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Absinth Verkostungsnotizen

Absinthe Cabinet Contest: Meet the winner!

Last week we invited you to share a photo of your drinks cabinet with the world. The contest was held on Facebook, and the winner was the picture of the collection with the highest number of likes, given by you and fellow absintheurs.

Now we are pleased to reveal the most beautiful shot of a personal absinthe collection – as voted by you!

And the winner is…

…Vivien! He submitted his photo as one of the first, and seems to have a weakness for green Absinthe from Pontarlier, France.
In his collection you can find bottles of Absinthe Bourgeois, Francois Guy, Vieux Pontarlier, Libertine, and just one Blanche from the Val de Travers. In his array of absinthe accessories, you can find the Torsade glasses, both a glass and the metal dripper, a glass fountain, the Pontarlier Anis carafe, and several absinthe spoons such as the Feuille and Wormwood spoon.Vivien will get a free glass fountain, congratulations! We would of course like to thank everybody else for sending in their photo, and hope that you enjoyed snooping into absinthe cabinets of other absinthe lovers just as much as we did.

Get to know the winner

We thought it’d be nice if we could get a few words from Vivien, the winner, about how he discovered absinthe. Here is what he shared with us:

After living more than 20 years in the Morteau region (near Pontarlier, France), famous for its distinct type of sausage, I have slowly discovered absinthe. It took me quite some time, because I never used to like the taste of anise. I started drinking Francois Guy absinthe, first in rather ‘homeopathic’ doses, and then more respectable amounts, and now I appreciate it in decent quantities. During this time of slowly getting into the world of absinthe, I learned about the various production methods – distillation or maceration – as well as how many varieties of absinthe you can discover, particularly in the Val-de-Travers or along the ‘Route de l’Absinthe’ (a trail running through the most significant regions linked with absinthe).
My interest for the “once illegal” drink has made me aware and eager to learn more about the traditional absinthe ritual, as well as about Absinthiana. I visited the gorgeous Pontarlier absinthe museum more than once. My tiny collection was expanded through fountains, spoons and glasses. Recently, my wife offered me an Absinthe Dripper See-Saw, from Absinthes.com, which wows my friends.

Want Vivien’s collection? Start today

Vivien’s collection includes some great treats. Here are a few of his treasures in more detail.

Mead Base Absinthe
See-saw absinthe dripper
This Absinthe Dripper is a reproduction of the famous Cusenier auto-verseur dripper made at the end of the 19th century. Its see-saw system enables up to two glasses to be filled up at the same time, by placing just two of its feet onto a rim of each glass. A wonderful item and definitely soothing to watch it prepare your absinthe glass for you.
Mead Base Absinthe
Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier
The Vieux Pontarlier is an historical absinthe carefully distilled in antique stills (more than 100 years old) using regional wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), which is considered the most fragrant in the world, Provençal fennel seeds, green anise seeds and a variety of additional aromatic herbs and spices meticulously selected.
Mead Base Absinthe
Absinthe François Guy Hip Flask
François Guy is more aniseedy than average and is produced in the pure traditional way, according to an ancient house recipe. This absinthe will enchant both novices and confirmed absinthe drinkers. According to a recipe more than a century old, its colour is obtained entirely naturally from plants.


We hope that you enjoyed hearing about the winner of our spontaneous absinthe cabinet contest, and hope that if you were unable to join this time, you will contribute with a photo of your absinthe collection next time! For daily updates from the world of absinthe, please visit our Facebook page.

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