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Absinthe Roquette 1797 75% - 70cl

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Unique among absinthes, Roquette 1797 absinthe gives us a glimpse of what absinthe was like starting its first steps on the road to becoming the most popular drink in France.

Roquette 1797 has been brought back to life from an unpublished, hand-written manuscript dating from the eighteenth century, when absinthe was more mysterious elixir than evening aperitif.

The Roquette 1797 owes its pretty, natural colour to the infusion of three plants ordinarily used during the colouring stage.

The three classic absinthe plants are all there - green anise, fennel and grand wormwood - along with some more uncommon additions, although that bit's a secret...


Green anise, fennel, grand wormwood and various herbs

Did you know?

- The quantities of spirit and herbs recorded in the manuscript of 1797 were described in quantities such as 'pots of eau-de-vie', 'buckets' and 'handfuls', which made interpreting the recipe an interesting challenge.

- Even if it's obvious what the number 1797 means, you can not say as much for the name Roquette. In fact, it was the name of the horse ridden by the legendary father of absinthe, Doctor Ordinaire..

Serving Suggestion

- At first, enjoy a glass of Roquette 1797 with half a piece of sugar. For the next, add more or less according to taste.

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measures of fresh water.

This product contains alcohol and can only be delivered to adults. Proof of age will be required at delivery. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Distillery or Brand : Emile Pernot
  • Produkttyp: Absinthe
  • Bezeichnung: Spirit
  • Ursprungsland: France
  • Lebensmittelunternehmer: Distillerie Les Fils d`Emile Pernot, 44 Rue de Besancon, 25300 Pontarlier, FR
  • Nettofüllmenge: 70cl
  • Alkoholgehalt: 75% vol
  • Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
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Weight: 1.32 kg
Dimensional Weight: 1.68 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: Emile Pernot
Region: Pontarlier
Produkttyp: Absinthe
Marke: Emile Pernot
Alkoholbasis: Neutral spirit
Bezeichnung: Spirit
Highlight: Popular
Absinthe Colour: Green
Ursprungsland: France
Production Method: Distillation
Closure: Natural Cork
Contains Anise?: Yes
Authentic?: Yes
Lebensmittelunternehmer: Distillerie Les Fils d`Emile Pernot, 44 Rue de Besancon, 25300 Pontarlier, FR
Nettofüllmenge: 70cl
Alkoholgehalt: 75% vol
Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.

Customer evaluation for (146)

13 May 2020

Fantastic. So aromatic. Worth the wait, during stay at home orders and slow mail service!

29 Apr 2020

After the Jade line, Roquette is my next “go to” bottle.

28 Apr 2020

Der ROQUETTE ist ein ausgewogener und der Tradition des Val de Travers folgender Absinth. Der ROQUETTE ist preislich etwas zu hoch ansonsten jedoch empfehlenswert.

9 Apr 2020

This one has a unique taste. Never gets dull. Will order again.

12 Mar 2020

I'm an absinthe noob, but we had a little louche party with some friends with this, some st. james and some absente. This was by far the favorite of the group. Can't wait to try more.

30 Jan 2020

Absolutely love this one. Wonderful aroma, louche, taste and effect. A favorite I intend to stock up on.

12 Dec 2019

Outstanding service. Fast delivery, perfect packaging, superb quality of all the products and the free gift was lovely, thank you!! I will DEFINITELY keep on buying via

23 Nov 2019

My Favorite. Complex, strong woodworm taste. If I had one Absinthe to drink this would be it.

18 Nov 2019

I love this delicious absinthe. It is subtle and smooth. Very nice color. Thin louche. Crisp. I will buy this again.

26 Oct 2019

Odeur et goût médicinales mais puisque fait référence au Docteur Ordinaire... bouchon en liège non plutôt en caoutchouc désolé pour nous...

26 Oct 2019

Odeur et goût médicinales mais puisque fait référence au Docteur Ordinaire...

22 Oct 2019

Pas déjà bue mais sa notoriété est motivante en contre partie le nombre de bouteilles et la non indication de quand est sa mise en bouteille fait craindre une banalité surtout que je dois finir une Helrich de 2009 mais surtout merci pour la mignonnette Gustave qui me semble très proche de la Roquette

5 Sep 2019

Excellente absinthe, puissante et longue en bouche. Rappelle la "Coquette" que appréciais, mais avec une étoile de plus! testée avec un sirop gommé, se révèlera peut être encore mieux avec le sucre

7 May 2019

Today I received the 1797 Roquette I ordered from you on 24/04/2019. It took exactly 2 weeks to reach me in Wisconsin USA on 07/05/2019. I am very happy with how fast the service was!

Upon receiving the product, the product had NO damage whatsoever. The packaging was tight and appropriate keeping the bottle well protected from rough handlers in the shipping business.

I opened the bottle with much excitement. The product matches your description exactly. The colorful is beautiful, the taste is very complex and the bouquet is simply finominal! The Louche is light but still present. I would recommend this absinthe to anyone and everyone.

23 Apr 2019

So far the best Absinthe for me. Wonderful colour, wonderful louche, and the taste is really rich, letting you discover more hints of different flavours each time. I drink it without sugar. Bitter but that's what I like. The Anise is nice enough to smooth a bit the bitterness and is not over-powering.

25 Mar 2019

Es wird gesagt, dass dieser Absinth vom Ordinarie Doktor geschaffen wurde. Seine erste Kreation, später von Pernod Fils produziert, wird jetzt von Pernod aus Pontarlier produziert.
Es wird von einem leichten Qualitätsverlust im Vergleich zu früher gesprochen, aber ich schreibe vier Sterne für diesen Absinth, der zwar gut, aber nicht ausgezeichnet ist.

15 Feb 2019

Très bonne absinthe. Faut prendre le temps de la déguster !

14 Feb 2019

Tried this on numerous occasions.Quite an intense and complicated absinthe’but never fails to impress.Lovely louche.A masterpiece.Ordered another.

20 Nov 2018

A splendid little purchase if you’re looking to try absinthe. It was bought as a gift and came in great packaging and a lovely was bottle top which gave it a real authentic aged look! Highly recommended to absinthe lovers!

15 Nov 2018

A splendid little purchase if you’re looking to try absinthe. It was bought as a gift and came in great packaging and a lovely was bottle top which gave it a real authentic aged look! Highly recommended to absinthe lovers!

11 Sep 2018

Ma deuxième commande de cette bouteille. La "Roquette" est bien celle que j'aime faire partager et faire découvrir à mes proches le goût de l'absinthe. Le goût anisé peut déranger mais ça passe encore.

8 Sep 2018

Absinth, der schon nach dem ersten Glas zeigt, dass Absinth eben nicht NUR alkohol ist und mit der angemessen Vorsicht beim Genuss ein wirklich guter Tropfen.
Habe ihn für eine Geburtstagsfeier gekauft. Er hat jedem geschmeckt.
Sehr zu empfehlen

29 Aug 2018

Still exploring options. Tried few shots and excited to explore some more. But is always a pleasure to have Absynth!

22 Aug 2018

Absinthe à déguster avec modération tellement elle est exquise !!!

14 Aug 2018

This is by far my favorite Absinthe. I've tried over 50 different kinds and this is the best by far. If I could only pick one to drink this would be it. Unique!

12 Aug 2018

Flavor is unique, but in a good way! You need any sugar with this tasty Absinthe! Try it you will Love it!!

8 Aug 2018

First time purchased through this website, and everything went really well. Shipping to Canada took about 3-4 weeks but arrived safely.
Haven't tried the absinthe yet but based on other reviewers its one of the better ones.

12 Jul 2018

Habitué à des absinthes anisées, celle-ci a d'abord surpris par sa plus grande finesse car ce goût y est plus discret. De ce point de vue elle paraît moins agressive. Elle est délicieuse quoique particulière.
J'ai enlevé une étoile pour le service Fedex qui est à la ramasse, fournit des explications vagues voire contradictoires quand on lui demande des comptes, et m'a du coup encore livré avec trois jours de retard.

10 Jul 2018

This absinthe is very herbal-medicinal with flavours that I haven't tasted in any other absinthe. It really stands out! The louche is transcluent, some might even call it a bit weak and the mouthfeel is surprisingly thin for an absinthe with such a wide aroma. Still, it's a fine absinthe and I'm glad to have it in my collection. 1:4 no sugar.

9 Jun 2018

Der Absinth ist erfrischend, gelb grün und opalisiert ungewöhnlich schnell. Erfrischend, sehr bitter, fruchtig. Leider viel, viel Anis (ich bin kein Anis-Fan). Der Preis ist auch leicht intensiv :'/

8 Jun 2018

War anfangs doch skeptisch, ob dieser Absinth halten kann, was er (zumindest in der Beschreibung...) halten kann. Hier mal kurz meine Meinung zu den Aromen, Farbe etc.:

Farbe: gelb mit grünen Reflexionen. Geschmack (mit oder ohne Zugabe von Zucker): wermutig = ENORM BITTER! Und genau das ist guuut so!! Wäre bei diesem Absinth mehr Anis dabei (Richtung Anisette...), würde ich bestimmt diesen Absinth als sehr schlecht bezeichnen.

Taste 1 (nach Zugabe von Wasser):
Wermut - und zwar tonnenweise! Sehr, sehr bitter. Erinnerungen an den "Songs Wert" von CAMI werden wach.
Taste 2:
Nach ca. 10, 15 Sekunden dann ein ausgewogen herbes Lakritz-Aroma.
Taste 3 (Finish):
Wässrige Noten von Wermut, Lakritz, Anis (im Finish kommt Anis ÜBERDEUTLICH zur Geltung!!). Hier zeigen sich noch einmal kurz aufbrausend (und mega-heftig!!!) anisige und leicht fruchtige Noten, die irgendwie an einen staubigen, längst vergessenen Grappa erinnern.
Einerseits, wirkt 'Roquette' seeehr bitter und leicht staubig. Andererseits gibt er leicht fruchtige, unglaublich leichte Noten frei (das verwirrt mich, da ich so einen Absinth vorher noch nicht verkostet habe). War auch der erste Absinth, nach dem mir nicht schwindelig (schlecht, etc.) wurde;)

erinnert irgendwie geschmacklich an den "Berthe de Joux". Kein außergewöhnlicher Anis-Wermut-Schnapps, dafür was für's Auge (damit meine ich die ungewöhnliche Flaschenform). Preis ist variabel, könnte etwas weniger teuer sein - andererseits: 'Roquette' könnte auch 75 Euro kosten - wäre eigentlich auch egal... Hauptsache ist aber, dass ich diesen Absinth hier erwerben konnte, ohne große Komplikationen zu erleben, und nun weiß, wie ein Absinth mit dem barocken Namen 'Roquette' schmeckt.

30 May 2018

Wie schön, dass das handgeschriebene Manuskript wiederentdeckt wurde. Ein richtig guter Absinth!
Und danke für die prompte Lieferung.

30 May 2018

Une absinthe verte au gout naturel et un vrai plaisir pour le palais à déguster avec le rituel adéquat et avec modération.

27 Apr 2018

Ma préférée, tout simplement ! Je la consomme avec ou sans eau et c'est un pure plaisir.

18 Apr 2018

I am fairly new to absinthe so I have a limited scope of experience to draw from. However in the short time I have been drinking absinthes, I have tried quite a few. I have tried enough to know that I like the complexity and the depth of the French absinthes. This is definitely one of my favorites.

14 Apr 2018

Une excellente absinthe qui mérite réellement le détour. Attention au degré alcoolique, on peut se laisser "piéger" facilement. Je la bois avec un peu d'eau, environ une fois et demi le contenu en absinthe, et une pointe de cuiller de sucre fin, c'est un mélange excellent. Là où je mettrais un bémol, c'est que je ne la trouve pas significativement différente de beaucoup d'autres absinthes, ce qui n'en fait pas encore ma préférée. Sinon, vaut la peine de s'y mettre...

8 Apr 2018

Excellente absinthe verte. Très haute en degré alcoolique, donc danger en cas de surconsommation. Je la bois avec deux doses d'eau et une pointe de sucre pour apaiser l'amertume. Un excellent choix, une découverte en tout cas...

29 Mar 2018

Excellente absinthe !
Livraison rapide.
Bouteille très bien protégée.

14 Mar 2018

Schneller Versand, Flasche sicher verpackt, alles topp!

27 Feb 2018

A wonderful absinthe. Stronger in fennel than most with that particular flavour more pronounced at the beginning and in the finish whereas anise tends to to dominate the middle. This provides a more "medicinal" flavour which is complicated yet enjoyable. At this very reasonable price point a thoroughly enjoyable and affordable heritage absinthe experience.

15 Feb 2018

pas la plus expressive mais la plus équilibrée avec un final que j'apprécie beaucoup.

26 Jan 2018

Une sublime absinthe ! L'une des meilleures que j'ai pu boire, peu anisée mais avec une vraie présence herbacée de grande absinthe. J'adore !

22 Jan 2018

Nach der ersten Verkostung wusste ich warum es der in den letzten Jahren der am meisten verkaufte Absinth hier im Shop ist. Sehr filigran und komplex in den Aromen mit sehr langem Abgang. Ein sehr feiner Absinthe.

22 Dec 2017

La rolls royce des absinthes.. Je la recommande vivement pour tous les bons amateurs

21 Dec 2017

Five stars. I like the bottle. I’ll taste it later.

31 Oct 2017

A lovely absinthe with pronounced liquorice flavours and nice subtle effects.

27 Oct 2017

incredibly strong. We don't get much high proof alcohols other than Everclear in the US, so these sprits are welcome...

26 Oct 2017

It is very good and strong. Nice to have something 155 proof because it is rare here.

25 Sep 2017

Première commande, très satisfait du service et de mon choix.

16 Jul 2017

Excellente absinthe, peu anisée. Puissante en bouche. Je la conseille.

11 Jul 2017

Historique, exceptionnelle. Il faut la déguster pour comprendre. L'une des rares absinthes qui peut s'apprécier sans eau.

11 Jul 2017

Une valeur sûr. Traditionnelle avec toute la saveur d'une vraie absynthe

26 Jun 2017

Pleasure doing business w such a fine group of people. Love the e-mails!!!!

23 Jun 2017

La roquette porte mal son nom ! ici, rien d'explosif, sinon l'enthousiasme avec lequel on en reprend : c'est une absinthe très ronde, équilibrée, à la saveur douce (tolère bien des morceaux de sucre moins gros, voire sans) et néanmoins complexe, avec des notes de fruits qui font facilement oublier ses 75°. Respect Emile !

23 Apr 2017

First time trying Roquette as i've been wanting to try it for years. Diluted with 4 parts water with no sugar. It has a strong fennel up front taste with notes of bitterness and a minty bitter fennel finish. It's better than i expected but there are other Absinthes I prefer.

9 Apr 2017

Strong and powerful Absinthe. Long tasting, and not the last time I buy it

27 Mar 2017

Ein sehr guter Absinthe wie ich finde !
Der Geschmack ist rund und füllig, sehr lang anhaltend. Ein Absinthe zum genießen.
Die Lieferung ging wie immer sehr schnell und zuverlässig von statten. Danke an

14 Mar 2017

Livraison rapide. Emballage impeccable. Pas d'avis sur le contenu car destiné à des amis cet été.

25 Jan 2017

Classic distinct Absinthe flavor with a wormwood palate and floral hints throughout. Enjoyable on ice or with a sweetness added over spoon.

2 Jan 2017

I can't say i knew what to expect, but from what i understand, this is an excellent bottle. And i hope to try more in the future.

9 Dec 2016

La Roquette c'est déjà un classique. Tout les amateurs d'absinthes en tombent amoureux, du moins dans mon entourage. Bonne dégustation! (top service du site, bien entendu)

10 Nov 2016

Very pleasant aroma and the flavor is wonderful I would definitely recommend this to anyone

11 Jul 2016

Dieser war mein erster, kann man nur empfehlen. Das beste ist das ganze Designe der Flasche.

27 Feb 2016

This official absinthe was a tad difficult to get used to. Perhaps it is because I was not an experienced absinthe drinker when I purchased it from the amazing online store, (I don't work for them or receive money to comment). The louche is very thick and heavy in appearance, extremely appealing. You can tell within seconds that a lot went into its making, and its creators are very talented. Very nice scent, difficult to set this one apart from the aroma alone. But once you try this one you will realize this is not your Absinthe Ordinare. This one has a bit more of a raw flavor, very aggressive and complex. Very different from any other verte you may have tried in the past. Unless you are on a certain level of drinking absinthe you may be turned off. I can't comment too much because my explorations number less than 10 bottles, but this one disappointing me when I first tried it out of the box. Over time (it was in my collection for a year or so) I slowly realized by the time the bottle reached the bottom, that this is a superb offering that has an acquired taste for sure. This is not for beginners and its complexity is beyond that of many interests. In short, after the first few drinks from this verte I was wondering why I chose this. By its completion, I was wondering why I did not buy more. Fantastic, don't miss it.

18 Dec 2015

Go's to show how different peoples tastes are. I can't imagine why anyone would give this one star even if they didn't like it. This is probably my favorite from the Emile Pernot distillery along with the V Pontarlier. It is a different kettle of fish to most Absinthe's so don't be surprised when u find its different. It doesn't have a strong louche, it has a strong Anethole taste and alcohol seems to be present, in saying that i love it. It has a fine quality to it that makes me feel special when sipping it, its in no way harsh. That's why i chose to get the barrel aged version of this. Cant wait to try it. Its a stand alone drop i go to when i want something completely different. I just wish i had more years of Absinthe experience under my belt to credit it in a better way. Cheers.

13 May 2015

So got my order delivered one day ahead of schedule and brake open the cheaper bottle (hey its mid week..)
nothing to fancy i guess with a bit more of testing i might find it a good substitue for a young Island whiskey.

Now next day (still mid week with the difference we got long weekend so basicly friday) i crack this beauty.
It was many years since i had abstinhe but the complexity of the first sniff was realy inviteing so what i did, pour a bit in my tin cup and taste, add suger/water to find where i want it.
I kept adding suger the complexity just opend up and the bitterness stood its ground so i ended upp with probably 2-3 times the amount of suger i usualy use in absinthe´s, i cant take it when the suger overcommes the bitternes, but this baby just kept giving.

I´m not going to try to give any better description since i havnt had absinthe for years and my taste buds has been slacking off for some time aswell but the joy to see how this glorius drink evolves is just fantastic

21 Nov 2014

This is a good absinthe but I found differences from the versions of previous years. It is as if it had lost its main feature, has a profile much less herbaceous. It feels much more anise and the quality has deteriorated, the base wine instead of neutral, artemisia absinhium feels a lot less.

It's not undrinkable and remains a good absinthe but feels some damage distillation. In particular a base of alcohol wine not exactly clean. It feels a little bit of tail, not to the point of making it undrinkable as other bottles of this batch that I happened to taste. So I just have to rest a bit 'the bottle before drinking again' and hope that the next batch to be more accurate.

19 Jul 2014

I bought a bottle of this with my first purchase from their website. I hadn't had a lot of absinthes outside of several American distillers but was hoping to find and learn more about different regions and countries.

The smell is a melange of dry licorice, herbs, and a strange earthy must. Unusual and hard to describe for my senses.

The taste has a distinct earthy and herbal tone with a hint of licorice/anise. It is a tad bitter but interesting. It is a bit abrasive in the sharpness of the alcohol and earthiness. A bit of an unsweetened citrus but enjoyable overall.

I could really appreciate how great this tasted without the addition of sugar. Ice water and this alone were perfect companions and the creamy body of it was nicely offset by the dryness at the end. I can see how this is a pretty enjoyable absinthe, I was not hugely impressed but was glad I tried it out. This was an excellent learning experience, I felt. Diversifying my palate.

17 May 2014

Magnifique absinthe avec un fort degré d'alcool, mais très douce au passage. Je la recommande très fortement.

8 May 2014

This was my first experience of authentic Absinthe and I was impressed. Nice mix of fennel, anise, and wormwood: these herbs, along with the other "top secret" ingredients, alternately present themselves throughout the taste experience and complement each other nicely. There are interesting other tastes, one that stands out is a familiar one to me -- rat root, aka sweet flag root. It presents clean and woody to the palate.

This complex tincture isn't for everyone, but if you have any knowledge of herbs and spices you may find Roquette 1797 an intriguing drink.

21 Feb 2014

This has always been one of my favorites. This newest batch tastes slightly different from the last one. I think I might like this new one even more. Rich, full bodied and very aromatic.

21 Feb 2014

Excellent! I recommend this to all! Complex, a bit bitter, smooth after taste. It's very good!

13 Feb 2014

It was my first purchase from you and was a birthday gift. He loves it & is overwhelmed. So glad to enjoy the excellent quality.

13 Feb 2014

Qualité extra.
Livraison rapide.
Phases de livraison bien indiquées.
Bouteille très bien protégée.

13 Feb 2014

What an interesting smell and taste earthy and woody, lovely ...

27 Jan 2014

I ordered 3 bottles from here, 2 Jades and this one. The Roquette is a great absinthe and a drink, green / light green color, I enjoy high alcohol content absinthe and this was definitely my fave, on par to Edouard (although Eddy 's got a more refined taste for sure). Mixes great with water, 1 to 4 ratio; has anise flavor of course but not as prominent; also lots of wormwood - even at 1 to 4 ratio you can feel it numb the tongue a bit. Thanks again for fast and secure shipping, got it the day before new years :). Cheers. V., Edmonton, AB.

27 Jan 2014

Excellente absinthe !
J'avais commencé par La Muse Verte, assez douce, pour me faire un peu le palais. Puis j'ai continué sur Libertine, plus amère afin de parfaire mon éducation.
Désormais, je change de registre avec Roquette 1767, la moins anisée des trois, mais celle qui me plaît le mieux. Très bon équilibre, un plaisir direct mais qui dévoile ensuite toute une gamme de notes bien agréables.
La meilleure jamais bue !

11 Jan 2014

New to Absinthe. This one was recommended. Good taste, nice colour and louche.

10 Jan 2014

So not used to Absynthe this strong. Its way more kick then anything Ive had in the past thats legal in Canada. Dont try this as a straight shot. Otherwise, when with the water and a sugar cube still has alot of bite but quite nice.

9 Jan 2014

Je connais déjà cette absinthe d'une amie et toujours aussi bonne. Elle a du caractère et reste une de mes favorites.

9 Jan 2014

J'adore, une absinthe un peu plus complexe ,très herbacée avec une très bonne longueur en bouche, je la recommande.

27 Dec 2013

This is definitely not an absinthe I would recommend to a beginner, nor is it one I consider an 'everyday' drink. But it is exceptional as well as exceptionally unusual.

It is not a floral, feminine style. Quite the contrary -- it is a beast of an absinthe with tremendous depth and complexity. The extremely strong wormwood flavors and very low level of anise put this absinthe into a unique category. It is easy to picture this as being a 'transitional' recipe, taking what was once a medicinal elixir and moving toward a pleasant apéritif that would eventually become the drink of choice during the Belle Époque a century later.

Despite the dauntingly high alcohol level, it really doesn't have the 'burn' you might expect. It has remarkably smooth body for such a powerhouse.

It's an absinthe that I turn to when I'm in a certain mood, and crave something out of the ordinary.

It may not be an everyday drink in my house, but I love it enough to have an extra bottle sitting in reserve. I would hate to ever run out of this very unique absinthe.

12 Dec 2013

De toutes celles goûtées, c'est la seule que je dois sucrer (légèrement) afin de l'apprécier à sa juste valeur, la complexité des arômes ne permettant pas "d'en faire n'importe quoi".
Mais quel bon cadeau j'ai reçu là!
Intense, surprenante... Loin de moi l'idée de vous envoyer ici la liste des superlatifs qui ornent mon vocabulaire par dizaines, mais la tentation n'est pas loin.
D'ailleurs... il est l'heure...

26 Oct 2013

Very nice and tasty! I couldn't get absinthe in my area, this opens so many doors! Thanks

18 Oct 2013

Color is a nice, clear peridot.

Earthy woody powdery... lovely bitter wormwood.

Big, thick louche!

Lots of wormwood the first few sips - but more balanced and sweet as the glass goes on. 75% - whoa.

18 Oct 2013

I am generally a tee-totaller but I will admit that I enjoyed this and will continue drinking Absinthe when I do drink.

I also must admit, as an oil painter, I love the ceremony of Absinthe drinking. I bought all the accouterments and that helps.


18 Oct 2013

Der wohl komplexeste Absinth den ich je getrunken habe. Am besten schmeckt er mir im Mischungsverhältnis von einer Einheit Absinth zu zwei Einheiten Eiswasser. Langsam tröpfeln lassen und genießen. Einfach ein muss für jeden Liebhaber.

24 Sep 2013

Je me suis fié aux commentaires déjà laissés sur le site .... Excellent choix, à re-commander !!!

23 Sep 2013

Nice bitterness to the taste, which I assume is the wormwood. Personally would prefer a little bit more anise. Very good absinthe.

22 Sep 2013

This is a very strong absinthe as well as bitter.Not dry like an Amer.You will need some extra sugar as well as water.This one is perfect for a fall evening.

27 Jul 2013

Great purchase... Was a gift.. The receiver loved it!

27 Jul 2013

Wow. This Roquette is my favorite (so far). Love the herbal presence.

27 Jun 2013

Une Absinthe agréable, désaltérante, pleine de saveur.
J'ai un peu du attendre avant de l'avoir, mais ça valait le coup ce qui me plait c'est qu'elle n'est pas trop anisée (ou peut être pas du tout.

Une absinthe à posséder.

3 Jun 2013

Là je pense avoir trouvé mon Saint graal !
Très complexe et très puissante, l'absinthe est mise en avant et on sent moins l'anis que dans d'autres absinthes.
La bouteille est très belle et tout à fait dans l'esprit du produit.
L'absinthe trouble bien malgré le taux d'alcool et prend une couleur entre jaune et vert.
J'ai immédiatement recommandé une seconde bouteille au cas ou elle serait en rupture !

3 Jun 2013

Elle claque !
Un goût qui reste longtemps sur le palais.
L' ambiance qui va avec est mémorable entre amis-famille ou seul.

27 Apr 2013

It was absolutely awesome. So glad I ordered it! :)

27 Apr 2013

Selon moi c'est la meilleure, tout simplement, si on aime l'absinthe, inévitable!!!!!!!!!!!

21 Apr 2013

Delicious, complex extremely satisfying ------------------

1 Apr 2013

Superbe absinthe, d'une grande complexitée en bouche.
Sûrement l'une des meilleures actuelle, ressemblant aux grandes absinthes d'autrefois !
Vivement conseillée aux grands amateurs d'absinthe !

29 Mar 2013

Now this is a powerful absinthe! I really have to take my time with this one, but it is very worth it!

28 Mar 2013

Absinthe de grande qualité. Un goût un peu spécial mais on s'y fait très vite. J'en commande une autre bouteille bientôt.

15 Dec 2012

1st sip I had was "Wow, that's smooth! Velvety smooth"

You can totally tell this and the Sauvage 1804 are related!

This one isn't as florally as Sauvage but has a complexity that is warm and mildly spicy: like a hint of cinnamon quill!

28 Nov 2012

This is an excellent Choice!!! I bought 3 bottles!!!

20 Sep 2012

No fooling around here. Excellent complex absinthe that consistently gets my attention with the first sip. I'm rationing this one.

19 Sep 2012

An excellent absinthe. Bold and complex, with many subtle flavors that please the pallet. It is great tasting with everything in order, and leaves the mouth craving more. Sweet and herbal, with spicy notes. This absinthe is quite nice. Green anise, quality fennel, and top notch wormwood make the Roquette a winner. A classic style absinthe that is also very unique. One of the best in my opinion.

23 May 2012

La plus envoutante de toute : puissante en bouche, elle est à la fois un peu à part et aussi la meilleure à mon avis.

La reverrons nous un jour ?

Le contraire serait la plus mauvaise nouvelle depuis l'interdiction de l'absinthe ...... ce serait tuer l'absinthe une deuxième fois !!

16 May 2012

Dieses Zeug ist hardcore – nichts zum Spielen! Die Flasche und das Labeldesgin haben mir sehr gut gefallen – genauso sehr wie sein Geschmack.

24 Mar 2012

I just had a glass of Absinthe Roquette 1797, which a friend bought some weeks ago:

An excellent and intimate mix of green anise, fennel and wormwood. A mysterious background of herbal scents and flavors, which some I can't recognize.

Made drop by drop with 1/2 sugar cube, this absinthe got a great louche effect, milky dark green... when diluted, revealed an unique combination of aromas and flavors inside a strong and bitter end...
Roquette truly is a piece of art...

From all other absinthes I've tried before, Roquette is the best and my new favorite. I will definitively looking forward to buy a bottle in the future. Not a common absinthe, but a MUST for Connoisseurs of Vintage absinthe.

24 Mar 2012

Ich habe gerade ein Glas Absinthe Roquette 1797 getrunken, ein Freund hatte ihn mir vor ein paar Wochen vorbeigebracht:

Eine exzellente und vertraute Mischung aus grünem Anis, Fenchel und Wermut. Ein unterschwelliger kräutriger Duft und Geschmack, den ich nicht so einfach definieren kann.

Tropfen für Tropfen mit einem halben Zuckerwurfel zubereitet, hat dieser Absinthe einen großartigen Effekt, milchig dunkelgrün... wenn er abschwächt, kommt eine einzigartige Kombination von Aromen zum Vorschein, ein starkes und bitteres Ende...
Roquette ist einfach ein Meisterwerk...

Von allen anderen Absinthes, die ich vorher probiert habe, war keiner so gut wie dieser- mein neuer Favorit. Ich freue mich schon darauf, eine neue Flasche zu kaufen. Kein gewöhnlicher Absinthe, aber ein MUSS für Kenner von Vintage Absinthes.

27 Feb 2012

Absolument parfait. Grande satisfaction. C'est un grande joie de consommer votre absinthe merveilleuse. Je continuerai bientôt. j.c

27 Feb 2012

Four stars for an unopened bottle! Perhaps the contents will make me wish I had rated differently, however as I have yet to break the wax I can only assume. Nice presentation for a reasonable price.

27 Feb 2012

Vier Sterne für die noch ungeöffnete Flasche! Vielleicht würde ich nach dem Probieren anders urteilen, aber da ich erst noch den Verschluss öffnen muss, kann ich bisher nur annehmen, dass er so gut ist, wie er aussieht. Eine anmutige Flasche zu einem vernünftigen Preis.

26 Feb 2012

This stuff is hardcore. My memory of it is that its not messing around. The bottle and labeling looks as good as it tastes.

26 Feb 2012

I absolutely love it. I ordered it as a celebratory bottle for my son after all the troubles he went through after his dad past away and now that he won all the cases we opened it up and it is excellant. I will order it again for no other reason than that it is very well balanced and tastey. Worth the cost and wait.
Tammy Mack

17 Nov 2011

Cette Roquette est très forte au goût mais excellente. Service de livraison rapide, je recommande ce site, bouteille arrivée en un seul morceau très bien emballée. Livraison Europe Quebec aucun problème.

1 Nov 2011

Superb flavour and aroma. I will note that I have only had a total 6 drinks, not all in one session, from my first bottle of it to base my opinion at this point. I find the flavour enjoyable and not relying too heavily on anise. It is also quite unique and interesting compared to many other absinthes. You will likely want to check the label twice after your first drink to believe that the alcohol content is 75%. I find it incredibly smooth. Cheers!

19 Oct 2011

1797 Was a magnificent year indeed! In the early years absinthe was more a medicinal elixir than cocktail, and the Roquette offers a glimpse into these times.

Opening the bottle I find a herbacious blend unlike any other I've tried, the holy trinity seems represented, with grand wormwood, green anise and fennel respectively but dig deeper and one finds a bouquet of herbs and spices balanced to perfection. I must confess that I can't quite pin these tastes down but no one ingredient overpowers the other and the Roquette's complex reputation is well deserved.

Upon initial pour we see a natural emerald green that seems to darken over time. A slow drip of ice water brings out one of the more milky green louche I've witnessed. Around mid pour and minty sweet fragrance begins to envelop the room and I'm taken to lush mountain meadow teeming with peppermint and sage.

150 proof alcohol? Hard to believe. There is absolutley no bite! Instead we are greeted with a perfectly balanced absinthe that is both rich and complex. Even the normal bitterness of the wormwood seems faint though the taste lingers well after the glass is consumed. Folks this a beautiful offering from Emile Pernot distillery and you can see why it's always a top seller. Not to be missed!!

18 Oct 2011

Très puissant, avec une très bonne longueur en bouche.

17 Oct 2011

Je suis assez satisfait, le goût est au rendez-vous.

16 Aug 2011

Full smooth, complex, the right amount of everything. Not a bad bite from alcohol.

21 Jun 2011

Une fois avalé
La fleur non sans une certaine nonchalance
s'attarde sur la langue. Lui prend une sorte d'ivresse
qui va de la langueur au délire. Elle s'étire
jusqu'à occuper tout l'espace de ses exaltations.
L'état de danse est créé.

S'en suit une humeur agréable, va sans dire.

21 Jun 2011

Magnifique ! Je suis très content d'avoir choisi Roquette 1797.

9 Apr 2011

I found this spirit to have a deep and complex flavor and an inviting color. When you taste this you sense that a certain superior level of effort and wisdom has gone into crafting it.

6 Apr 2011

Tout simplement la meilleur absinthe actuellement.

Pour moi je la dilue a 1/1,5, maximum 1/2 avec un demi sucre.

19 Mar 2011

Un goût doux et délicat au palais. Bien dosée, un délice.

14 Mar 2011

c'est une absinthe très agréable à boire; recu rapidement.

13 Mar 2011

Al primo incontro il Roquette mi ha davvero spaesato per il gusto ruvido e incredibilmente erbaceo e la presenza di sapori sconosciuti e potenti uniti ad un anice decisamente poco protagonista.
Confesso di aver faticosamente terminato il bicchiere e di aver riposto la bottiglia con davvero scarsa soddisfazione. Non é stato decisamente un colpo di fulmine!
Tuttavia con i successivi assaggi le caratteristiche del Roquette si fanno apprezzare sempre di più e la scarsa "cosiderazione"iniziale si tramuta in pura passione.
Considero il Roquette fra i migliori Absinthe che ho provato, sicuramente particolare, "medicinale" e forse non adatto ai primi assaggi ma davvero indicato ad arricchire il background assenziofilo dell'appassionato.

11 Feb 2011

Très bon breuvage à goûter sans hésitation, cette absinthe réveillera vos papilles!
La livraison était un peu lente (rupture de stock) mais j'en ai tout de suite été informé.
Un mail pour une info et 30min plus tard une réponse...très bon site pour ma part.
A goûter et surtout à faire goûter pour faire taire ces mauvaises rumeurs qui perdurent depuis si longtemps sur cette boisson pourtant si bonne.
Avec modération! Bien sûr! Santé!

31 Jan 2011

N'étant pas un grand connaisseur, je la trouve très agréable.

12 Jan 2011

Prodotto di ottima fattura e dal "nome" prestigioso,
ottimo anche come regalo "importante",
le distillerie Pernot son infatti conosciute anche dai non addetti al settore.

27 Dec 2010

Nous avons été fort agréablement émoustillé par les saveurs charnelles de ce breuvage. La Grande Verte.

12 Dec 2010

Une absinthe très typée, très herbacée, une des mes préférées

15 Sep 2010

Vraiment excellente. Je ne suis hélas! pas encore assez connaisseur en absinthe pour la décrire dans toute sa complexité, mais c'est une recette fine, puissante et délicieuse.

13 Jul 2010

Interesting. I just had my first drink, and it has a different herbal flavor, than most of the others i've tried. I am impressed with this brand, and believe it is certainly worth trying. I think I'll try another drink...

23 Mar 2010

Je suis très satisfait de ma dernière commande, j'en consomme un peu le week-end et j'aime ca oui. J'espère que cette absynthe sera toujour disponible dans l'avenir.

12 Jan 2010

C'est la première absinthe distillée que nous buvons. Je ne donnerai que 4 étoiles car je n'ai pas de comparaison possible. Peut-être en vaut elle 5? Excellente de goût! Un réelle effet appaisant !!! Un vrai régal .... une vrai cérémonie !!!

11 Dec 2009

Forte tenue en bouche , des arômes parfaits, une excellente absinthe à déguster absolument !!

14 Oct 2009

Produit sympa. La bouteille est très stylée et l'absinthe excellente (mais décalquante)!

1 Aug 2009

Excellente!!! Je n'en dirai pas plus, allez y goûter, vous ne serez effectivement pas decus!

23 Jul 2009


Puissante comme l\'arme,
Tu coule dans mon coeur,

Pour toi mon cheval,
Je voudrais te cultiver,
Forte comme la salade,
La partager dès le déjeuner,

Fait moi rever j\'en serai jamais malade,
Roquette mon absinthe,
sans crainte je te retrouverai...

Merci encore

13 May 2009

Une absinthe excellente, au goût prononcé et surprenant qui devrait ravir les palais les plus exigeants.

13 Mar 2009

Je ne la connaissais pas, je n'ai pas été déçu, elle est très bonne, n'hésitez pas vous ne serez pas déçu.

23 Sep 2008

Sublime, très bon. Rien à dire, la bouteille se boit très vite!

3 Sep 2008

The best I can think of how to describe it is: A steel hand in a velvet glove.
But don't forget that the steel hand needs a very slow ritual... diluted with twice or three times as much water (at the most) !
You have to drink it thick, because if you put four times as much water it looses its power. (that's right, don't forget it's an antique that came out way before our old friend Henri-Louis Pernod)
Anyway, after having respected the ritual, you get a surprising result and a beautiful grand wormwood on the forehand, all along the tasting. Great !

3 Sep 2008

Une main de fer dans un gant de velours, c\'est ainsi que je pourrais au mieux la décrire,
Mais n\'oubliez pas que notre main de fer nécessite un rituel très lent, diluée à 1/2, voir 1/3 grand maximum!
Elle se boit en purée, à 1/4, elle perd toute sa puissance (et oui, n\'oublions pas que c\'est une absinthe
antique, bien avant notre ami Henri-louis Pernod)
Bref, après respect de son rituel, un résultat surprenant, et une grande absinthe magnifique qui s\'exprime
en premier plan, et ce, durant toutes les étapes de la dégustation, à adopter!!

13 Jul 2008

Je viens de la gouter, elle est excellente, bien équilibrée et quelque peu herbacée et une folle envie d\'y revenir.. sans modération..........

N\'hésitez pas elle vaut le détour.

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Emile Pernot, Frankreich

1899 : the young Emile-Ferdinand Pernot, a native of the Fougerolles region, where he had trained as a distiller, joins the Parrot brothers and together they establish "Emile Pernot et Cie" located in Pontarlier. Emile-Ferdinand's son, Emile-Joseph (don't worry, none of their sons were called Emile-Emile even though they loved this first name), a survivor of the World War I trenches, later registers the famous name "Emile Pernot".


2009 : The distillery moves from the center of Pontarlier to the magnificent old Cousin Jeune building in La Cluse et Mijoux, at the foot of the Château de Joux, the very same building where the young Emile-Joseph Pernot learnt his trade a century earlier. And you know what? It was a pure coincidence - the building had been a post office and a fire station in the intervening years!


Absinthe distillation at Emile Pernot :

The two century-old copper alembics used by Emile Pernot for their absinthe distillations were made by the famous firm of Egrot in the early 1900s. They were especially designed and built for absinthe distillation, and they are the only stills of their kind in operation anywhere in the world. These stills allow the Pernot distillery to produce absinthes of exceptional quality according to methods unchanged for a century.

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