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Absinthe Sugar Cubes - 17 Pairs

$1.77 ¹
Content: 74.8 Gramm ($2.37 ¹ / 100 Gramm) Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

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Sugar isn't always the same - some sugar cubes you can buy at your local super market may have been pressed together too tightly, and won't easily dissolve when you drip water over them. This is why these sugar cubes are ideal for the French ritual - especially made for the preparation of absinthe, they start to dissolve immediately when water is dripped over them. This set includes 17 packs with 2 sugar cubes contained in each of them, this should enable you to have the sugar last for a whole bottle of absinthe.

  • Distillery or Brand : RUEVERTE
  • Product Type: Other
  • Description: Sugar
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Responsible Food Company: RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
  • Net Quantity: 74.8g
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Weight: 0.08 kg
Dimensional Weight: 1.15 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: RUEVERTE
Product Type: Other
Description: Sugar
Country of Origin: Germany
Responsible Food Company: RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
Net Quantity: 74.8g

Customer evaluation for (40)

15 Apr 2020

It's sugar! But they work really well and dissolve super easily so there isn't granules of sugar at the bottom of the glass!

25 Jan 2020

I didn't think this sugar was going to be THAT different but I was surprised to see how much smoother this dissolved over my typical "Dots" sugar. Worth it? Yes and no. It is just sugar after all. It is also only $1.50 more added to your cart. For me; if I'm going to do something I'm going to do it right; and if its just 1.50 more than, meh, why not?

29 Oct 2019

Frankly, I bought the sugar to bring my bill up to the "free shipping" level. I don't use sugar in absinthe. However, I enjoying having the sugar cubes on hand to serve to friends who like sugar in their absinthe, or even in their tea!

22 Oct 2019

Très bien en deux morceaux emballés mais ils font à moitié petits non !?!

12 Sep 2019

Sympathiques petits sucres, la cerise sur le gâteau

15 May 2019

Really like this sugar. Nicely packaged to accompanying this liquid spirit.

23 Jan 2019

Sucres parfaits pour la dégustation. Un peu chers mais qui se dissolvent bien.

13 Dec 2018

Perfectly wrapped and brilliant to use. Thank you.

1 Oct 2018

Très bien comme d'habitude. Je n'utilise qu'eux avec mes absinthes, rien avoir avec du sucre traditionel qui ne fond pas correctement.

21 Aug 2018

Parfait, rien à redire.
Il est un peu cher, je remplace parfois par sucer brun

19 Aug 2018

nice package,great sugar cubes ,just the job for your Absinthe

6 Aug 2018

Great order - discreet packaging and very fast. Delicious, authentic absinthe!

21 Jun 2018

Niquel il me convient tout à fait je le recommande vivement

26 Jan 2018

Au delà du sucre en lui-même, c'est le packaging qui m'a attiré pour ajouter une petite touche au rituel.
Le sucre se dissout rapidement, ce qui est plutôt bien.

6 Jan 2018

morceaux de sucre spécialement étudié pour la cuillère bonne idée

5 Jan 2018

Très bon sucre pour absinthe !
Emballage soigné et livraison rapide.

27 Nov 2017

Sehr schnelle Lieferung in bester Qualität, immer gerne wieder

31 Oct 2017

This is the best sugar for absinthes, easily dissolves in the glass and is very nicely packed.

19 Oct 2017

Just what I needed, this sugar really works with absinthe

25 Sep 2017

Its the perfect size and melts and mixes rather quickly.

7 Sep 2017

Just the right amount of sugar. I will most likely order this again.

5 Sep 2017

Très bon sucre à absinthe qui fond très bien sous les gouttes d'eau glacée. De plus il est déjà coupé en deux, ce qui permet facilement de ne faire fondre qu'un demi-sucre.

4 Sep 2017

Each wrapper contains two, loosely packed half-cubes, which dissolve quickly and easily while also giving good control over sweetness.

5 Jul 2017

Good as usual. Nothing to add, nothing to take away. Only wish they packed more in the packet.

3 Jul 2017

Nice and loosely packed sugar comes in wrapped two packs. Very easy to melt using fountain drip. A faster drip works better as a slower drip might leave sugar melted on the absinthe spoon.

12 Jun 2017

Ces morceaux de sucres à absinthe se dissolvent effectivement plus rapidement dans l'eau que des morceaux de sucres blancs standards. Il arrive qu'un petit amas de grains de sucre se forme au fond du verre mais celui-ci se dissout instantanément après quelques tours de cuillère à absinthe. Ils ont par ailleurs l'avantage d'être d'une taille adéquate pour sucrée une absinthe (c'est à dire pas trop gros).

27 Apr 2017

Parfait ! Un peu cher, mais idéal. Fond très vite peu de sucre au fond du verre.

23 Feb 2017

what i expected and more, speedy shipping to Australia and the packing was impeccable would recommend 10/10 to all

17 Feb 2017

bon produit ,un peu cher mais bien pratique a utiliser car il se dissout très bien

12 Dec 2016

sucre très pratique se dissous très bien ...rien a redire...juste un peut cher..!!!

23 Jul 2016

Nicely packaged, a nice size and shape, and it really does break down quicker than other sugar cubes.

29 Apr 2015

I guess we all agree this is a good way to top free shipping.

28 Feb 2014

Perfect for the absinthe ritual. Very difficult to locate in england.

27 Jan 2014

Très bien, petit cadeau pour mon beau-père, pour compléter le kit. Cuillère de bonne qualité, qui ne s'abîme visiblement pas au contacte des flammes, ni ne s'oxyde.

9 Jan 2014

They are sugar cubes. What's the use of an absinthe fountain without sugar cubes. Plus, it helped push me over the top to avoid the shipping.

4 Oct 2013

These are great! they dissolve fast, it adds to your Absinthe nerd level to have individually wrapped sucre for your absinthe and they are perfect for putting your order at the $250 mark to get free shipping.

22 Sep 2013

This is a great little product.With 2 small cubes for each pack.! cube for those absinthes that need just a little sugar & 2 for those that need a little extra.I prefer Domino mini dots as 1 cube is perfect for most any absinthe.

5 Sep 2013

vraiment idéal pour les bons Absintheurs qui préparent leurs verre d'Absinthe a la traditionelle,
c'est a dire avec le sucre sur la cuillere a Absinthes!!!

26 Aug 2013

Très bon sucre blanc, se dissout très bien. Rien à dire ! Parfait pour l'absinthe ! :)

Un sucre style " La Perruche " serait bien à proposer sur votre site, il se rapprocherai peut-être de celui utilisé d'antan...

21 Aug 2013

Not much to say about this...it's sugar. And it does seem to dissolve better than the cubes I can buy in store, so that's a plus.

It's a handy item to up your total purchase just enough to get that free shipping. ;-)

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$1.77 ¹
74.8 Gramm ($2.37 ¹ / 100 Gramm)