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Absinthe Fountain Simple (2 taps)

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This elegant glass fountain has a rounded off reservoir. Due to its simplicity, the fountain can be put everywhere. This fountain is also available with metal taps. Discover the absinthe fountain Simple with metal taps here.

Serving Suggestion

We recommend rinsing your fountain before first using it, as there may be traces of powder left from the traditional metal-casting process.

Ice can be added to the water in the reservoir, to create the perfect temperature.

Rather than emptying the fountain straight after using it, it is recommended to leave it overnight, avoiding any small risk, however rare, of thermal shock to the glass parts.

  • Distillery or Brand : RUEVERTE
  • Height: 420 mm
  • No. Taps: 2 Taps
  • Produkttyp: Absinthe Fountain
  • Fountain Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 0,8 l
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Weight: 0.84 kg
Dimensional Weight: 4.74 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: RUEVERTE
Height: 420 mm
Tap Height: 185 mm
No. Taps: 2 Taps
Produkttyp: Absinthe Fountain
Fountain Material: Glass
Fountain Tap Material: Silver Plastic
Capacity: 0,8 l
Recommendations for use: We recommend rinsing your fountain with warm soap before first using it.

Customer evaluation for (18)

29 Aug 2019

I've had my eye on an absinthe fountain for YEARS. My excuse buying this one was a 1920s-era murder mystery party. Everyone loved it! This is my entry-level fountain because I hope to upgrade to a fancier looking one in the future. This works perfectly and looks elegant. While the taps are plastic, they do the job, and no one would know they're plastic unless they handled them.

23 Jun 2017

This is the best fountain for home. Thank you for fast perfect service!

16 Jan 2017

attractive piece, good price , works well .
was delivered swiftly and safely.

23 Nov 2016

A nice, elegant fountain for two. Allows for the perfect drip. Love it!

15 Nov 2016

Beautiful to look at and made of glass which gives it an authentic feel. Steady for its height. The taps is made from plastic though which cheapens the experience for me. The taps are also a bit flimsy, but usually they do what they are supposed to do. I haven't used the fountain extensively so I don't know if the taps will work in the long run, I'm a bit worried about them I must confess.

19 May 2016

This is a great little fountain (yes it is quite small) but, this is ideal for the modern home. It is made out of glass so it is quite sturdy, the taps are plastic but they seem fine and they work well.
This is an ideal fountain for one or two people would be great to use outside on a summers day.

30 Jan 2014

A great product for a fantastic price! I highly recommend this fountain for anyone who wishes to start their own absinthe home setup.

17 May 2013

Basic structure, little ornamentation. Good functionality. The taps are slightly crooked on my product, but nevertheless great value for a low price.

17 Apr 2013

Sobre et efficace pour un prix raisonnable, et plus grande que je ne m'y attendais.
La finition du couvercle est magnifique!

C'est un vrai plaisir à utiliser, pourquoi pas également avec des glaçons pour une absinthe toujours plus délicieuse!

9 Apr 2013

bon rapport qualité / prix
colis très bien protégé contre les chocs
délai de livraison respecté
c'est du sérieux !

28 Mar 2013

A nice you-and-me fountain.

27 Mar 2013

Great value for money. I've used it alot and I'm very pleased with it. It's very decorative and has a slight aristocratic feel to it while still remaining simplistic and modern in that sense.

Great product, can only give it thumbs up.

19 Dec 2012

Simple, cheap but functional! Convenient to keep at home!

20 Sep 2012

Great handy in the evenings when we just feel like a drink before dinner

7 Nov 2011

Très content de cette fontaine. Mon seul regret sont les robinets en plastique qui j'espère tiendrons dans la durée.

Note : les robinets tiennent parfaitement sur le long terme. Par ailleurs, il est possible de se procurer des robinets de remplacement

30 Jun 2011

Fontaine simple mais très fonctionnelle, petit cérémonial à l'heure verte, les enfants aiment se servir de l'eau fraiche, petit coté ludique.

21 Jun 2011

Très bien.
Mon épouse a particulièrement apprécié le couvercle (elle n'est pas vraiment "absinthe"; si c'est trop anisé: elle dit niet!)

27 Apr 2011

Robinets très précis pour le goutte à goutte. Contrairement aux apparences, elle est assez solide (déjà tombée une fois sans casse). C'est un très bon produit et en plus accessible !

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