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Absinthe François Guy 45% - 1L

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Absinthe François Guy 45% - 1L
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François Guy is more aniseed than average and is produced in the pure traditional way, according to an ancient house recipe. This absinthe will enchant both novices and confirmed absinthe drinkers.

According to a recipe more than a century old, its colour is obtained entirely naturally from plants.
François Guy is produced from old methods of distillation guaranteeing the character of the traditional taste of absinthe. It is therefore no surprise that it won a prize three times in a row at the Absinthiades in Pontarlier.

A particular absinthe which merits being discovered!

Francois Guy received a gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole (CGA) 2016 and 2017 in Paris. It was also awarded a gold medal at the Absinthiades 2015.

Serving Suggestion

- At first, savour François Guy with half a piece of sugar. Then add more or less according to your taste.

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measure of fresh water.

This product contains alcohol and can only be delivered to adults. Proof of age will be required at delivery. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Distillery or Brand : Distillerie Guy
  • Produkttyp: Absinthe
  • Bezeichnung: Spirit
  • Ursprungsland: France
  • Lebensmittelunternehmer: DISTILLERIE ARMAND GUY, 49 rue des Lavaux, 25300 PONTARLIER, FR
  • Nettofüllmenge: 1l
  • Alkoholgehalt: 45% vol
  • Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
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Weight: 1.68 kg
Dimensional Weight: 2.08 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: Distillerie Guy
Region: Pontarlier
Produkttyp: Absinthe
Alkoholbasis: Neutral spirit
Bezeichnung: Spirit
Absinthe Colour: Green
Ursprungsland: France
Production Method: Distillation
Closure: Steel screw cap
Contains Anise?: Yes
Authentic?: Yes
Lebensmittelunternehmer: DISTILLERIE ARMAND GUY, 49 rue des Lavaux, 25300 PONTARLIER, FR
Nettofüllmenge: 1l
Alkoholgehalt: 45% vol
Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
Marke: Distillerie Guy

Customer evaluation for (43)

20 Apr 2021

Bonne absinthe !

Un produit léger et savoureux :
- léger par son degré en alcool (seulement 45°) et peu d'amplitude en bouche.
- savoureux par son mélange de douceur et de fines notes herbacées.

Une absinthe simple et efficace, très agréable malgré son manque de profondeur et d'intensité.
C'est clairement une absinthe "d'introduction" pour les non-connaisseurs ou juste une bonne petite absinthe à boire sans se prendre la tête, un petit apéritif de tous les jours.

Je bois "François Guy" de chez Distillerie GUY, à midi, en apéritif, simplement allongée d'eau fraiche.

4 Apr 2019

François Guy ist ein Absinth, der als ideal für den Start definiert ist.
Der Anisgeschmack ist ziemlich ausgeprägt, ziemlich alkoholarm und als appetitanregender anregender Aperitif ausgezeichnet.
Der Louche ist ziemlich gut, völlig undurchsichtig mit einer fast weißen Farbe, er kann mit nur einem halben Würfel Zucker oder sogar ohne getrunken werden.
Ein gutes Produkt, um die Erfahrung des Absinths zu beginnen, gut für alle Tage vor den Mahlzeiten, weil es einfach ist, vier Sterne.

1 Mar 2019

Always a fav of mine. Its a nice smooth and balanced absinthe that can be enjoyed daily.

7 Sep 2018

Je n'ai pas eu encore l'occasion d'essayer, car il s'agit d'un rituel à faire dans un moment convivial, mais ce sera surement très bien!
Un mauvais point cependant pour la livraison, qui ne cherche pas, reporte son passage, et menace même de ne pas venir s'il ne trouve pas! Assez regrettable.

9 Aug 2018

Excellente absinthe pour débuter et pour un apéritif convivial.

8 Aug 2018

Bleibt einfach mein Lieblingsabsinthe. Harmonisch im Geschmack, nicht zu alkoholisch, und mit einer sehr lang anhaltenden Wirkung.

31 Jul 2018

Bonne transaction, ras tout est parfait. Je recommande ce site.

1 Jun 2018

Very refreshing, simple and elegant absinthe that really brings a relaxed state of mind. Not too laborious or overly complex like some of the "high end" absinthes - this one is simple and at the same time real enjoyable one. A great after work or summer evening drink that leaves you wanting for more. Will buy again for sure!

27 Feb 2018

Lower alcohol, lower priced and more than reasonable tasting absinthe. The weakest point is the louche. The effect is excellent. An essential staple for ending a bigger evening on the absinthe so that you don't "burn" all of the much more pricey high quality stuff in your collection!

7 Sep 2017

I like the taste of Absinthe François Guy and will certainly order this again.

10 Jul 2017

It is very good. Thank you for sending it to me on time.

26 Jun 2017

La première vrai absinthe que j'avais trouvée et je continue à lui être fidèle car peu titrée en alcool mais toujours son bon goût en bouche mais aussi en senteur tant dans le verre avec de l'eau qu'en émanation de la bouteille.
Seule une suédoise rivalise avec elle dans mon palmarès de mes préférés.
Je les bois sans rajout de sucre.

6 Jan 2017

I recommend getting two bottles of this stuff. The first time I tried it It made me think of a nice cold refreshing summer time drink I let others with better senses than myself discuss the louche nose and so on
I have a confession to make on certain other absinthes (nothing I have ever ordered from this website) I have gotten half way through the glass and had to dump the stuff down the sink. As I was unable to stand the alcoholic sting. This did not happen with this stuff . It was a very nice very refreshing beverage. As a result my 1 L bottle disappeared quickly. I honestly felt that this may have been the first time I said to myself oh so that is what absinthe is supposed to taste like.

17 Dec 2016

Une très bonne absinthe qui vous donne envie de la recommander.

24 Nov 2016

Au top, tout le monde adore, excellent rapport qualité prix

3 Dec 2014

Proper peridot color, though a bit pale.
Slightly weak louche; can hardly handle more than a 1:2 ratio without start decaying.
Pleasantly conservative but plain taste charged towards anise; barely any wormwood.
General watery mouth feel saved by a refreshing quality; tamed but present numb finish.

CONCLUSION: Less than intriguing but fair for its price; no scam at all here.
Don't dilute it too much and it can get you going alright.

25 Nov 2014

A very soft, delicate absinthe, it still has pure and appealing flavors that make it a delight. Probably best suited for summertime, it is certainly the best of the lighter style absinthes I have tried, and I will definitely use this as an introductory experience for absinthe newcomers. It's by far the best such "beginner" absinthe I've had, and one which I can thoroughly enjoy at the same time --- even if I prefer those with heavier body and alcohol. When compared to its closest competitors, e.g. Lucid and Vieux Pontarlier, this is far more complex and interesting. A tremendous bargain for the price.

9 Jan 2014

Really lovely, light verte, perfect for a go-to everyday absinthe or introducing new initiates. Excellent without sugar, and delicious through the range from minimal dilution to heavily watered.

26 Sep 2013

Nice louche, very light and refreshing, one of my favorites.

21 Aug 2013

Great "go-to" absinthe for every day drinking, if that's your bag. One of the first post-ban absinthes I tried and always keep in my cabinet a decade later.

11 Aug 2013

A must-have-on-the-shelf absinthe. It is considered as a bit of a simpleton among some absintheurs. I must say that I beg to differ. Yes, it is a light absinthe with a limited amount of botanicals, but seeing complexity in the recipe as a quality in itself is a misconception. Francois Guy provides a profile that has focus two main components; green anise and the Pontarlier wormwood which shines through in a very balanced manner. In other words it provides beginners as well as hardcore absintheurs with a clean, refreshing experience allowing one to single out the notes of the wormwood. The bottle is very beautiful too, and promise a classic Pontarlier experience. Due to the low alcohol content and the subdued verte character, it can be used easily in cocktails. However, I recommend drinking this in a strong icecold dilution or even pure in order to set the herbal references. Highly recommended.

Drawbacks: I think the absinthe is somewhat expensive in comparison with others and due to the low alcohol content. A 68% version would be welcomed and would last longer.

26 Jul 2013

Elle est très bonne, j'en commanderai certainement à nouveau.

5 Jul 2013

This is the Merlot of the Absinthe world. A perfect blend for every day use, all the flavours and nothing exotic. No matter how you like your absinthe, this one will go down just fine. Not a special occasion absinthe, just a good, solid every day drink.

4 Jul 2013

A very nice low proof absinthe. Not so good for cocktails but excellent when you don't want to drink 144 proof!

1 Jul 2013

Another good absinthe for those days you just want a good uncomplicated absinthe, just kick back, relax and enjoy.

17 May 2013

A fine absinthe with sugar, but without sweetening tastes quite watery even when making a stronger drink. Still, price is right for this everyday absinthe.

12 Apr 2013

Commande arrivée dans délais plus qu'honorable, dans un colis bien protégé. De plus, elles sont vraiment de bonne qualité....

19 Dec 2012

One of first post-ban absinthe!
The realy good absinthe to start, but also a good absinthe to drink always!

7 Dec 2012

I really wish they made this stuff at a higher proof. The first few glasses I tried of this became watered down way too quickly. Finally at about a 1 to 1 ratio this stuff started to work. It seems like a bit of a crime that you have to make a double just to get one good glass of absinthe with this stuff.

2 Jul 2012

Best buy for money ,

really nice and simple absinthe

22 Jun 2012

I would like to add to the previous noteworthy reviews posted here, that, the Fancois Guy is the best absinthe I have had. I have consumed (with much deliberation) about a dozen bottles of absinthe over the past four years. Some of the hightly rated absinthes consumed, have had some off flavors which some reviewers pass off as being complex, but, truth be told, some are just not ballanced. One herb or another dominates the mixture. Perhaps the imperfection does (in my opinion) appeal to some tastes, but I don't warm up to that particular brand untill the 3rd glass has been consumed, at which point, it doesn't matter anymore. All Absinthes are great on the 3rd glass.

Francois Guy is very well ballanced, with a nice, anise (not too strong, but not weak) impact. The pale brownish green, crystal clear color testifies to the fact that this is a distilled (superior) concoction, not one which is merely macerated. The effect is just as strong as an Amer, or, as it is also known, a Libertine, which may be regulated by the strength of the mixture, or, as to the quantity consumed. No need to seek out the 35 PPM thujone alternatives, which I have done, believe me! So smooth is this one on the tongue and pleasantly warming to the throat and stomach, and, most importantly, numbing to the soul and mind, that the cares of the day disolve like a sugar cube in water. By the way, Francois Guy is so good, that no sugar is required, IMHO. This superb absinthe would be my only choice if I could drink no other, and thats saying a lot, coming from a perfectionist.

My only apprehension in posting this review, is that, if, everyone should start to buy this little gem, the price will start to go up, which brings me to my last point. This absinthe, at its current price, is an incredible bargan, especially when it comes from France, where the best absinthe in the world is produced, bar none! As a previous poster said "My bar will never, ever be without this under valued Fairy". I guaranty, she will give you pleasure, if it is pleasure that you seek, and we all seek pleasure, don't we? If you like green thighs, they will mesmerize, I will say no more, as she has them wrapped around my head right now!

26 Feb 2012

I've bought 6 or 7 bottles of this, and I will buy more. The flawor is quite annised but not to much, the alcohol content is perfect, and overall the price is really good.

11 Feb 2012

I find this to be one of my favorites when it comes to casual drinks. The flavor is nice and full. I'd highly recommend it as a core offering.

4 Nov 2011

Great everyday absinthe, easy to enjoy. Strong anise flavor and a tad bitter on the back of the tongue.

17 Oct 2011

My favorite absinthe ever !!!! I do not know why I like it soooooooooo much, I have bought many bottles of this, and I'm always happy to do it again.

23 Dec 2010

Almost colorless, but full of flavor! perfect for beginners, the wormwood taste can be sometimes overpowering, but francois guy is well balanced!

6 Jul 2010

One of my favorites. Smooth and tasty with wonderful effects. As far as I'm concerned this is one of the finest Absinthes made. My bar will always be stocked with Francois Guy.

24 Dec 2008

je recherche le goût herbacé dans une absinthe mais dans celle-ci l'anis prédomine, ce qui en fait une absinthe plutôt banale qui se rapproche effectivement de l'ouzo ou de l'arak; c'est bon et rafraîchissant mais on sait à quoi s'attendre en la dégustant et l'effet de surprise n'est pas de mise.

13 Oct 2008

C'est bon mais ça se rapproche un peu trop du pastis. Très anisé. Avec le double effet kiscool!!!
C'est pas mal en apéritif mais rien d'exceptionnel.

4 Jul 2008

My first glass of absinthe was a Francois Guy. I liked it so much that I didn't let go of it. (of absinthe, not of Francois Guy).

Although I've found some that are more in accordance with my tastes, it is a good absinthe in my opinion.

It's quite aniseed, thick on the palate and I like to drink it late in the afternoon because of its low alcohol degree.
I can find similarities with good Araks that I discovered in the Republic of Lebanon (a grape liqueur, typical of that country)

If on top of that it's delivered quickly and without any problems, I'll be happy to recomend it. So I recomend it !

4 Jul 2008

La Francois Guy, c\'était mon premier verre d\'absinthe. Elle m\'a tellement plus que depuis je n\'en ai pas démordu (de l\'absinthe, pas de la Francois Guy).

Même si depuis, j\'en ai gouté des plus adaptées à mon goût, ça reste pour moi une bonne absinthe.

C\'est une absinthe assez anisée, épaisse en bouche, que j\'aime bien boire parfois en fin d\'après-midi pour son faible degré d\'alcool.
Personnellement, je lui trouve des similitudes avec les bons Arak que j\'ai pu goûter au Liban (un alcool de raisin typique de ce pays)

Et si en plus c\'est livré rapidement et avec soin, je recommande. Donc je recommande :)

4 Jul 2008

A good absinthe from Pontarlier, a nice compromise because of its price. A good absinthe to start off with. Fresh, a bit too aniseed in my opinion, not very herbal but well balanced.

4 Jul 2008

Bonne absinthe de Pontarlier,un bon compromis rapport qualité prix, pour débuter. Rafraichissante et un peu trop anisée a mon goût ,peu herbacée, mais bien équilibrée.

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Guy, France


Founded by Armand Guy, this absinthe distillery is the last family-owned business in Pontarlier, where four generations of distillers have practised their art since 1890. In addition to absinthe and Pontarlier-Anis, the Guy distillery also produces traditional liqueurs, eaux-de-vie, aperitifs, and preserved fruits.

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1 Liter