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Absinthe Fleur d'Absinthe Tasting Notes by Miriam

absinthe_fleur_d_absinthe_devoille_louche_in_glassAbsinthe Fleur d’Absinthe is distilled at Paul Devoille in Fougerolles, France. It was their first absinthe containing more fennel as usual in its recipe, due to a change of law in France regulating fennel and other herb contents in spirits. The Fleur d’Absinthe comes in a 70cl bottle with a wormwood sprig inside.


Color: Dark olive green. The wormwood sprig inside the bottle aligns nicely with its dark, earthy color.

Aroma before adding water: Very sweet, the aroma reminds of incense sticks. An earthy, rooty and floral aroma – all at the same time.

Louche: There’s nothing going on for a while. At first, oily layers dance around inside the glass, and then the Fleur d’Abisnthe bursts into a creamy, opaque white color with a green tint.


Aroma after adding water: The Fleur d’Absinthe’s aroma has changed completely. Now, there’s no sweetness left, but a lively aroma of fresh cut grass combined with more rooty and earthy notes take charge. There’s also a hint of slight bitterness.

Taste: After the first sip, the Fleur d’Absinthe tastes sweet, especially at the tip of the tongue. After the absinthe passes the tip of the tongue and moves towards the palate, a round and well balanced taste of bitter, sweet and herbal unfolds. Wormwood is definitely there. More bitterness unveils after the second sip. Very complex.

Finish: A bitter, spicy taste remains on the palate for a while, the tongue is slightly numb.

Conclusion: A great absinthe with a very well balanced taste. I don’t think it’s suitable for every occasion, rather an absinthe to share with experienced absintheurs who appreciate a complex and earthy taste, and who love bitterness. for beginners, I’d probably recommend tasting the other Libertine absinthes first before adding this one to their collection.

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