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Absinthe Tasting Notes

Find interesting comments and tasting notes about absinthes available on Absinthes.com – by real experts!

absinthe Francois GuyAt a strength of 45%, Francois Guy has one of the lowest alcohol contents among all absinthes. Thanks to its mild and well-balanced taste this is the perfect real absinthe for beginners and absinthe experts alike.

The Guy distillery in Pontarlier, France has been making absinthe since 1890. In addition to absinthe, the family-owned business also produces liqueurs,  eaux-de-vie and aperitifs.


absinthe_distillery_aymonier_from_franceWe’d like to introduce the La Semilla – Aymonier Absinthe distillery in France. Ran by Mayra and Francois Aymonier, the couple has chosen to distill only organic absinthes with herbs that are mostly grown on their own fields at an altitude of about 1100.



Many absintheurs and absinthe enthusiasts are looking for one thing in an absinthe: It has to be the best absinthe. It has to be the strongest absinthe. But what makes an absinthe “the best”?

Especially absinthe enthusiasts new to the world of absinthe are looking for absinthes that are high on thujone. Others look for as much ABV. as possible.