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Absinthe Glass Bubble Reservoir

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Especially commissioned by Absinthes.com, the Bubble Reservoir Absinthe Glass is a delight to behold. We are incredibly proud how it has turned out, after almost a year of prototypes and improvements. The Bubble Reservoir Glass was directly inspired by a glass in the collection of David Nathan Maister, renowned absinthe historian. This type of glass was relatively rare, even when it was most widely available in the 1880s and 1890s.

The bubble glass can be used to serve absinthe in a unique way: thanks to the small hole between bubble and upper part of the glass: Pour a measure absinthe into the bubble, then tip cold water all in one go on top (3-6 parts depending on the absinthe). Over a few minutes you can enjoy the show as the absinthe and water slowly swirl and mix together. After a couple of minutes you have a perfectly louched glass of absinthe, without needing to drip water slowly.
The bubble reservoir serves as a dose, to accurately pour the right amount of absinthe without needing a measure. Chilled water is then added as usual, usually three to five parts. A pleasing weight in the hand, without being overly hefty. These glasses are hand made (blown by mouth) by the makers in Europe. The artisan process captures some tiny bubbles and imperfections in the glass, making for a seriously beautiful effect.

The bubble glass in use, Pernod Fils Tarragona vintage 1950s absinthe, and our exclusive reproduction vintage absinthe carafe.

  • Distillery or Brand : RUEVERTE
  • Height: 180 mm
  • Product Type: Absinthe Glass
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Weight: 0.38 kg
Dimensional Weight: 0.58 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: RUEVERTE
Height: 180 mm
Product Type: Absinthe Glass

Customer evaluation for (50)

25 Oct 2019

Très beau verre, très belle qualité. Fonctionnelle.

22 Jul 2019

Un très bon verre, épais et grand, facile à tenir. On peut observer l'eau se mélanger à l'absinthe dans le petit ballon .
Je recommande !

28 Feb 2019

I was worried about ordering glassware online, but my fears was unfounded. The shipment arrived safely and was very well packed. Aesthetically they are nice to look at and they work as intended. They do however have slight differences in height so they are not spitting image of each other, but you could say it gives each glass it's own character. Always puts a smile on my face when the Louche process starts :) Enjoy!

19 Aug 2018

fantastic glasses ,nice and thick glass and a great old fashioned look to them ,very weighty glass

30 May 2018

What a beautiful glass! It's strange at first as the glass is quite thick compared to a run of the mill glass, but perfectly made. Watching the absinthe mix from the bottom was a real pleasure, almost as good as drinking it! Certainly worth the price, this is a little treasure to keep forever!

2 May 2018

I am happy to have this glass, but I find it hard to get the Absinth to mix properly in the glass. I must be doing something wrong, so I’ll keep at until I get it right. If you could give me some tips it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the experience.

17 Jan 2018

Very nice looking and robust glass. Just fill the bubble, pour the water and let the magic happen. Love it.

16 Jan 2018

fast perfektes Glas zum erst Staunen (wunderbare Vernebelung) und dann Genießen - könnte aber etwas preisgünstiger sein - daher nur 4 von 5 Sternen

21 Nov 2017

Sehr schönes Absinth Glas, wobei mich der kleinere "Verbindungskanal" nicht stört. Im Gegenteil, da man mit dem Absinth Löffel nicht bis auf den Grund umrühren kann,- bleiben kleine Zuckerkristalle unten liegen, und der letzte Schluck ist einfach der Beste, und einen interessanten "Luft-Blubbre" gibt es zum Ende hin beim trinken extra!

15 Oct 2017

Excellent quality,superfast shipping, a must have!!

7 Sep 2017

Nice glass, looks to be well made, at least to it's purpose, and it doesn't leak.

4 Sep 2017

Excellent glasses. The great point is hand blown. You can actually pick a glass, due to the uniqueness. A very nice weight. A must for a great collection.

5 Aug 2017

Je retrouve exactement le verre de mon aïeul qui avait été brisé lors d'un déménagement...

15 Jun 2017

A very nice and elegant glass! Every absintheur should have one in their collections.

23 May 2017

Very charming glass with it's own distinct personality. I bought two of these and its easy to distinguish them from each other merely by looking at them. One has a slightly thicker rim than the other as they are blown individually. In my opinion this makes the glasses so much more charming than if they had been of the exact same dimensions. Highly recommended! Plus, there's some fun to be had when you start reaching the bottom of glass ;)

15 May 2017

Absinth ist noch genussvoller mit diesem Glas...

19 Apr 2017

Great glass though the sound effects can be embarrassing!

23 Dec 2016

I ordered one of these glasses a couple of weeks ago and sadly it arrived broken to their credit I was sent another immediately it arrived today and am very impressed with this glass I like the solid feel without being too chunky and watching the absinthe louche in the bubble is really quite a spectacle it's a show in its own right. its a very elegant piece and it helps diffuse the aromas of the drink very well. by far my favourite glass.im not looking forward to cleaning it though!!

23 Dec 2016

Amazing glass, with a funny feature wich you´ll notice if you buy one !!!

22 Dec 2016

very impressed with these glasses they where not as delicate as I thought which is a positive thing. I guess they wouldn't be if they where used in French saloons during the bell epoche. I love them. The only issue some might find really a bit minor is that if you use to much sugar you have to run tap water into the glass for quite some time until it dissolves As it is hard to get it out of the glass bubble at the bottom of the glass. Or put more absinthe in I guess.

21 Nov 2016

A nice glass that makes mysterious louche-effects as well as interesting bubble-sounds! Try it!

29 Mar 2015

Ich persönlich find sie Großartig!
Schön, groß und nicht zu leicht.
Verarbeitung ist auch gut (dickwandiger als Weingläser dafür sehr robust).
Bei einem meiner beiden Gläser ist der Durchlass zum Reservoir etwas schmal, aber:
1. mich stört das nicht, andere besonders anspruchsvolle Käufer evtl. schon
2. mundgeblasen, kleine Abweichungen sind da zu erwarten.

Deshalb von mir gefühlte 5/5 Sterne aber einen abgezogen im Namen der Nörgler.
ein Anfänger:)

16 Oct 2014

This has gone strait to my favorite glass for a number of reasons, its easy to get mixtures right, the weight and smooth large thickness around is lush to sip from (u nearly forget its there) As you sip the nice width lets in a lot of aroma to senses. Being hand made it has character!! Finally the louche, I was a bit unsure how that would go but my first words were "that is awesome!" it seems sort of louche upside down as the top layer colors the bottom continues to louche and being in the clear round reservoir it sort of magnifies the look. Cheers.

1 Mar 2014

I am very impressed with this glass. I love the weight of it and the bubble in the bottom. It is quite easy to clean. If a weighty glass can be called elegant, then this one is it.

27 Jan 2014

Very nice hand made glasses! Thicker than the pictures and with good quality, just takes time to clean the reservoir.

18 Jan 2014

I loved this glass. It has a heft to it that you just don't expect. Extremely well built - very heavy. Worthy of the old bistros and cafes that required a thick, heavy glass.
I have read a few reviews that it is a bit difficult to clean because of the small hole leading into the doseur. However, just a bit of hot water or putting in the dishwasher eliminated residual soap in the reservoir.

It louches BEAUTIFULLY and slowly. Great glass!

9 Jan 2014

I had bought another glass on Amazon but my husband & I both prefer this one. Now we'll have to fight over who gets to use it.

27 Dec 2013

Quite simply stunning. It is downright mesmerizing watching the louche form with this glass -- completely unlike any other design of absinthe glass.

Several people have commented on the thickness of the glass. Yes, it is slightly thick but appropriately so. I have many original absinthe glasses (though no bubble versions, alas) and most are exceptionally thick and heavy, meant for hard use in bistrots, where delicate glasses wouldn't survive for long. This one is just right, neither too thick nor too thin, with a very pleasant feel in hand.

They are handblown and the one I have shows many small bubbles and imperfections, much like my favorite antique glasses. It looks and feels antique, with the imperfections serving as the hallmark of true artisinal craftsmanship -- no mass production here.

The one potential downside is that since they are handblown, some have openings to the reservoir which are too small. My first was unusable, but to their credit absinthes.com sent me a replacement with my next order, and it is absolutely perfect.

As for washing, no big deal: just rinse thoroughly right after using it and let it dry in a dish drainer.

I still use antique glasses 90% of the time, but I intend to order at least one more of this glass to have on hand for occasions when I introduce a novice guest to the glories of absinthe, and the absinthe ritual.

For the price, this glass is a tremendous bargain.

12 Nov 2013

Si apparemment certains sont gênés par les imperfections de ce magnifique verre soufflé bouche, comme les petites bulles prises dans la matière, je trouve que ce verre est vraiment superbe et rappelle bien l'ancienne époque de l'absinthe, où la réalisation d'objets sans défaut et sans âme était pas encore monnaie courante comme à notre époque de l'industrie du plastique chinois !

Pour l'instant, ce sera nos verres préférés :
J'aurais un bar à absinthe, j'aurais choisi ces verres pour mes clients.

18 Oct 2013

Les verres sont arrivés en bonne état (ils étaient bien emballés), le verre est fort épais.
J'aime bien regardé le mélange de l'absinthe et l'eau qui se fait via cette bulle.

21 Aug 2013

I got two of these glasses. One of them worked out quite well. It's a glass that forces you to take your time, contemplate the contents. I like to warm up the absinthe in the reservoir with my hand and then as the cold water sifts down and the absinthe starts to filter up through the neck of the reservoir, a smokey, ghostly trail ensues.

However, one of my glasses has such a narrow opening, that liquid does not want to go in or escape (just about 3 mm wide). It's practically useless to use, and I have to use a toothpick to break the surface tension in order to get liquid in or out of the reservoir.

I don't know if it's worth returning it overseas for a new glass, as I live in the USA. I may get another with the very narrow opening.

It's obviously not very easy to clean.

I'm satisfied with the second glass I had purchased, but it's the only one worth using.

21 Aug 2013

Excellent glass, high quality, and works really well. I have to agree with the others who have mentioned the same things...

The glass is thick and heavy. I personally don't mind, but my friend has mentioned it. Just keep that in mind. The ball at the bottom does have a habit of collecting undissolved sugar, so be prepared to rinse it out after each glass.

30 Jul 2013

This glass is just amazing. It gives that extra time to enjoy the louche even if you use a dripper that uses a slow steady stream instead of drop by drop. Everyone should own at least a set of these, they're just perfect.

8 May 2013

I got this glass as a gift.

I admit this glass develops the most beautiful louche I have seen to this day; it really looks like a "magical" potion when the absinthe mixes with the water, and the swirls are lovely to watch.
Of course, the standard brouilleurs (both glass and Cusenier) fit it perfectly.

But, those are the only good things I have to say about it. These are my observations:

1) The glass is too thick. Really, really thick. I had to change to another glass while I was enjoying my absinthe, because I could not bear drinking from this one.
2) I like to give the undiluted sugar a stir with my spoon once the water is added. This is not possible with this glass.
3) It was actually a bother to have to get up and rinse the glass before the sugar would set at the bottom, because there is no other way to clean it.

Although it does have an interesting design, the louche effect will not be enough for me to use it again. I will keep it as a curiosity, but I would not recommend it to others.

3 May 2013

The bubble gives an impressive louche effect in the absinthe like sticky tears floating toward the bottom.

18 Apr 2013

La forme du verre est sympa, la bulle pour le volume d'absinthe aussi est bien vue, dommage que la qualité du verre ressemble plus à un verre à dent d'autrefois que du verre un peu plus fin! Salutations. Yves.

18 Apr 2013

A very nice glass, but a bit too large to fit under my fountain... unless I raise the fountain up on something. Cleaning really isn't difficult, but stirring undissolved sugar may be a pain. Large reservoir and high overall volume means each drink will last awhile, and you have plenty of room to add water to your liking.

17 Apr 2013

Verre plus gros que je ne le pensais, mais qui fait parfaitement son office.
La dose de la bulle est parfaite pour une absinthe bien corsée!

28 Mar 2013

I really love these glasses. The craftsmanship is really top notch. It's a pleasure to see the green fairy dancing in the bubble reservoir as the water drips in.

27 Mar 2013

Beautiful especially when used with the Worry-flower infused absinthe. The presentation is unique and quite enjoyable.

27 Mar 2013

These glasses make enjoying the drink a visual as well as gustatory experience. We fill the bowl with absinthe and then add the water via sugar cube and spoon only half way up the body of the glass. Be sure to swirl when cleaning...

6 Mar 2013

Beau verre dans l'ensemble pour un prix correct, bien qu'un peu haut et épais à mon goût. Le verre est aussi criblé de nombreuses micro-bulles assez visibles qui ont dû s'incruster pendant la fabrication du verre. Mis à part cela, la bulle est de bonne taille et le verre remplit parfaitement sa fonction !

24 Sep 2012

Excellent quality. The glass is thick and well made. Provides incredible louche. Highly recommend.

21 Sep 2012

One of the greatest glasses for Absinthe ever. It's so great to watch it slowly louche in the bottom bubble. Everyone who's seen it loves it.

14 Sep 2012

Great for first timers. The bubble reservoir gives a great show! Resembles a magical potion.

4 Aug 2012

Definitely love this glass, in the beginning was wondering how to clean it though. I would agree about not waiting too long after use before you wash it, additionally I use stainless steel cleaning balls (normally for cleaning wine decanters), which makes it actually quite simple.

17 Jul 2012

This Glass is very well made, and it presents a very nice louche. However the last sips take a little time due to the drizzle produced by the slim neck leading to the reservoir.

12 Jun 2012

I love this glass! I never realized how much thought went into it and how good it was until I tried it.

As water is added to the glass it hardly disturbs the liquid because of the very narrow neck. This makes for a slow and visually fascinating louche. The cloud travels down into the reservoir and looks like a trail of upside-down smoke!

The height of the chamber prevents splashing going outside over the glass, and it makes a great chamber for smelling the aroma. On top of that, its quite thick sturdy glass with a good weight & just feels great to hold in your hand as well as looking quite unique to other glasses.

If you use sugar, you just need to clean it straight after you finish your drink to swirl the leftover sugar out. I don't know if I can drink from another glass now!

5 Mar 2012

Le plus beau verre à bulle à l'heure actuelle. Les proportions sont parfaites. La bulle équivaut bien à la dose d'absinthe et la coupe n'est pas trop large; ce qui permet de bien remplir le verre et laisse échaper suffisamment les effluves de notre "asmoche" adorée.

26 Feb 2012

Love the 2 glasses we received for Christmas. Just wondering how we are going to wash them adequately since the stem is so narrow!


Note from Andrew at Absinthes.com: The bubble glasses are wonderful, although require a touch more care to clean than glasses not meant for absinthe, which may be one reason why antique bubble glasses are so rare! The trick is to wash out the sugar after use before it can dry out in the reservoir, or a simple inexpensive bottle brush works wonders as well.

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