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Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard 72% - 70cl

Alternative sizes: Content: 50ml, Content: 20cl,

Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard 72% - 70cl
Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard 72% - 70cl
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Achieved by Ted Breaux!
The Jade Esprit Edouard absinthe, a replica of the historical Edouard Pernod, is an absinthe for connoisseurs. By 1897, the house of Edouard Pernod boasted a reputation for crafting some of the best absinthe the world has ever known. At the time of the ban (in 1915 in France), Edouard Pernod had become the 3rd largest absinthe distiller in France. The Edouard Pernod label was considered by many absinthe connoisseurs to be one of the finest marques, certainly on par with the famed Pernod Fils, A. Junod and Fritz Duval labels. Almost a century later, bottles of perfectly preserved Edouard Pernod absinthe have yielded the secrets of this famed producer. The exquisite taste of this antique absinthe is incredibly smooth and delicious. The Jade Esprit Edouard absinthe is a fabulously faithful reproduction of the famous Edouard Pernod 72° absinthe that was highly popular during the Belle Époque. It is absolutely correct to the original, from its delicate tint, to its refined texture and delightfully aromatic finish. We invite you to experience the unrivalled quality, tradition, and mystique that only Jade Esprit Edouard absinthe can deliver.

Colour: Pale amber/green with slight olive tinge. Louche: Good thick trails and good action right from the get-go. Aroma: Complex, spicy and hard to pin down, but the green anise is again a winner here. Taste: Don't try to compare this with preban Edouard Pernod, this is miles away. But it doesn't mean that it's uninteresting, it has its own character! The anise, wormwood and fennel mix perfectly with the other herbs, including a noticeable peppery coriander. Finish: Numbs the mouth a bit but doesn't force itself at all. Smooth and delightful. Discover our Jade Esprit Edouard gift set here! The perfect gift for your loved ones.

Serving Suggestion

- At first, savour your Jade L“Esprit d“Edouard with half a piece of sugar. Then, add more or less according to your taste.

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measures of fresh water.

This product contains alcohol and can only be delivered to adults. Proof of age will be required at delivery. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Distillery or Brand : Distillerie Combier & Jade Liqueurs
  • Produkttyp: Absinthe
  • Bezeichnung: Spirit
  • Ursprungsland: France
  • Lebensmittelunternehmer: rs, Distillerie Combier, 48 Rue, Beaurepaire, 49400 Saumur, FR
  • Nettofüllmenge: 70cl
  • Alkoholgehalt: 72% vol
  • Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
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Weight: 1.46 kg
Dimensional Weight: 1.86 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: Distillerie Combier & Jade Liqueurs
Region: Saumur
Produkttyp: Absinthe
Marke: Combier
Bezeichnung: Spirit
Absinthe Colour: Green
Ursprungsland: France
Production Method: Distillation
Closure: Natural Cork
Contains Anise?: Yes
Authentic?: Yes
Lebensmittelunternehmer: rs, Distillerie Combier, 48 Rue, Beaurepaire, 49400 Saumur, FR
Nettofüllmenge: 70cl
Alkoholgehalt: 72% vol
Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
Alkoholbasis: Wine alcohol

Customer evaluation for (69)

24 Nov 2019

très bonne absinthe un plaisir merci beaucoup

21 Jul 2019

My favorite Jade. It is outstanding. Jade Berger/VS1898 makes a perfect counterpoint with a different personality.

14 Feb 2019

Genau das was ich von einem Jade erwarte. Kommt für mich nicht ganz an den ausgezeichneten NOUVELLE-ORLÉANS und den 1901 ran, trotzdem ein phantastischer Absinth.

1 Feb 2019

Netter Kontakt,sehr schneller versandt ! Guter Absinth !Bestens !!!

7 Jan 2019

One of my favourite modern absinthe. Drink it and love it!

5 Oct 2018

Always very smooth finish. I think Edouard is the best tasting of the Jade series. Nice louche, good color, with an intense taste, very smooth and comforting.

17 Sep 2018

It was perfect! Great absinthe. And fast, and very good service

14 Aug 2018

Excellent! I think France makes the best Absinthe in the world. Complex, full body. No complaints.

12 Aug 2018

Very full flavor of herbal scents, especially licorice. I love the falvor

8 Aug 2018

Pour moi, la reine des absinthes. De loin, la plus complexe et la plus subtile, elle est grandiose et harmonieuse. C'est littéralement un breuvage d'alchimiste : du grand-oeuvre.

8 Aug 2018

I think this is the Best version of the modern absinthes as well as the closest to the simply ethereal Preban absinthes!

22 Jun 2018

This has got to be my favorite absithe to date! Smooth, tasty and not too strong on the anise, it is a wonderfully balanced treat!! I am not even half way through my first bottle, and I already have another on the way. This will be a staple in my cabinet!

21 Jun 2018

Brilliant deep Jade-strong herbal notes with pallette wanting more after the first taste.

1 Apr 2018

It is not my first time with this absinthe. In fact is my 3rd time (in a while...) and, being just an amateur and beginner, i believe it has a perfect balance, taste, colour and flexibility to enjoy both straitgh, à la française, or with water. My only caveat would be to use a cold high qualty mineral water to enjoy the most. Be happy!

19 Mar 2018

J'ai déjà fait l'acquisition de plusieurs absinthes françaises et suisses de très bonne qualité (Pontarlier et Val-de-Travers). Elles étaient excellentes, mais pour moi l'Esprit Edouard reste ma préférée ! Des arômes vraiment fabuleux, qui sont présents dès que vous mettez l'absinthe en bouche, pendant que vous l'avalez, et après pendant plusieurs secondes ! Et on sent vraiment la touche épicée !

27 Feb 2018

Everything you expect from such a superior product. The authenticity of its creation and the flavor profile is absolutely complex and coats the pallet with a lush velvety creaminess. Strong herbal emerald green coloration that gives way to a very opalescent green when fully louched. Great absinthe to be savored.

29 Jan 2018

I bought it twice, and I found it a very, very, very good absinthe!

22 Jan 2018

Bereits die Probeflasche hat mich überzeugt. In der Original-Flasche sieht das Produkt noch viel edler aus. Ein sehr feiner und komplexer Absinth mit langem Abgang. 1. Liga.

18 Jan 2018

attention celle la ,c'est du grand art,on voit que c'est une absinthe supérieure,excellente et bien puissante,le gout est très prononcé en bouche,un délice,rien a redire,c'est bien une des meilleures.

5 Sep 2017

Le louche est très dense, le parfum et la saveur sont très intenses. Après avoir versé 3 à 4 mesures d'eau la saveur est plutôt anisée et il faut ajouter une mesure d'eau supplémentaire pour développer la saveur de la plante d'absinthe qui s'avère alors très intense également. La boisson devient alors très savoureuse.

3 Sep 2017

It's definitely worth much. Taste is deep and complex with nice aroma and the louche is very thick.

28 Jun 2017

La plus proche du gout authentique, selon moi la meilleure !!

17 Jun 2017

Ich möchte gern 4 Absinthes aus dem Hause Jade rezensieren. Ich versuche die Rezensionen so vergleichbar wie möglich zu halten, diese fallen auch etwas kürzer aus als gewohnt. Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich alle 4 synchron probiert habe und gerade im puren Zustand kommt man da an die Grenzen der Geschmackssinne.
Getestet wurden:
Es fehlt, da leider nicht in meiner Sammlung:

In Ihrer Gesamtheit sind die Sorten alle sehr edel verpackt und dunklerbraunen, fast schwarzen Flaschen. Sie sind alle samt sehr edel, haben einen Korkverschluss wie eine Weinflache (Einmal gezogen empfehle ich einen alternativen Verschluss – da sie nicht mehr völlig zu schließen gehen). Alle Flaschen haben eine Art Prägung im Glas. Wirklich hübsch anzusehen, die Label sind insgesamt modern aber klassisch zu gleich. Jetzt zu den Unterschieden.

Das Etikett ist überwiegend Gold. Das kommt auf den Bildern gar nicht so krass rüber. Seine 72% lassen den gelbgrünen Absinthe stark Alkoholisch riechen, hier sogar leicht blumig und frisch. Im Gegensatz zu den anderen getesteten riecht man hier zumindest minimal etwas anderes als Alkohol. Pur getrunken ist er jedoch schwach, sogar fuselig würde ich sagen. Er ist sehr schwer im Mund. Klar, mit 72% kaum anders zu erwarten möchte man meinen. Es gibt da jedoch Gegenbeispiele. Er opalisiert langsam und dicht, wenig schlieren. Er wird am Ende sehr dicht und bleibt kräftig, milchig grün. Vor allem der Anisgeruch und Geschmack bleiben verdünnt übrig. Er ist nicht so Süß wie er Orleans, kommt aber gut ran ohne „so ähnlich“ zu schmecken. Auch der verdünnte Geruch ist interessant, eigentlich der beste von den Sorten. Übrig bleibt kaum eine bittere Note, dafür eine sehr angenehme Frische vom Anis. Locker der 1. Platz. Wer es weniger Anislastig, etwas bitterer mag ist mit Orleans besser beraten.

Insgesamt kann man sagen, dass der ABSINTHE JADE NOUVELLE-ORLÉANS und ABSINTH JADE ESPRIT EDOUARD einen Kauf wert sind. ABSINTHE JADE 1901 und ABSINTHE JADE VS 1898 konnten mich nicht überzeugen und werden sicher irgendwann aus meinem Regal verschwinden. Beim 1898 bin ich sogar geneigt ihn zu verschenken oder zu verschwenden wenn mal wieder jemand unbedingt Absinthe anzünden will (macht man ja nicht wie jeder hier weiß  ). Ob ich nochmal einen dieser Vier bestellen würde ist aber fraglich. Es gibt ein paar Sorten die werde ich sicher immer im Haus haben, diese 4 zählen nicht dazu.

12 May 2017

One of my all time favorite absinthes. I like several brands,but if I could only have would be this one!

1 May 2017

Ich habe nun fast alle Jade-Absinthe durchprobiert und muss sagen, dass mich alle überzeugt haben, wenn auch jeder auf seine eigene Art.

Die Aufmachung der Flasche - mit Korken und Wachssiegel - ist extrem hochwertig.
Schon beim Öffnen der Flasche verströmt der Absinthe einen angenehmen süßlichen Geruch, der sofort Lust auf das erste Glas macht.
Die Farbe ist giftgrün und gleichmäßig. Der Louche stellt sich recht schnell ein und ist wundervoll zu betrachten.

Geschmacklich ist er sicherlich ein Höhepunkt. Deutlich runder und weniger bitter als seine Geschwister. Mir gefällt die etwas geringere Komplexität ganz gut zur Abwechslung zu den sehr charakterstarken Oxygenee oder 1901.

5 Apr 2017

My first 'real' absinthe. I am amazed and delighted.

2 Feb 2017

Always in my cabinet with all the jades. A solid absinthe.

30 Jan 2017

One of the best absinthe I have ever drunk, and I'll buy it again in the future

2 Jan 2017

This absinthe is great, very smooth and easy to drink with a great louche effect. I can't wait to try the other Jade absinthes.

17 Dec 2016

Une très très bonne absinthe qui enveloppe bien la bouche de toutes ses saveurs.

17 Nov 2016

A great absinthe. In my top 5. And my 3rd favorite of the Jade's . After 1901 and v.s.1898. a strong absinthe with a nice woodsy taste. One of the finest absinthes available. And thanks to great service!!!

16 Nov 2016

Well, what can I say? You can never go wrong with a Jade!
A great deep green colour, beautiful louche and the aroma fills the entire room.
Heavy herbal palette, that sticks on in your mouth for qiute some time, and leaves you nicely numb.
It got some kick to it with it's 72% abv, but absolutely no alcohol taste. No sugar is needed.
Any Jade is a must have in your absinhte bar, and this one is definitely no exeption.
Simply a great absinthe!

7 Jun 2016

I had the distinct pleasure of tasting this at a bar in London while on holiday there last year. I am now forever ruined for any other absinthe. I did a side-by-side tasting with Pernod Absinthe and the difference is clear in every way. I have had several absinthes before and since then. None have come close to the rich, beautiful look and flavor this spirit contains. It has an organic, natural, almost olive green appearance where many other absinthes have a bright neon-green or darker green appearance. Do not settle for less than this bottle. It is a true credit to it's predecessors (as well as history itself) and gives you the feeling, however-brief, that you have travelled back in time to the early 20th century. A truly lovely experience.

19 May 2015

This is my single favorite modern absinthe. I've gone through 5 bottles so far and plan to make sure to always have plenty in reserve!

Outstanding color, quick and deeply cloudy louche, lovely aromas, and extremely mouthfilling yet balanced flavors. The finish goes on forever.

I'm very fond of Jade 1901 but the Édouard is even better.

Given its concentration and high alcohol, this can handle a heavier dilution than most. I usually go somewhere between 4:1 - 5:1. It can easily handle that much water without becoming washed out. Seriously wonderful absinthe.

2 Oct 2014

Amazing, great quality absinthe! One of the best produced nowadays!

12 Jul 2014

Superbe Absinthe, une grande Française et ça fait plaisir. Produit de qualité, quelqu'un sait le lien de l'annotation "Saumur"?

7 Jun 2014

This is a rich absinthe with very distinct flavors. It's strong, but not over-powering. I loved it!

27 Jan 2014

Very good absinthe. Thick, green or dark green color, mixes with water really good at 1 to 4 ratio. High quality taste for sure. Edouard does not have as much of anise taste as Jade PF 1901; very balanced taste on every note. Thanks again for fast and secure shipping, got it the day before new years :). Cheers. V., Edmonton, AB.

10 Jan 2014

One of my favourites. I'm also lucky enough to have been able to compare it to the original Edouard Pernod, and it's definitely similar, adjusted for the effects of 100 years of storing:)
I prefer the PF1901 slightly above this, but its on my top 5 of all absinthes I've tried!

9 Jan 2014

Excellente absinthe rien à dire je la recommande fortement

9 Jan 2014

This is our first absinthe, and it is a very good start. Very happy with this using a 1:5 dilution. Also, we and have been trying a number of vintage cocktails (Death in the Afternoon; Sazerac).

20 Sep 2013


this is head and shoulders above any other Absinthe I have tried.
Admittedly, my experience is limited to only four bottles, but they
were all excellent bottles.

Flavors were complex, yet not overwhelming; the touch of bitterness
did not in any way spoil the strong, sweet body. Every bit of complexity
added to the flavor, rather than detracting.

20 Sep 2013

Pour cette absinthe de très grande qualité un seul mot suffit : sublime !

8 Aug 2013

This is a must have for any absintheur!It tastes very similar to the Jade PF,but stronger.Great aftertaste & a definitely bigger kick.There will always be a bottle of this on my bar.

26 Jul 2013

Nous sommes ravi de cet achat.
Tous les amis avec qui nous l'avons partagé ont été conquis et enchantés.

24 Jul 2013

Loved this one!!!! Will order it again.

5 Jul 2013

Great buy, Very smooth with a nice finish.
I will be purchasing this again.

5 Jul 2013

As with all the Jade absinithes, the Edouard does not disappoint. As rich as any of his absinthes it has a powerful louche that expresses itself with a wonderful bouquet. Floral and heavy I usually use this absinthe to mix with cognac to create the tremblement de terre.. or "Earthquake".

I would highly recommend adding this to your short list of absinthes to try.

3 Jun 2013

My first absinthe, love at first sight. Simply excellent.

31 Mar 2013

Best Absinthe I tasted. I prefer without sugar, or a quarter of a cube.

28 Mar 2013

Absolutely delicious and perhaps the best of the Jade line of absinthe.

21 Sep 2012

Simplement exceptionnelle! Fine, subtile, un festival pour les papilles!

14 Sep 2012

For a first timer I was very impressed. I let some friends sample some and I guess you either like it or not. I love it and will order more in the future.

12 Sep 2012

I enjoy this absinthe over many other brands. I usually fix it with four parts of spirng water to one part absinthe, with lots of ice. Edouard hasn't let me down yet!! Thank-you.

16 May 2012

Die Flasche kam in gutem Zustand an. Der Absinth ist noch relativ jung. Das Aroma ist sehr authentisch, und unterscheidet sich von denjenigen, die ich schon mal probiert habe. Die Färbung entspricht einem hübschen Grün.
Ich habe 4 Sterne vergeben, weil ich ihn erst 2 mal getrunken habe bisher, und es jedes mal etwas anders geschmeckt hat. Ein kleiner Tipp: Am Besten schmeckt er mit Eiswasser!

16 May 2012

Wieder einmal ein fantastischer Jade-Absinth! Dieser landete auf Platz 2 meiner persönlichen Top 10: großartige Farbe, vielleicht sogar das dunkelste Grün das ich jemals gesehen habe, und ein einzigartiger Charakter! Absinthe Edouard ist eine perfekte Reproduktion seines Vaters, Edouard Pernod. Vergleichen Sie diesen Absinth mit einem originalen vor der Zeit des Verbots und Sie werden verstehen was ich meine. Jeder Aspekt wurde berücksichtigt: Farbe, ein gar magischer Louche, Geschmack und Balance... Leute – Jade Absinthe sind einfach die Besten auf dem Markt! Kauft euch einen, ihr werdet es nicht bereuen!

16 May 2012

Dieser Absinth ist superb, schon vom Duft der mir beim Entkorken entgegenkommt, bis hin zum ersten Schluck. Ich trinke ihn in einem Verhältnis von 5:1 wegen seines hohen Alkoholgehalts. Meiner Meinung nach ist der Anisgeschmack genau getroffen, nicht zu viel und nicht zu wenig. Seine Bitterkeit wird vom Zucker gut ausbalanciert. Ich werde ihn auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.

4 Apr 2012

This absinthe is superb, right from the aroma that you first encounter when you remove the cork to the scents that develop as the louche is forming. I drink it at a dilution of 5:1 due to its high alcohol content.
I find the anise to be just right for my liking and the bitterness is balanced with the one sugar cube that I louche it with. Will definitely buy this again.

27 Feb 2012

The Jade line of Absinthe just cant be beat. This is an exact replica of the original Edouard during the pre-ban period. Lots of anise, subtle wormwood as it lingers on the back of the tongue. The louche forms very slowly but once fully formed, is very thick. This type of absinthe is exactly what you tasted over a century ago.

27 Feb 2012

Die Jade- Reihe des Absinthe ist einfach unschlagbar! Es ist eine exakte Replikation des originalen Edouard aus der Zeit vor dem Absinthe- Verbot. Ziemlich viel Anis, unterschwellig auch Wermut, als ob er weiter hinten auf der Zunge erst zum Vorschein käme. Der Louche- Effekt verbreitet sich langsam, aber wird sehr dicht. Dieser Absinthe schmeckt genauso wie im letzten Jahrhundert!

27 Feb 2012

This release is by far the best in the last several years, and very close to the first Edouard ever.

27 Feb 2012

Diese Ausgabe ist bei weitem die Beste, die es in den letzten Jahren gab- und dem ersten Edouard sehr ähnlich.

29 Sep 2011

Tonight I found bliss in an alpine meadow. Opening the bottle, I found the Edouard to have a pleasant aroma of anise, peppermint and slight floral traces. A brillant diamond peridot color before the louche( and oh what a louche!). We pour. A clear slick quickly distinguishing itself and a pungent aroma begins to envelop the room, like a sweet minty breeze. The louche starts around mid-pour and quicky forms into a cloudy delightful milky lime green. We sip. Velvet sliky texture is what stands out here. The balance seems perfect, of couse this being the "72" there is a slight astringent bite on the throat but dont let that deter. So to sum up, this was a amaizing absinthe experience for me. Ted Breaux and the folks at Combier should be proud. As for myself? I'll be trying the entire line, post haste!!

13 Jun 2011

Nothing special, I think. This absinthe is overrated, maybe because I drank the desired version of the 2009...

14 Mar 2011

Excellente absinthe, bien herbacée et équilibrée, n'est pas beaucoup anisée (comme j'aime), une des meilleures verte que j'ai gouter.

Au niveau de la livraison, c'est plus que parfait ;-) , excellent emballage qui protège à merveille les bouteilles et les accessoires, et livraison très rapide, j'en étais même éttonner ;-) .

Merci beaucoup RueVerte, tant pour le choix des absinthes que vous propôsés, que pour la rapiditée du traitement des commandes et de la livraison ;-) .

Bien à vous,
B. Kevin

12 Jan 2011

Assenzio nel vero senso del termine,
ricercato e di qualità,
rimane qualche dubbio sulla necessità di ricopri di cera lacca il tappo..
cosa che rende macchinosa l'apertura della bottiglia

9 Sep 2010

Another fantastic Absinthe from Jade...! This one is at the second place in my top ten Absinthe chart: great color, may be the best deep green ever seen, and a character that is definitely unique! Absinthe Edouard is the perfect reproduction of its father, the well known Edouard Pernod; try to compare this product with an original pre-ban sample and you'll understand what i'm meaning! Every aspect is fully respected: color, magic louche, taste and balance, mouthfeel.... guys, Jade Absinthes are just the best on the market! Buy a bottle of each product and you'll not regret!

3 Mar 2010

I received this bottle very well. This Absinthe is of young age. The aroma is very authentic, it's different then the others I have tried. The colour is a very nice shade of green.

I gave it 4 stars, because I only tasted it twice, i havent found the best dillutation yet. And I'm sure that it will benifit from aging. It tastes different each time. Tip: For best taste, you should really drink it with ice-water!

25 Dec 2009

Une absinthe d'une très grande finesse en bouche, très bel équilibre, couleur et trouble rappelant les grandes absinthes du 19° siècle. A déguster en prenant son temps pour découvrir toute la palette aromatique. L'anis ne prédomine pas et l'on sent très bien l'absinthe, notes de fenouil et d'épices.
Une référence absolue parmi toutes les absinthes commercialisées. Et puis c'est une Jade élaborée avec tout le savoir et la compétence de Ted Breaux, dans les alambics en cuivre de l'ancienne distillerie de Pernod Fils

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Jade Liqueurs & Combier, France


1834 :

Jean-Baptiste Combier, 25, opens the Combier-Destre candy store in Saumur together with his brother Claude. Thanks to an alembic installed in the back shop, he distils some liqueurs to fill his candies and chocolates with.


1848 :

J ean-Baptiste buys more alembics and establishes the Combier distillery on the rue Beaurepaire, where it still is located today. This is the starting point of a booming business, Combier now sells its liqueurs all over the world.


1861 :

Jean-Baptiste Combier's son James, only 19 years old, learns the art of distillation before traveling to England, Algeria, Italy, Greece and Egypt, from where he brings new essences and herbs for Combier Liqueurs.


Absinthe distillation at Combier :

Combier owns its own fields of 2 wormwood cultivars, harvested by hand and traditionally dried in an attic. There are 10 alembics from the 19th century in the distilling room, including 8 from Egrot (the famous maker of Pernod Fils alembics at the time).

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This bar measure, also known as a jigger, is a convenient way to measure out ...
Content 1 Einheit
$3.57 ¹ $7.13 ¹

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Absinthe Jade 1901 20cl 68% - 20cl
The Jade 1901 absinthe from Ted Breaux, a replica of the historical Pernod Fi...
Content 0.2 L ($130.80 ¹ / 1 L)
$26.16 ¹

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Pontarlier II Absinthe Glass
This absinthe glass is a replica of one of the famous glasses of the XIXth ce...
From $10.70 ¹

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Absinthe Blanche Neige 53% - 50cl
Blanche Neige won the gold medal at the Absinthiades 2014. The fairest...
Content 0.5 L ($116.54 ¹ / 1 L)
$58.27 ¹

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Set 4 x Absinthe Jade - 4 x 0,7L
This set includes 4 bottles of Jade Absinthe.
Content 2.8 L ($99.80 ¹ / 1 L)
$279.44 ¹

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Absinthe Glass Bubble II - handmade in Europe
The absinthe glass Bubble II is entirely handmade, produced by artisan glas...
$22.59 ¹

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Destillerie Bourgeois: La Fine Organic Absinthe 68% - 70cl
The Absinthe La Fine is produced by Bourgeois, an organic distillery in Ar&...
Content 0.7 L ($100.23 ¹ / 1 L)
$70.16 ¹

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Absinthe La Faucille - Organic 72% - 70cl
La Faucille absinthe is the first green absinthe from Aymonier. The light ...
Content 0.7 L ($117.21 ¹ / 1 L)
$82.05 ¹

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Absinthe La Clandestine 53% - 70cl
La Clandestine absinthe reveals a very complex aromatic palate and a subtly ...
Content 0.7 L ($96.83 ¹ / 1 L)
$67.78 ¹

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Absinthe Pernod - Recette Traditionnelle 68% - 70cl
The label of the Pernod Absinthe with its old fashioned style aims to remin...
Content 0.7 L ($83.24 ¹ / 1 L)
$58.27 ¹

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Absinthe Glass Set - Tarragona Absinthe Glass and Dripper - Handmade in Europe
As used by famous writer and notorious absinthe drinker Ernest Hemingway, dur...
$24.97 ¹

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Absinthe Sugar Cubes - 17 Pairs
Sugar isn't always the same - some sugar cubes you can buy at your local supe...
Content 74.8 g ($2.38 ¹ / 100 g)
$1.78 ¹

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Absinthe La Capricieuse 72% - 70cl
La Capricieuse reveals a remarkable aromatic palette and a delicate final bi...
Content 0.7 L ($101.93 ¹ / 1 L)
$71.35 ¹

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Absinthe La Valote Bovet - Nostalgie Paris 1900 54% - 75cl
This is a clear, barrel aged absinthe from the Val-de-Travers. It is distille...
Content 0.75 L ($118.91 ¹ / 1 L)
$89.18 ¹

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Absinthe Butterfly 65% - 70cl
Butterfly Absinthe is inspired by an American absinthe from the early 1900s, ...
Content 0.7 L ($108.71 ¹ / 1 L)
$76.10 ¹

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Mansinthe - Absinthe by Marilyn Manson 66,6% - 70cl
Marilyn Manson's absinthe: distilled and naturally coloured, according to th...
Content 0.7 L ($71.34 ¹ / 1 L)
$49.94 ¹

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Set 3 x Absinthe Libertine - 3 x 0,7L
This set includes the following three French absinthes: Libertine 55 Original...
Content 2.1 L ($60.02 ¹ / 1 L)
$126.04 ¹

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Absinthe Set - Jade Terminus Oxygenee & Bubble Glass
In this lovely wooden box , you find a delicious Jade Terminus absinthe ,...
Content 0.7 L ($135.90 ¹ / 1 L)
$95.13 ¹

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Opaline 68% - 70cl
A full flavour and a complex aromatic palate characterise Opaline. An absinth...
Content 0.7 L ($112.11 ¹ / 1 L)
$78.48 ¹

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Absinthe Sans Frontières - Organic 72% - 70cl
Sans Frontières , is made following a recipe from the 1890s. The Aymo...
Content 0.7 L ($117.21 ¹ / 1 L)
$82.05 ¹

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Eau de Vie Eau-de-Vie Le Coeur de Jade - 42% - 70cl
Developed by T.A. Breaux, a professional scientist and absinthe specialist, C...
Content 0.7 L ($50.96 ¹ / 1 L)
$35.67 ¹

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Liqueur Chartreuse Verte (Green Chartreuse) 55% - 70cl
Chartreuse Verte was created in 1764 as a lighter alternative to éli...
Content 0.7 L ($62.86 ¹ / 1 L)
$44.00 ¹

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AbsinthExplore Jade Absinthe Sample Set
All of Jade Liqueurs fine beverages are produced traditionally in Saumur, Fra...
Content 0.15 L ($269.53 ¹ / 1 L)
$40.43 ¹

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Absinthe La Valote Bovet Tradition 100cl 65% - 1L
A delicious, quite untypical Swiss Bleue. The Bovet family takes great pride ...
Content 1 L
$74.91 ¹

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$77.29 ¹
0.7 Liter ($110.41 ¹ / 1 Liter)