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Absinthe La Clandestine 53% - 70cl

Alternative sizes: Content: 50ml, Content: 20cl,

Absinthe La Clandestine 53% - 70cl
Absinthe La Clandestine 53% - 70cl
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Content: 0.7 Liter ($96.17 ¹ / 1 Liter) Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

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La Clandestine absinthe reveals a very complex aromatic palate and a subtly bitter finish. Without doubt, this is one of the best La Bleue absinthes around.
Awarded the gold medal several times in contests, La Clandestine is distilled according to a recipe from 1935 including more than 10 plants. This is one of the first absinthes to be distilled in the Val-de-Travers, the cradle of absinthe distillation. Its traditional, artisanal production uses only natural ingredients. An intensely enjoyable discovery!


Gold medal in several contests

Did you know?

- Claude-Alain Bugnon is the first Swiss distiller to have obtained a production licence in 2005.

- The name Charlotte on the label of La Clandestine is that of the woman who first created the recipe, in 1935.

Serving Suggestion

- At first, savour La Clandestine without any sugar. Then, according to your taste, try it slightly sugared.

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measures of fresh water.

This product contains alcohol and can only be delivered to adults. Proof of age will be required at delivery. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Distillery or Brand : Artemisia-Bugnon
  • Produkttyp: Absinthe
  • Bezeichnung: Spirit
  • Ursprungsland: Switzerland
  • Lebensmittelunternehmer: RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
  • Nettofüllmenge: 70cl
  • Alkoholgehalt: 53% vol
  • Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
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Weight: 1.22 kg
Dimensional Weight: 1.22 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: Artemisia-Bugnon
Region: Val de Travers
Produkttyp: Absinthe
Marke: Artémisia-Bugnon
Alkoholbasis: Neutral spirit
Bezeichnung: Spirit
Highlight: Classic
Absinthe Colour: Clear
Ursprungsland: Switzerland
Production Method: Distillation
Closure: Natural Cork
Contains Anise?: Yes
Authentic?: Yes
Lebensmittelunternehmer: RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
Nettofüllmenge: 70cl
Alkoholgehalt: 53% vol
Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.

Customer evaluation for (69)

29 Apr 2020

First clear absinthe and now our go to bottle. Easy drinking and refreshing.

29 Apr 2020

Perhaps my favorite sipping absinthe. Well-balanced and smooth, it works well neat, in a simple louche, or as a part of a spirit-forward cocktail like an Obituary.

14 Dec 2019

This absinthe is as good as it gets imo. Everything is right from the moment you pour to the last sip. Highly recommended

9 Dec 2019

Mellow and contemplative. La Clandestine conveys complexity in a gentle and refreshing manner, tastes like silk on water.

Louche is very easy on the eyes, the milky colour makes elevates the experience like drinking aether directly from a neoclassical water fountain.

Personally, 1:3 without sugar is it. But to each their own.

Better together with Monteverdi or Gluck.

27 Nov 2019

Always delicious!! Enjoyed immensely!! Great absinthe

10 Apr 2019

Someone else said this is not an absinthe for beginners and I disagree. Very easy to dilute to the correct taste. A 1:3 dilution will give more wormwood, but not so much that it scares away a first time drinker, and a 1:5 will give much more anise and a calm/soothing experience. Right in the middle is a nice happy place for everyone. Like other Swiss absinthe the wormwood is not quite as heavy and this is a very refreshing drink. I would highly recommend this to anyone new to absinthe to find and choose the tastes they prefer.

27 Jun 2018

A superb Bleue style absinthe, from the original Absinthe producing region of Switzerland. I had tried this variety before; served in the traditional way; so upon drinking again, it was very pleasant to be reminded of the smoothness and palate cleansing refreshment of La Clandestine.
Offered at a great price, and the service from Stefanie was second to none. I’ll be back for another order very soon. Cheers!

19 Mar 2018

Je dois vous avouer que lorsque je l'ai goûté pour la première fois j'étais plutôt sceptique ... Et puis j'ai commencé à l'apprécier de plus
en plus ! Elle n'ai pas aussi "puissante" que les absinthes vertes que j'ai bu, mais ses arômes sont beaucoup plus subtils !
Et c'est vraiment ce que j'affectionne chez elle. Elle est différente !

3 Mar 2018

I was very lucky to have found this lovely Bleue absinthe. It's got to be one of the best absinthes available at the price. It's got a beautiful fast louche and is fine without any sugar. The anise wasn't too overwhelming but is there, and the complexity of this absinthe is what impressed me most. I think it's time to order another bottle from LA Clandestine distillery in the Val-de-Travers region of Switzerland and the birthplace of absinthe distillation process. You can not go wrong with this one, buy a bottle or two and you can thank me later!

18 Jan 2018

Er schmeckt sehr Mild würzig zugleich,bin Positiv überascht!

22 Dec 2017

A complex absinthe, not suggested for beginners. Anyway really good, the anise flavour is not too strong and quite well balanced with Artemisia, ending in an enjoyable taste. If you smell it pure it has a strange and complex bouquet, unexpected. In mouth it does not result much alcoholic and has a particular taste, all of its own. For what concerns the louching process I simply love it. Seeing a transparent liquid becoming completely milky white it's at the same time magical andnuvole sort of alchemic. The louche comes in a cloudy way developing from the bottom of the glassking. It forms quite quickly. I personally prefer to add one cube of sugar but the bitterness is really mild maybe also because of the low alcohol content, so it's still enjoyable without sugar.
A piece of story in the absinthe sector, love it. Absolutely suggested to someone who wants to go a little deeper into absinthe.
5 out of 5. In any case buying from is always a deal.

21 Dec 2017

Five stars. Pretty blue color. Have not tried it yet.

15 Nov 2017

sehr feines aroma und herrliche flasche, ein wirklicher genuss

27 Oct 2017

anisée, complexe, fine, belle extraction des plantes. Une de mes préférée

19 Oct 2017

Parfait pour une initiation, même si les amateurs de longue date peuvent apprécier aussi. Peut être un peu trop anisée pour moi, mais il s'agit vraiment d'un gout personnel.

10 Sep 2017

Favorite bleu I've had the experience of tasting. Sweet with a nice taste. 4 to 1 with a sugar cube

3 Sep 2017

Je ne suis un amateur d'absinthe "blanche" car il est vrai que je préfère les "vertes".
Néanmoins j'en bois parfois elle là quel bonheur d'avoir dégusté celle-ci..
Un léger goût en bouche et très désaltérante.

2 Sep 2017

add cold water changes colour to
cloudy white really good absinthe

18 Jul 2017

De la creme, toute douce, tres belle, pour facilement commencer.

18 Jul 2017

Douce, sans problème. Elle plaît à tous. Comme elle est un peu sucrée il n'est pas besoin d'en ajouter.

1 Apr 2017

First absinthe I've tried, and I loved it. I love everything about it, from the bottle design to the after taste. Will most likely buy again.

14 Mar 2017

My first bottle of absinthe - definitely worth it. Tastes great, feels great. I recommend this to anyone interested in the drink

28 Feb 2017

Balanced, with a pleasant and not terribly aggressive wormwood bitterness. Drinks well unsweetened.

5 Dec 2016

Ein mittel vielfältiger, klarer Absinthe. Die Flasche ist - mal was anderes - nett blau gefärbt. Das unterstreicht meiner Meinung nach die angenehme Frische... Aber auch hier der Reihe nach :p

Die blaue Flasche ziert ein Korkverschluss mit Kunststoff Umrandung. Er riecht pur sehr süßlich, kaum nach Alkohol und sehr frisch.
Er schmeckt pur für seine "nur" 53% jedoch sehr scharf und brennig, aber noch gut im Rahmen. Der Nachgeschmack ist auch pur mehr süß, gering aber spürbar bitter...aber wirklich - keine Angst - wenig bitter.
Das nimmt mit verdünnen auch ab. Ich wähle selten mehr als 1:4. Hier bleibt vom bitteren nichts übrig. Mag ich am Rande auch wenig gern. Der Anis kommt deutlich mehr in den Vordergrund, Fenchel und Wermut sind auch erkennbar. Vom Geruch und Geschmack auch noch deutlich was viertes, vielleicht fünftes... Ich erkenne es leider nicht. Ich würde auf was frisches tippen... Minze oder Melisse?! Die restlichen 5 der 10 Kräuter sind dezent.
Der Louche Effekt ist deutlich und dicht, weiß mit lila/blauen schimmer...aber je nach Licht mag der Farbeffekt täuschen.
All in all ein toller Absinthe, der nur etwas vielfältiger sein könnte.

Ich würde ihn für gute Freunde jederzeit weiter empfehlen, schmeckt rund und trägt die Bezeichnung "Absinthe" mit stolz und würde.

30 Nov 2016

Top of the range! An outstanding blanche (in my opinion) competing* with Vit Opal... and maybe Blanche Neige.

15 Nov 2016

My favorite blanche as of yet, even though I haven't tried many. Great taste (both with and without sugar) and beautiful louche.

18 Feb 2016

The nose on this is much less anise than for example Vieux Carré an absinthe made in United States. La Clandestine is lighter, sparkles in your mouth with notes of citrus. I love it personally. Depends on my Anise mood totally different than Pernod and vieux carré.

5 Feb 2015

Color: clear transparent, no coloration or sediment.

Louche: gorgeous; true opalescence; white clouds piling up to a very pale bluish grey.

Aroma: very inviting; finely anised; no dirt.

Taste: my god... just right; everything is just about right; mild but creamy; the gentle version of the same distinct wormwood that I tasted in Angélique with a delicate true anise overtone.

Finish: barely none, other than a refreshing feel that makes you long for more (no numbing whatsoever).

Effect: very calming, soothing but not typically alcoholic (i.e. idiotizing) at all.

Perfect. Absolutely lovely. This is the first bleu I've ever tasted and this is the first 5 star rate I've ever given here. I said before about Angélique that it was the finest mid-range vert I had tasted but I that couldn't possibly take it daily cause it was too wild; well, this one I can: it's truly a caress from beginning to end. Claude-Alain is a brilliant and sensitive distiller, no doubt about it. Count me in for a long-term relationship with this blue lady too.

23 Jun 2014

Der Geruch ist angenehm anisig, frisch. Die Farbe ist ein mildes weiß-blau. Die Trübung ist ok, könnte dichter sein. Der Geschmack besticht durch einen Mix aus Anis, Wermut und frischen Fenchel, ist gut ausbalanciert und leicht süßlich im Abgang.

Sterne: 3,5

18 Feb 2014

In a word: AMAZING! The taste is rich and yet delicate, suitable for drinking in every hour. The colour gives a sense of peace and the packaging is a true piece of art. The shipment was fast and safe and at a really fair price.

13 Feb 2014

Absinthe bleue de qualité de goût et de fraicheur très rafraichissante .

27 Jan 2014

Encore une excellente absinthe Suisse, même si je trouve que beaucoup d'absinthes Suisses se ressemblent (en étant toutefois différentes)

9 Jan 2014

Powdery and brilliant white when louched. A very good absinthe!

9 Jan 2014

Une « Bleue » d'exception.
Voilà tout est dit. ;)

18 Oct 2013

Une autre absinthe de grande qualité et la couleur bleue de la bouteille est sublime.

9 Apr 2013

I really enjoyed this absinthe. Excellent absinthe for amateur.

27 Mar 2013

Smooth and beautiful. And we love the bottle as well.

8 Mar 2013

This is a great absinthe. Where it's not perfect, I think it'd be damn near impossible to improve upon it. I enjoy it a good deal every time I drink it. It's very creamy and sweet, very pretty to look at, and has a great aroma.

8 Oct 2012

Sublime, sensuous and complex. The journey with La Clandestine is one to be cherished. Take it to the grave.

19 Sep 2012

Très bonne absinthe, fraiche et bien équilibrée, mais son prix me parait quand même un peu élevé par rapport à d'autres 'bleus'.

12 Aug 2012

Very nice crystal clear in color. Louche can be quite amazing when poured slowly. Ending with a nice milky white, but not to thick. Aroma is amazing.l!! The taste and mouthfeel...even better. I detect notes of honey. Very pleasing. And also possibly cinnamon.
Great buy. My #1. will always have a bottle in stock in my home!

19 Jul 2012

I really liked this one a lot!! Very nice balance a little on the sweet side which is nice for a change. This is the absinthe I give to anyone who wants to try it for the first time since it isn't too bitter but still has a nice balance to it. I will be picking up a bottle whenever I place my orders!

2 Jul 2012

One of the best bleu around , all herbs are there very delicious in an warm summer afternoon

worth the buy

28 Jun 2012

This is all to easy to drink. A VERY nice Absinthe and one I will be buying again.

28 Jun 2012

This is my #1. I've tried about 35 or 40 absinthes so far, from eastern Europe to Western Europe to America, and Clandestine has yet to be topped (I wrote in the Maison Fontaine reviews that Fontaine was a very very close second to Clandestine, as a point of comparison). The aroma alone is so intoxicating it makes one wonder how something so heavenly is created, and the taste very much follows suit. I don't much care for bitterness, and I never add sugar (it really does nothing to offset bitterness, in my opinion), so this is a good choice for me. If you like a naturally palatable absinthe, you will love Clandestine! It is an almost transcendent experience - truly the stuff of dreams!

22 May 2012

Very well balanced "blue" absinthe. It has a creamy taste with a subtle notice of alcohal. Very refreshing to sip on a nice afternoon, or to close off an evening.

27 Feb 2012

Excellent drop of magical subtle substance alas so expensive to purchase in Australia making your method safe, cheap and reliable.
Many thanks for many hours of pleasure.

27 Feb 2012

Ein edler Tropfen mit einer ganz eigenen Note... zu einem fairen Preis. Verlässlicher, schneller und sicherer Versand.
Danke für viele schöne Abende!

10 Feb 2012

Very agreeable on the nose with the distinct smell of Absinthe quickly filling out the room.

Mild and refreshing taste with fennel being the main character out of a great cast of supporting herbs. Complex yet well balanced, the first sip left me wanting more.

The after taste is pleasantly bitter, the familiar anise numb not appearing until the 3-4th sip. A lingering taste on the tongue slowly mellows out into a minty finish.

Definitely recommended for anyone exploring blanches. I wasn't a fan before but now possibly a convert.

21 Nov 2011

La Clandestine has one of the greatest combinations of tastes I have tried lately... a "Just-right" alcohol level makes it elegant and easy going... Recommended for lovers of complex flavors and low alcohol level.

17 Nov 2011

Très bonne absinthe en général pour ceux qui aiment ca pas trop puissant, mais une exellente bouteille à prendre pour une Suisse.

4 Nov 2011

Very smooth & crisp tasting. Hard to stay away from! Delightful aromas.

1 Nov 2011

I have very little experience with bleue absinthe. This is only the second I have tried. It does not discourage me from trying other bleue's in the future. It also does not inspire me to buy a second bottle. However, this would be quite appropriate for an after dinner drink with a lady friend. Very mild and subtle. Cheers.

12 Jun 2011

très bonne, une de mes absinthes préférées depuis plusieurs années

17 May 2011

Très parfumée, complexe et équilibrée j'en reprendrai.

1 Dec 2010

Pas pour moi. Ce qui ne met nullement en cause les grandes qualités de LA CLANDESTINE et je comprends parfaitement tous les avis favorables la concernant. Trop douce et sans doute trop subtile pour mon goût. Après une attaque anis/réglisse assez prononcée, il se développe en bouche tout plein de parfums floraux et herbacés. L'absinthe monte très graduellement pour s'intensifier en finale (la petite ou la grande, je ne suis pas capable de discerner). Effectivement, c'est une absinthe peu corsée, toute en douceur et finesse, et par conséquent très agréable à boire, fraîche et rafraichissante. Ce serait précisément la critique que je lui ferais : elle se rapprocherait trop d'un excellent anis gras d'Afrique du Nord. (Oui, oui, avec tout un bouquet de parfums en sus!). Personnellement je préfère une absinthe plus forte, plus "épicée", comme la EICHELBERGER et la NOUVELLE ORLEANS.

8 Oct 2010

Très bonne absinthe bleu suisse! très rafraichissante, agréable à déguster à toute les heures de la journée.

4 Sep 2010

Le classique Suisse par excellence! Alpine, rafraichissante, douce, anisée et moelleuse! Presque du bonbon!

2 Sep 2010

En général je ne suis pas fana des absinthes anisées mais celle-ci m'a séduite par sa finesse et sa complexité.
A noter que la couleur bleue est donnée par la bouteille, le liquide est incolore.

20 Aug 2010

Mon absinthe préferée! Simplement! Pas très forte, bien aromatisée pas trop anisé, exquise!
A boire très frais avec du sucre et c'est parfait ! ^^

9 Aug 2010

Une valeur sûre, toujours ma préférée!
Envoi rapide et service de qualité, bravo RueVerte!

7 May 2009

De très loin, ma preferée.. riche en saveurs et à la fois subtile, l'anis n'étouffe pas les autres parfums.
Tres bonne qualité pour se faire une idée vraie de ce qui, à mon sens, doit être l'absinthe aujourd'hui.

17 Apr 2009

Très bonne Absinthe , à boire entre amateur ...
Prix un peu élevé , mais bon quand Borat paye sa tournée c'est grand succès !

15 Apr 2009

Une absinthe assez anisée, mais aussi très parfumée. Excellent breuvage, un peu cher mais un must pour les absintheurs confirmés; mon ami Azamat était très excite avant sexy time !!

8 Apr 2009

Merci pour cette bonne absinthe et pour le service toujours impeccable.

1 Feb 2008

I discovered absinthe with the Clandestine and it stays my favourite !

1 Feb 2008

C\'est avec la Clandestine que j\'ai découvert l\'absinthe et elle reste ma préférée !

1 Feb 2008

My favourite ! Not too strong, with an agreable taste, excellent absinthe !!

1 Feb 2008

Ma préférée! Pas trop forte, avec un goût très appréciable, excellente absinthe!!

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Claude-Alain Bugnon was the first clandestine distiller granted legal status by the Swiss government in the spring of 2005. For years he had been responsible for a certain quantity of bootlegged absinthe that brought so much attention and status to this small region. His ‘Clandestine' has been and is still considered by many to be the best Swiss La Bleue available today. Claude Alain's custom designed distilling apparatus is located at his premises in Couvet, a former butcher shop! The alambics each have a capacity of 145 litres, and produce 95 litres of finished absinthe. They are single-walled, rather than duplicating the bain-marie system more commonly used in France. Claude-Alain feels that the fiercer heat gives better extraction of the herbs.
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Absinthe Spoon Boheme (Stainless Steel)
The Bohème absinthe spoon fits snugly onto every average sized absinthe glas...
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Absinthe Libertine 72 Intense 72% - 70cl
Libertine 72 is fine and powerful. Its balance and its various plants make i...
Content 0.7 L ($65.80 ¹ / 1 L)
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Absinthe La Valdetra Verte 65% - 70cl
La Valdetra Verte is a powerful, herbal Verte which shows a pleasant bala...
Content 0.7 L ($101.23 ¹ / 1 L)
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Absinthe Neuzeller Venus 72% - 50cl
Neuzeller Venus is sweet, and flavoured with rose buds. It reveals herba...
Content 0.5 L ($82.68 ¹ / 1 L)
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0.7 Liter ($96.17 ¹ / 1 Liter)