intoxication. No risk factors or cardiac abnormalities were documented. The analysis was negative for other drugs. Plasma electrolyte and cardiac enzymes were normal. The electrocardiogram showed Mobitz type-I atrioventricular block that developed to a rapid junctional rhythm. The patient was stabilized and recovered completely, electrocardiogram then showed sinus rhythm. He admitted important absinthe consumption. Although tachyarrhythmias are frequently developed in acute alcohol intoxication, bradyarrhythmias are exceptional in this context. We present a Wenckebach-type atrioventricular-block in severe alcohol intoxication with absinthe that developed to a rapid junctional rhythm, never described before.

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