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Absinthe Spoon Frénay Feuille (Sterling Silver) - Kirk Burkett

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Please note that these spoons are shipped directly from Kirk Burkett's studio in Virginia. The ultimate absinthe spoon: a sterling silver replica of the legendary Frénay Feuille spoon from Kirk Burkett. The extraordinary leaf-design Feuille spoon made by the Parisian silversmiths Armand Frénay was recognized almost from the outset as the most beautiful of all absinthe spoons.
Today, surviving originals are not just rare, but essentially unobtainable - less than a handful survive, and only one has come on the market in the last decade. A few replicas have been made in recent years, but without exception they are merely rough approximations of the originals, crudely copied from catalogue illustrations.
The well known Virginia-based artist Kirk Burkett brings his skills as a master craftsman in silver and his passion as an absintheur together in this extraordinary range of sterling silver absinthe spoons and grilles. These highly original and beautifully worked pieces are the first truly modern rethinking of a classic absinthe artifact in over a century, and have been greeted with acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Aside from the beauty and originality of the spoons, they are supremely practical - they fit snugly on any standard sized glass. They are an absolute delight to look at, and to hold. The original range of grilles has now been augmented by several spoons, including the extraordinary Artemisia spoon with a bowl fashioned of intertwined wormwood leaves and, most recently, a perfect replica of the legendary Frénay Feuille spoon, one of the rarest and most sought after of all absinthe spoons. As with the grilles, the photographs don't do these spoons justice - they need to be seen in the flesh for the workmanship to be fully appreciated. -- The prices shown here all INCLUDE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. --

  • Distillery or Brand : RUEVERTE
  • Product Type: Absinthe Spoon
  • Color of Spoon: Sterling Silver
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Distillery or Brand: RUEVERTE
Product Type: Absinthe Spoon
Color of Spoon: Sterling Silver

Customer evaluation for (7)

26 Jan 2018

Wow, what a beauty. I'm very happy to own one of these.
Craftsmanship at it's best.

17 May 2017

A gorgeous spoon! Handmade, so it may take a few weeks to arrive. The spoon has a good heft to it and a beautiful shimmer. Being silver, you'll have to keep it polished to appreciate the luster. It is malleable so treat is with care. Truly a great item to add to my absinthe accessories. Pricey yes, but if you appreciate quality art you'll understand the cost. As soon as you can afford to treat yourself, get one.

3 Oct 2015

I acclaim myself as quite the absinthe connoisseur and drink 500mL per day on average. In my collection there are over 300 spoons from over 30 countries, 5 of which you haven't heard of before because their names alone can cause the average mind great confusion.

I purchased this spoon over a month ago and it has become my new daily spoon. I have poured over 97 litres (that's the French spelling of liters for all you heathens) through this spoon since I made the purchase and it has been quite delightful. Anyone who can afford this spoon should most definitely acquire it.

24 Aug 2014

This may well be the most beautiful absinthe spoon ever made. It is quite simply breathtaking to look at as well as hold in your hand. It is also wonderfully effective, with the thin 'veins' in the leaf letting water drip slowly without large pieces of undissolved sugar passing through.

It is a masterpiece of Art Nouveau design.

I have a very large collection of original spoons and I rarely even consider using modern ones (or modern glasses for that matter). But if I could only own one single spoon out of all the ones in my collection, this would be it.

Also, given that it is made of solid sterling silver it is even finer than the ultra-rare (plated) original.

Yes, its expensive. But it is a true work of art, hand-crafted with incredible attention to detail by a supremely skilled silversmith, who also happens to be a serious absintheur and major commercial grower of artemesia absinthium.

Treat yourself. You won't regret it!

30 Mar 2014

This exquisite vent spoon looks truly Elvish.
People I drink Absinthe with are drawn to it. It's a tactile, we'll balanced yet surprisingly weighty artifact. Sits well on your glass, but people will find an excuse to touch it and use it themselves. And it's beautiful in all 3 dimensions too.
I wouldn't mind being born with this in my mouth.

21 Aug 2013

This spoon is an absolute masterpiece. A stunning recreation of the rarest and most beautiful of all original absinthe spoons, hand-crafted in solid sterling silver. It is a work of art to be treasured for generations to come.

21 Aug 2013

Stunningly beautiful. The delicate leaf holds heavy in the hand, reminding you of the work of art you are touching. It fit's perfectly over many sizes of absinthe glasses.

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