Absinthe: The HELL-DRINK!

Published by Stanley Publications from 1955 to 1970, Battle Cry was one of the now largely forgotten genre of men’s adventure or ‘sweat’ magazines. Eventually supplanted by magazines like Playboy and Penthouse, these luridly illustrated pulp magazines combined pictures of scantily clad models with stories of masculine derring-do, war tales of evil Nazis and fiendish Japanese, titillating articles on sexual promiscuity and adverts for Charles Atlas and ‘marital aids’.

The lengthy feature on absinthe in this 1960’s issue, is, after a comically bizarre introduction, surprisingly comprehensive, and although littered with minor errors, gets the overall outline of absinthe history more or less correct. It’s interesting to speculate whether the (almost certainly pseudonymous) author actually undertook some original research for this article, or whether he had access to an otherwise unrecorded previously published source.