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Absinthe Jade VS 1898 65% - 70cl

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Absinthe Jade VS 1898 65% - 70cl
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Achieved by Ted Breaux!

The Jade V.S. 1898 absinthe, a replica of the historical C.F. Berger, is an absinthe for connoisseurs.

The distillery of C. F. Berger was founded in Couvet, in the canton of Neufchâtel, Switzerland in 1823. The Berger distillery crafted several Swiss style absinthes, the most famous of these being the C. F. Berger 65º absinthe verte, which earned its status as one of the premier absinthes of the 19th century. Unfortunately, the C. F. Berger distillery came to a halt with the Swiss ban of 1910, and the distillery ceased all activities in Switzerland shortly after.

This fine Swiss absinthe was almost lost forever if it had not been for the resurfacing of original, unopened bottles, which Jade Liqueurs was able to secure for preservation. Using proprietary analytical techniques, Jade Liqueurs has resurrected this beautiful liquor from extinction.

It is an accurate recreation of the C. F. Berger absinthe and is identical to the original down to incredibly minute details. It is crafted entirely by hand using select botanicals from the original regions, and is carefully distilled in absinthe sills that were obtained directly from Pernod Fils in the early 20th century.

The Jade VS 1898 absinthe recalls a century-old tradition of fine Swiss style absinthes, and enables connoisseurs to savour a journey into history.

Colour: Light peridot with a touch of yellow, clear and natural.

Louche: Slowly builds with great oils trails and nice layering.

Aroma: Lovely and complex overtone of anise and spices.

Taste: Wonderfully balanced, round and smooth, with just enough spiciness to make it really unique. Again, a top-quality green anise and a great balance that only the finest beverages achieve.

Finish: Confectioner's sugar and liquorice on the finish, nice and lingering, and a bit mouth-numbing. Very fresh.

Discover the Jade VS 1898 gift set here! It's the perfect gift for your friends and family.

Serving Suggestion

- At first, savour your Jade VS 1898 with half a piece of sugar. Then, add more or less according to your taste.

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measures of fresh water.

This product contains alcohol and can only be delivered to adults. Proof of age will be required at delivery. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Distillery or Brand : Distillerie Combier & Jade Liqueurs
  • Product Type: Absinthe
  • Description: Spirit
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Responsible Food Company: rs, Distillerie Combier, 48 Rue, Beaurepaire, 49400 Saumur, FR
  • Net Quantity: 70cl
  • Alcohol Content: 65% vol
  • Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
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Weight: 1.46 kg
Dimensional Weight: 1.50 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: Distillerie Combier & Jade Liqueurs
Region: Saumur
Product Type: Absinthe
Brand: Combier
Description: Spirit
Absinthe Colour: Green
Country of Origin: France
Production Method: Distillation
Closure: Natural Cork
Authentic?: Yes
Responsible Food Company: rs, Distillerie Combier, 48 Rue, Beaurepaire, 49400 Saumur, FR
Net Quantity: 70cl
Alcohol Content: 65% vol
Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
Base Alcohol: Wine alcohol

Customer evaluation for (34)

10 Mar 2020

A friend and I have slowly been making our way through the Jade collection. We previously had Jade 1901 which was an absolute pleasure to our senses. Then the 1898 came along like the younger sister that does that thing with her tongue you like.

21 Jul 2019

This is tied for first-place with Jade Edouard for my favorite Jade. It is an essential bottle to try.

21 Jul 2019

This is my favorite French absinthe. Like everything from the Combier distillery, it is made well, and delicious.

24 Jun 2019

This along with Jade Edouard, are my favorite Jades. Simply delicious and artful.

17 Dec 2018

Really satisfied from this kind of absinthe. See you soon

10 Nov 2018

Très bonne absinthe équilibrée au niveau des mélanges de saveurs!

23 Aug 2018

It's hard to say which Jade is my favorite, but this one really caters to my tastes. It is not overly floral like some vertes, but it has more distinct herbal qualities that balance the wormwood, anise, and other plants beautifully. A must try. I'm definitely buying this one again.

14 Aug 2018

I'm big fan of French Verde Absinthe. This one did not let me down. Full body & Complex.

29 May 2018

è il mio preferito da molto tempo... Non assaggio più altro assenzio.

8 May 2018

A magical Absinthe quickly delivered! Great information and service.

5 Apr 2018

toujours aussi après dix ans d'existence. Bravo Ted!

27 Feb 2018

The aroma, louche, creaminess, flavour, effect and experience live up to all that you have heard about this absinthe.
Expensive but worth every last cent.

30 Jul 2017

Une absinthe bien équilibrée aux arômes très subtils. Un must.

11 Jul 2017

Il mio assenzio preferito per il colore prima e dopo il louche, il louche , la cremosità il profumo e il sapore!!!!

30 Mar 2017

è ormai da anni il mio preferito! Louche non migliore del PF 1901 ma cremosità dopo acqua e gusto perfetti!!!

4 Feb 2017

This is a really great absinthe. It offers everything you expect. It has a traditional absinthe taste (the licorice taste is just right), and a nice bitter (but not too bitter) finish from the wormwood. I'm really into experimenting and trying all types of alcohols, not just absinthe, and try to give honest opinions. Trust me, if this was a bad drink, I'd tear it to pieces. One side note I feel I must mention: Not sure if it was just me, but despite the alcohol content be on the average side, this one packed a punch! Not sure what other ingredients complete the mixture, but after just a few drinks, this one really dropped me on my a**! (But in a good way!) You've been warned. At first I thought it was a fluke, but it kept happening! There's some power behind this one! So I think this is a great drink for those of us who have been around the block. Might actually remind you of what it was like the first time you had absinthe. I would not recommend this for first timers because of the unexpected (deceptive) strength. ENJOY!

2 Mar 2015

This classic recipe is what Absinthe drinkers of old enjoyed. The blend of herbs including Anise is off-set by an excellent 65% base. The wormwood while present, is in harmony with the other ingredients- no bitterness here. All the Jades louche fantastically well & this one is no exception. While I am a fan of Strong wormwood blends, this ticks all the boxes of what the classic recipes should be and as well as those priced much higher.

23 Jun 2014

Der Geruch ist kräuterig, leicht muffig. Die Trübung ist kräftig und stellt sich sehr schnell ein. Der Geschmack ist deutlich alkoholhaltig, brennend und die Kräuter sind sehr ausgewogen.

Sterne: 3,5

24 Oct 2013

A ce jour la meilleure pour moi avec la "Bizarre" de Duvallon.
Mais je suis loin de les avoir toutes goutées.

4 Oct 2013

Wow! the Jade line is perfect.. Ted Breaux is god! If you see his name or the combier distillery attached to a bottle of absinthe, BUY IT! do not think just buy!

21 Sep 2013

Bonne Absinthe, passée un siècle, ce témoignage historique montre le savoir faire de l'époque.

21 Aug 2013

I am still a novice absintheur so I don't think I am worthy of providing a true review of this absinthe. Suffice it to say that I have sampled several absinthes, and the Jade VS 1898 is up there with my favorites.

21 Aug 2013

Excellente absinthe , bien equilibré , pour moi meilleure que "esprit d edouard" affaire de gout
Se boit comme du petit lait
Certes je suis un fan de ricard reconvertie , mais j ai gouté 4 absinthes et elle est pour moi (pour l instant) la meilleure que j ai su apprecier

5 Jul 2013

One of my 2 favorite absinthes. A fruity sweetness echos it's Swiss heritage and it's rich infusion of oils, typical of all the Jade absinthes, produces a powerful and fragrant louche. I have never been disappointed by a Jade absinthe and this is my personal favorite.

2 Jun 2013

Absinthe exceptionnelle, équilibrée, herbacée sans tomber dans un gout de fenouil trop prononcé.

29 Mar 2013

By far the best absinthe I have had yet. My first Jade. I am sure to let someone new to absinthe try this only after trying two or 3 other types because it is easy to get spoiled with Combier! Can't wait to order the 4-pack of Jades for my birthday in a couple months!

27 Mar 2013

Très bonne absinthe, la meilleure que j'ai eu l'occasion de goûter pour l'instant ;-) Bonne avec ou sans sucre, selon le dosage de l'eau il y a différentes saveurs en bouche. Subtile, à goûter!

16 May 2012

Dieser Absinth ist exzellent. Ich habe diesen bestellt, weil mein Favorit (der PF 1901) ausverkauft war zu dieser Zeit. Ich wurde nicht enttäuscht, gar positiv überrascht. Ich trinke ihn im Verhältnis 5:1 mit einem Zuckerwürfel und finde ihn sehr lieblich und voll im Geschmack.

16 May 2012

Ich bin ein Neuling in der Welt der Absinthe, aber dieser ist wie ein Zauberelixier! Respekt, Herr Breaux.

4 Apr 2012

This absinthe is excellent, bought this one as my favorite, PF 1901 was out of stock (had not tried it before) and I am not disappointed, I louched this one 5:1 with one sugar and found it very smooth and full flavored.

18 Aug 2011

I've drunk quite a bit of VS and it's predecessors over the years and its outstanding characteristic has always been one of variability of quality. The current incarnation isn't one of the finer ones I've had. Colour is better than the previous distillation I drank, which was almost a blanche in appearance, but this time rather than having a delicious perfumed taste and bouquet I pick up on a nagging taste and scent of camphor. Is this something to do with fennel quality? I don't know and it's all the more disappointing that I've got another bottle of it to drink. Should have bought 2 bottles of PF 1901 I guess.

16 May 2011

Encore une fois .... MERCI...

J'ai bien reçu mon colis...

1- Jade Vs 1898
1- Coffret Duvallon
1- Echantillon

Tout est arrivé à bon port... emballage irréprochable..

Pour ce qui est de la dégustation...

La Jade Vs 1898... inspire par son flacon.. on y retrouver un visuel des années folles... et surtout l'idée de se rappocher d'une rectte ancienne laisse tout autant réveur...

C'est l'une des plus parfumée que j'ai eu la chance de gouter.

N'hésitez pas...... si votre bar manque d'un leader... elle y trouvera sa place...

3 Dec 2010

I am an newbie in Absinthe world. But, this Absinthe is like a divine elixir. Congratulation, Monsieur Breaux...

2 Sep 2010

Jade VS 1898 Absinthe is a reproduction/clone of the C. F. Berger, one of the most popular Swiss absinthe produced in the Belle Epoque... In my opinion this item is outstanging, colour is a fantastic natural green and the taste is something incredible: full bodied, every taste comes well defined and an incredible sensation... female! Comparing this one with the ancient version (yes, i'm very lucky) the differences are just the colour, obviously degraded by time in the original (yellow-brown), and a bit less alcohol bite, but remember, more than 100 years of aging should emproved the absinthe!
All in All i can put this product on another level of quality; seven stars could be enough! Honestly this VS 1898 is in the third place of my top ten... Jade Products are something Special!

If you can, try to compare Jade clones with the ancient originals
(sometimes there are great offers on the web).
You'll be amazed by the similarities!


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Jade Liqueurs & Combier, France


1834 :

Jean-Baptiste Combier, 25, opens the Combier-Destre candy store in Saumur together with his brother Claude. Thanks to an alembic installed in the back shop, he distils some liqueurs to fill his candies and chocolates with.


1848 :

J ean-Baptiste buys more alembics and establishes the Combier distillery on the rue Beaurepaire, where it still is located today. This is the starting point of a booming business, Combier now sells its liqueurs all over the world.


1861 :

Jean-Baptiste Combier's son James, only 19 years old, learns the art of distillation before traveling to England, Algeria, Italy, Greece and Egypt, from where he brings new essences and herbs for Combier Liqueurs.


Absinthe distillation at Combier :

Combier owns its own fields of 2 wormwood cultivars, harvested by hand and traditionally dried in an attic. There are 10 alembics from the 19th century in the distilling room, including 8 from Egrot (the famous maker of Pernod Fils alembics at the time).

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