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Absinthe Fountain Artemisia mini (2 taps)

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Simply beautiful. The Artemisia absinthe fountain is a delight to use and quite simply demands to be left out to be admired. A handmade glass reservoir is supported by a feminine form in the Art Nouveau style popular during the heyday of absinthe. The two taps are a classical rounded trefoil shape, and the lid is decorated with an acorn on top. All metal parts are made of solid brass. Useful and decorative. These fountains are hand made using traditional techniques, just as they were during the Belle Epoque. With the traditional brass casting and plating used, this can mean slight grazes or imperfections in the finish. And in the case of traditionally crafted glass, the result is a beautiful antique-looking effect with small air bubbles and lines, as opposed to the flat and featureless finish of modern machine production. When using these fountains it's easy to find yourself forgetting what century you are in! Louche yourself an absinthe and imagine yourself transported back 150 years to a Parisian street café! We individually test each fountain before it leaves HQ to ensure everything fits together and there are no leaks.

  • Distillery or Brand : RUEVERTE
  • Capacity: 1 l
  • Height: 490 mm
  • No. Taps: 2 Taps
  • Produkttyp: Absinthe Fountain
  • Fountain Material: Brass and Glass
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Weight: 2.64 kg
Dimensional Weight: 7.90 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: RUEVERTE
Capacity: 1 l
Height: 490 mm
Tap Height: 205 mm
No. Taps: 2 Taps
Produkttyp: Absinthe Fountain
Fountain Material: Brass and Glass
Fountain Tap Material: Brass
Recommendations for use: We recommend rinsing your fountain with warm soap before first using it.

Customer evaluation for (36)

26 May 2019

Le produit est conforme au descriptif. L'emballage protège bien le produit.
Rien à dire sur l'utilisation.

2 Feb 2018

Von A bis Z alles Besten's. Artikel, Verpackung und Versand, sowie Abwicklung sehr gut. Empfehlenswert !

1 Jun 2017

Bin sehr zufrieden mit meiner Fontäne, auch wenn die Verarbeitung der Figur nicht 100% perfekt ist. Top Produkt! ;)

22 May 2017

Fontaine magnifique et fabriquée avec beaucoup de soin. A l'utilisation elle est également d'une grande qualité, que ce soit le bocal ou les robinets. Très beau produit.

8 May 2017

Très belle finition qui rend possible l exposition de la fontaine comme objet d art.
Pas de fuite...très bien

15 Feb 2017

Très belle fontaine, conforme à la photo.
Emballage parfait et livraison en quelques jours.
Je recommande !

4 Sep 2014

Oh I love this Fountain - and my friend too. I was so impressed of its sturdy but elegant appearance and it has served us well.
However – recently I noticed the sad fact that a vertical crack from top to bottom has appeared in the glass-container. I am sure that it has not been knocked or dropped, and I have sure been treating it soft and nicely. So it must be that it is simply the fact of ice-water inside and party atmosphere outside the glass that has caused too much tension. Or if there was some tension built in the fitting of the glass.
It is still possible to use the fountain. But it doesn't look so nice as it did. Is it possible to obtain a spare glass? And in that case, how tricky would it be to change it?
All the Best! Hans

Note from We'll answer your questions by email.

27 Jan 2014

Je suis très satisfait de mon achat.
Très belle fontaine.
Livraison très rapide et en état.

9 Jan 2014

My son and I just went on a short 'Hemmingwayesque' trip to Paris, following all his old haunts etc. and went to La Fee Verte restaurant where they serve absinthe in the authentic way. It was such a great ritual and experience, I couldn't resist buying him this (well a whole kit really) and he loves it! Came very well packaged and exceeded my expectations.

9 Jan 2014

This fountain I bought is absolutely fantastic! It looks really good on my antic board and it gives a feeling of taste and somehow brings back the "old times" when you look at it. Beautiful design!!!! Greetings to everyone from Helsinki, Finland :)

18 Oct 2013

Livraison très rapide et emballage bien sécurisé. Cette fontaine est magnifique, c'est un très bel objet... avec ses robinets en laiton. Mon mari est ravi de son cadeau d'anniversaire!

25 Apr 2013

A sturdy and well made fountain.
Fantastic conversation piece.

21 Apr 2013

Attractive and functional enough, but a bit leaky --------

17 Apr 2013

We simply love our fountain. It is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. The fountain is a high quality appliance made of heavy, chromed plated brass. Everything fits and functions flawlessly. We display our fountain on a silver tray in our formal dining room. It never fails to draw favorable comments from our guests. We award five stars.

28 Mar 2013

I ordered this as a present for my son for Christmas. It was just beautiful and it made our Christmas special! Thank you for your time and quick delivery of this wonderful product. I will order again from this site.

28 Mar 2013

Produit impeccable et livré rapidement et bien protégé (les emballages et protections sont très pratiques pour ceux qui déménagent souvent)

28 Mar 2013

Nice to not have to resort to dripping water with a straw!

27 Mar 2013

Everything was great. The unit it lovely. Works well & we are enjoying its use.

18 May 2012

Hübsche und praktische Fontäne. Könnte nicht zufriedener sein!

18 May 2012

Ein Kunstwerk! Sehr hübsch und nützlich auf dem Tisch. Meine Freundin liebt "das Ritual"...

18 May 2012

Beau produit, très pratique. Peut servir autant en déco qu'à servir des absinthes. La finition n'est pas parfaite mais je recommande !

26 Feb 2012

One of the stop crocks didn't work perfectly. Had to fix it.

26 Jan 2012

This is one solid piece of art. It doesn't look like brass at all, it reminds me of the nickel colored art piece at the beginning of the 20th century. It's not easy to scratch at all, either. The glass is real (solid) glass, and the lid, fountains, & base lady, are all solid nice weighted metal. I thought to myself while cleaning it, "Try and find something like this sold in the stores around here (America)". I have it on the edge of my dinner table, the head of the table against the wall. It looks beautiful with two absinthe glasses sitting right in position... just waiting.

I love the quick drips that come out. It makes the ritual of absinthe so much more entertaining. I put my glass in place, one of the spoons over with a cube of sugar on top, and turn it on... nice and smooth, and can have a conversation without thinking about it as the sugar liquifies. I'm glad I picked it up, I like having something unique adorning my place with references to what once was. It brings a smile to my face as I walk in the door, and it's the little things in life that truly matter.

4 Nov 2011

A piece of Art! Very beautiful and useful on the table. The girls loves the "Ritual"...

17 Oct 2011

Article conforme à la présentation, commandé uniquement pour la décoration. Satisfaction totale.

10 Sep 2011

Very beautiful, this is a piece of art. Functional, attractive and you will always have a story to tell...

27 May 2011

Beautiful and practical fountain, could'nt be happier with it.

21 May 2011

this is a very enjoyable absinthe fountain. Very solid. It enjoys a place of prominence on the side table in my dining room. A sure conversation piece.

17 Feb 2011


Très satisfait de la fontaine à absinthe, aussi bien qualitativement, que rapport qualité - prix, sans oublier la livraison rapide, et toujours bien informé de l'avancement du colis. Je ne puis vous dire que "Bravo"
Recevez mes cordiales salutations.

5 Feb 2011

Très belle fontaine, j'en rêvais d'une depuis longtemps, ce fût un très beau cadeau. le plaisir de boire une absinthe en est sublimé.

28 Dec 2010

Objet magnifique, ça représente un petit budget quand même mais c'est de toute beauté autant pour le plaisir de la dégustation, je trouve ça beaucoup plus sympa que de verser l'eau à la main, que pour l'object en lui même qui décorera votre intérieur avec classe.

28 Dec 2010

Livraison efficace, objet en très bon état qui a su faire plaisir à coup sûr.

23 Dec 2010

Très belle fontaine qui a beaucoup d'allure. Un vrai plaisir sur une table avec des amis.

17 Nov 2010

This fountain is totally amazing. It was a birthday present for my boyfriend, a real absinthe lover. Quality is clearly excellent. We tried it and it was absolutely wonderful: water drops softly and the taps work perfectly. It was a very romantic night drinking true absinthe with this fountain supported by the Fairy Lady. Also communication and shipping was fast and perfect: five full stars. Thank u so much, RueVerte!

28 Sep 2010

C'est une fontaine magnifique, à la fois artistique et fonctionnelle. Facile à nettoyer, idéale pour les soirées !

2 Jan 2010

This is a beautiful piece of functional art. Easy to clean, great for party!

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