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Absinthe Fountains

Fountains are the ideal way to perform the absinthe ritual, and create a uniquely special atmosphere when a few people sit around a table with a fountain, conversation flowing and occasionally leaning in to prepare another glass.

Absinthe fountains come with 1, 2, 4 or 6 taps, each one giving complete control over the water flow, from a steady stream to a gentle drip.

As useful as it is decorative, a fountain really conjures up the magical spirit of the absinthe world.

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Classic - 4 taps
Simple - 2 taps
Royal "Pearl" - 4 taps
"Pearl" - 4 taps
"Tube" - 4 taps
for Absinthe, Vintage Reproduction
Green Fairy - 2 taps
Royal Green Fairy - 4 taps
Impériale - 6 taps
Sablier - 6 taps
Sablier - 2 taps
Multiple - 6 taps
Aigle - 6 taps
Artemisia - 4 taps
Belle Epoque - 4 taps / B stock
Pernod Fils
Belle Epoque Mini - 2 taps / B stock
Belle Epoque II - 4 taps
Belle Epoque mini - 2 taps
Artemisia with wings  - 4 taps
Artemisia mini - 2 taps
Replacement glass reservoir for 4 tap fountains / B stock
Replacement glass reservoir for 2 tap fountains
Elegant Lid for "Classic" fountain (diameter 90mm)
Replacement Lid for Glass Fountain "Classic" (diameter 90mm)
Replacement Lid for Glass Fountain "Simple" (diameter 80mm)
Replacement Lid for Glass Fountain "Pearl" and "Royal Pearl" (di
for glass fountain - silver
for glass fountain - gold
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