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Absinthe Fountain Artemisia (4 taps)

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Simply beautiful. The Artemisia absinthe fountain is a delight to use and quite simply demands to be left out to be admired. A handmade glass reservoir is supported by a feminine form in the Art Nouveau style popular during the heyday of absinthe. The four taps are a classical rounded trefoil shape, and the lid is decorated with an acorn on top. All metal parts are made of solid brass. Useful and decorative. These fountains are hand made using traditional techniques, just as they were during the Belle Epoque. With the traditional brass casting and plating used, this can mean slight grazes or imperfections in the finish. And in the case of traditionally crafted glass, the result is a beautiful antique-looking effect with small air bubbles and lines, as opposed to the flat and featureless finish of modern machine production. When using these fountains it's easy to find yourself forgetting what century you are in! Louche yourself an absinthe and imagine yourself transported back 150 years to a Parisian street café! We individually test each fountain before it leaves HQ to ensure everything fits together and there are no leaks. This fountain used to be called Absinthe Fountain Lady.

  • Distillery or Brand : RUEVERTE
  • Height: 610 mm
  • No. Taps: 4 Taps
  • Produkttyp: Absinthe Fountain
  • Fountain Material: Brass and Glass
  • Capacity: 1,9 l
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Weight: 3.98 kg
Dimensional Weight: 15.81 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: RUEVERTE
Height: 610 mm
Tap Height: 230 mm
No. Taps: 4 Taps
Produkttyp: Absinthe Fountain
Fountain Material: Brass and Glass
Fountain Tap Material: Brass
Recommendations for use: We recommend rinsing your fountain with warm soap before first using it.
Capacity: 1,9 l

Customer evaluation for (28)

20 Jan 2019

Schon vor Weihnachten habe ich diese Fontäne als Geburtstagsgeschenk bestellt. Auftragsabwicklung und Versand gingen schnell und reibungslos. Angekommen kurz geöffnet: alles in Ordnung dank hervorragender Verpackung. Dieses Wochenende haben wir die Fontäne dann verschenkt und natürlich auch direkt ausprobiert. Sehr gute Qualität, sowohl vom Glasbehälter als auch von den Hähnen. Und schön aussehen tut sie auch noch. Dem Beschenkten hat sie auch sehr gut gefallen. Ich kann diese Fontäne nur weiterempfehlen.

17 Feb 2018

Sehr schöne Absinth Fontäne, würde ich wieder kaufen. Super freundlicher, schneller Service. Bin rund um zufrieden

10 Feb 2018

First things first; I was amazed at how carefully and effectively my fountain and some other glass items were packed. Since then I've learned that nothing less than careful protection for orders is the norm for this supplier.
The fountain itself is a beautiful centre piece for a table - and visitors have said as much. I chose the four-tap style, and I'm glad I did, given how many friends now enjoy absinthe. The slow addition of water to the drink is of course part of the enjoyment, as it releases the aromas and clouds (the "louche").
Is there any down-side? Well, I am very careful emptying and cleaning, and because of the design, there's no position in which it can drain dry. I have to turn it on its side to sponge out remaining water.
That is no deal-breaker. The enjoyment it brings is worth the little extra effort. Granted, I could add water and sugar by hand, but absinthe is about enjoyment. A fountain, a few proper spoons and glasses, and I and my friends enjoy sharing the occasion.

12 Nov 2017

Est ce que le réservoir d'eau peu se décrocher du piétement ?

12 May 2017

An incredible absinthe fountain, it's quite expensive but it's amazing, wonderful and a piece of design.
It's big but not as much as I though, good...

4 Apr 2017

Sehr schönes graziöses Design, voll intakt und wurde schnell geliefert.

30 Nov 2014

fontaine superbe en photo,mais dans la réalité la finition n'est pas au rendez vous, regrettable .

28 Nov 2014

très belle fontaine Mais...pour moi les robinets sont un peu trop haut par rapport aux verres ce qui gène légèrement le goutte à goutte. De toute façon elle fait l'admiration des dégustateurs

18 Jan 2014

Extremely well built with solid craftsmanship and a weight that is unexpected.
No leaks, adjustable drip and a great buy all around.

13 Jan 2014

Tres satisfaite du produit, trés belle fontaine. Je n'hésiterai pas à recommander et à le conseiller.

11 Jan 2014

Elle est vraiment très belle! Les finitions sont bien faites, aucune imperfection. Elle fait son effet auprès des invités à chaque soirée. :)

9 Jan 2014

Un peu de temps pour la livraison, bien emballée et assez jolie. je suis satisfait de mon achat

9 Jan 2014

Les robinets sont un peu durs au départ mais semblent se faire à l'usage. Pour le reste que du bon !

6 Dec 2013

Un objet magnifique. Grande capacité, lourde, esthétiquement irréprochable et des robinets qui fonctionnent parfaitement... Que du bonheur !

21 Sep 2013

Très belle une fois montée et installée. Elle fonctionne très bien.
Par contre quand on la regarde de près, la finition de la Lady laisse à désirer.

19 May 2013

Emballage et livraison parfaits. Cette fontaine a comblé l'Amie qui en rêvait... Mon objectif est atteint. Merci !

16 May 2013

+ Very solid, much more so than it appears from the pictures.
+ Has a heavy, steady feel to it and does not lose balance easily, so the risk of breaking it or accidentally spilling it is minimal.
+ Very beautiful, elegant design. I was expecting it to look rather kitschy, but it doesn't at all, particularly when you also experience its weight.
+ Good as both an exhibition piece and a functional accessory, as the flow of water can be set for anything from sparse drops to a steady stream by slightly adusting the taps. The fact that they do not turn at the slightest touch makes it easier to accomplish this.

- Not a lot of attention given to details. The design is grand, but not perfect, as the finer elements are not awarded the appropriate attention for the price.
- The taps are slightly leaky, so it needs to be emptied rather quickly after use to avoid getting the table wet overnight.
- A bit tricky to assemble correctly, as it risks getting tilted if not slotted and screwed in properly.

I would give it 3.5 stars rather than 3 or 4, but given that most reviews give it 4 or 5, I believe 3 should do well to add a bit more balance. It's an beautiful piece, but not fantastic. I would recommend it to any enthusiast who also wants to showcase their passion to friends or simply enjoy a classy glass of absinthe on their own.

6 May 2013

Magnifique fontaine pour tous les absintheurs, elle fonctionne parfaitement et son poids en fonction la rend bien stable. Sa hauteur de robinets permet un usage plus aisé de plus grand verre. Très bel effet. Le transport est super rapide et l'emballage assure une réelle protection. Très content, bravo!

27 Apr 2013

Cette fontaine à absinthe est hyper jolie....elle a beaucoup de succés. Nous aimons nous en servir, c'est tout un rituel et en général....ça plait !

28 Mar 2013

Lovely and functional piece. We get a lot of use out of it.

27 Mar 2013

This fountain has to be seen and held in person to truly appreciate it. High quality, hefty weight, and beautiful conversation piece. Everything works fine and you can precisely adjust the drip from the spigots. It's also easy to disassemble and clean.

16 Sep 2012

I love this fountain, It's a great conversation piece and it's very relaxing to sit around it with friends and perform the the absinthe ritual over and over again.

30 Apr 2011

Très contente de cet achat. Cette fontaine apporte un réel effet posée au milieu de la table. Un objet à avoir pour les amoureux d'absinthe.

13 Jan 2011

This was ordered as a gift for Christmas. It arrived perfectly packed and on time. I did order early. Sorry to hear others had delays. It is a beautiful piece. The pictures cannot possibly do it justice.

29 Dec 2010

I gave this lady fountain to my husband for Christmas this year and he absolutely loves it! It was much prettier than we expected. The picture does not do it justice!

Midlothian, TX, USA

2 Sep 2009

Superbe fontaine, seul point faible ses robinets qui esthétiquement ne sont pas ce que nous préférons, mais aprés c'est un avis personnel.
En tout cas, grâce à cette fontaine, on passe de superbes soirées.

24 Aug 2009

Nous avons constaté les défauts suivants:
- sur le coté gauche du visage : l'oeil était à peine ébauché et la joue sans traitement de surface.
Dommage,car sans cela ,objet magnifique valant 5 étoiles.

P.S:après retouchage des défauts par mes soins, aspect o.k.

21 Jul 2009

Très jolie fontaine, très contente, le cadeau a été super apprécié.

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