Absinthe Roquette 1797 - 70cl

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Roquette 1797 has been brought back to life from an unpublished, hand-written manuscript dating from the 18th century.    Read the whole description

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Unique among absinthes, Roquette 1797 absinthe gives us a glimpse of what absinthe was like starting its first steps on the road to becoming the most popular drink in France.

Roquette 1797 has been brought back to life from an unpublished, hand-written manuscript dating from the eighteenth century, when absinthe was more mysterious elixir than evening aperitif.

The Roquette 1797 owes its pretty, natural colour to the infusion of three plants ordinarily used during the colouring stage.

The three classic absinthe plants are all there - green anise, fennel and grand wormwood - along with some more uncommon additions, although that bit's a secret...

Emile Pernot, France

1899 :

the young Emile-Ferdinand Pernot, a native of the Fougerolles region, where he had trained as a distiller, joins the Parrot brothers and together they establish “Emile Pernot et Cie” located in Pontarlier. Emile-Ferdinand's son, Emile-Joseph (don't worry, none of their sons were called Emile-Emile even though they loved this first name), a survivor of the World War I trenches, later registers the famous name “Emile Pernot”.

2009 :

The distillery moves from the center of Pontarlier to the magnificent old Cousin Jeune building in La Cluse et Mijoux, at the foot of the Château de Joux, the very same building where the young Emile-Joseph Pernot learnt his trade a century earlier. And you know what? It was a pure coincidence – the building had been a post office and a fire station in the intervening years!

Absinthe distillation at Emile Pernot :

The two century-old copper alembics used by Emile Pernot for their absinthe distillations were made by the famous firm of Egrot in the early 1900s. They were especially designed and built for absinthe distillation, and they are the only stills of their kind in operation anywhere in the world. These stills allow the Pernot distillery to produce absinthes of exceptional quality according to methods unchanged for a century.

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By Only_absinthe001

Added on the : 29/02/2016

I had heard there was possibly a bad batch out there early 2015, but I ordered mine Jan 2016. BEWARE...I didn't have good luck! Like earlier reviewers said, it smelled weird right out of the gate and tasted even worse. I am an experienced Absinthe drinker and have about 20 varieties on my shelf and I have had both Roquette and the aged version before. This batch smells and tastes like some sort of chemical cleaning fluid, not even a hint of anything herbal. I compared a sample with a friend who still has an earlier bottle of Roquette and there is NO comparison. I will have to take the loss because this bottle is undrinkable. Beware.

By Great Stuff

Added on the : 27/02/2016

This official absinthe was a tad difficult to get used to. Perhaps it is because I was not an experienced absinthe drinker when I purchased it from the amazing online store, Absinthes.com. (I don't work for them or receive money to comment). The louche is very thick and heavy in appearance, extremely appealing. You can tell within seconds that a lot went into its making, and its creators are very talented. Very nice scent, difficult to set this one apart from the aroma alone. But once you try this one you will realize this is not your Absinthe Ordinare. This one has a bit more of a raw flavor, very aggressive and complex. Very different from any other verte you may have tried in the past. Unless you are on a certain level of drinking absinthe you may be turned off. I can't comment too much because my explorations number less than 10 bottles, but this one disappointing me when I first tried it out of the box. Over time (it was in my collection for a year or so) I slowly realized by the time the bottle reached the bottom, that this is a superb offering that has an acquired taste for sure. This is not for beginners and its complexity is beyond that of many interests. In short, after the first few drinks from this verte I was wondering why I chose this. By its completion, I was wondering why I did not buy more. Fantastic, don't miss it.

By Robbie

Added on the : 18/12/2015

Go's to show how different peoples tastes are. I can't imagine why anyone would give this one star even if they didn't like it. This is probably my favorite from the Emile Pernot distillery along with the V Pontarlier. It is a different kettle of fish to most Absinthe's so don't be surprised when u find its different. It doesn't have a strong louche, it has a strong Anethole taste and alcohol seems to be present, in saying that i love it. It has a fine quality to it that makes me feel special when sipping it, its in no way harsh. That's why i chose to get the barrel aged version of this. Cant wait to try it. Its a stand alone drop i go to when i want something completely different. I just wish i had more years of Absinthe experience under my belt to credit it in a better way. Cheers.

By Not a good buy

Added on the : 29/07/2015

Compared to my other experiences with Absinthe, this bottle was pitiful. I despised the taste immediately, and could barley finish my glass of the green fairy. I ordered nine bottles shipped to my address, and all have been delightful, with the exception of this God awful brand. I suggest never to partake in this particular brand of Absinthe. Poor reviews across the board. I pawned it off on my broke son, once I realized how terrible it tasted.

By Red Fairy

Added on the : 31/05/2015

The scent alone was enough to indicate that tasting this absinthe was not going to be a good experience, but I did it anyway. This is by far the worst absinthe I have ever tasted. There was no anise flavor. The only flavor it comes close to, is a bad triple sec flavor. It baffles me on how this absinthe has received so many positive reviews. I really feel cheated and am not asking for a refund because I do not want to tarnish my relationship with absinthes.com. Just going to take the loss on this one. This is the only absinthe I could not finish.. I poured it out. I wouldn't even give it to bumb. My brother has a similar opinion and he said that there is word out that it is a bad batch. Well, it should not have been released. I purchased my bottle in May of 2015, so my advice is to find something else.

By NiDrO

Added on the : 13/05/2015

So got my order delivered one day ahead of schedule and brake open the cheaper bottle (hey its mid week..)
nothing to fancy i guess with a bit more of testing i might find it a good substitue for a young Island whiskey.

Now next day (still mid week with the difference we got long weekend so basicly friday) i crack this beauty.
It was many years since i had abstinhe but the complexity of the first sniff was realy inviteing so what i did, pour a bit in my tin cup and taste, add suger/water to find where i want it.
I kept adding suger the complexity just opend up and the bitterness stood its ground so i ended upp with probably 2-3 times the amount of suger i usualy use in absinthe´s, i cant take it when the suger overcommes the bitternes, but this baby just kept giving.

I´m not going to try to give any better description since i havnt had absinthe for years and my taste buds has been slacking off for some time aswell but the joy to see how this glorius drink evolves is just fantastic

By Good but with some little disappointments

Added on the : 21/11/2014

This is a good absinthe but I found differences from the versions of previous years. It is as if it had lost its main feature, has a profile much less herbaceous. It feels much more anise and the quality has deteriorated, the base wine instead of neutral, artemisia absinhium feels a lot less.

It's not undrinkable and remains a good absinthe but feels some damage distillation. In particular a base of alcohol wine not exactly clean. It feels a little bit of tail, not to the point of making it undrinkable as other bottles of this batch that I happened to taste. So I just have to rest a bit 'the bottle before drinking again' and hope that the next batch to be more accurate.

By rmorte

Added on the : 19/07/2014

I bought a bottle of this with my first purchase from their website. I hadn't had a lot of absinthes outside of several American distillers but was hoping to find and learn more about different regions and countries.

The smell is a melange of dry licorice, herbs, and a strange earthy must. Unusual and hard to describe for my senses.

The taste has a distinct earthy and herbal tone with a hint of licorice/anise. It is a tad bitter but interesting. It is a bit abrasive in the sharpness of the alcohol and earthiness. A bit of an unsweetened citrus but enjoyable overall.

I could really appreciate how great this tasted without the addition of sugar. Ice water and this alone were perfect companions and the creamy body of it was nicely offset by the dryness at the end. I can see how this is a pretty enjoyable absinthe, I was not hugely impressed but was glad I tried it out. This was an excellent learning experience, I felt. Diversifying my palate.

By Son_of_Artemis

Added on the : 08/05/2014

This was my first experience of authentic Absinthe and I was impressed. Nice mix of fennel, anise, and wormwood: these herbs, along with the other "top secret" ingredients, alternately present themselves throughout the taste experience and complement each other nicely. There are interesting other tastes, one that stands out is a familiar one to me -- rat root, aka sweet flag root. It presents clean and woody to the palate.

This complex tincture isn't for everyone, but if you have any knowledge of herbs and spices you may find Roquette 1797 an intriguing drink.

By J

Added on the : 21/02/2014

This has always been one of my favorites. This newest batch tastes slightly different from the last one. I think I might like this new one even more. Rich, full bodied and very aromatic.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 44)

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