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Absinth Verkostungsnotizen

Absinthe Gustave Tasting Notes by Marc Thuillier

Marc Thuillier has more than 12 years of experience in absinthe and absinthe antiques. He’s probably tasted more absinthes than any of us. Now, he had a chance to review Absinthes.com’s latest own absinthe, Absinthe Gustave.


Absinthe Review: Absinthe Gustave

Color: very nice dead leaf color lending towards olive-green.

Aroma before water: caramel-like with strong herbal notes but also something fruity in the background. Quite unusual, intriguing and inviting.

Louche: fast and thick. Gustave quickly becomes opaque and oily on the rim of the glass.


Absinthe Gustave offers a beautiful louche with a yellow tint.

Aroma after water: herbal notes are now taking control of the glass in a powerful way.

Taste: what a roundness and what a smoothness at the very first sip! Once swallowed, all the flavors are coming up in mouth, sometimes herbal, sometimes fruity and even candied, sometimes floral, with a great complexity of all the savors. At the second sip, spicy notes are coming out, still with a background of a candy, alpine-like. Sips after sips we discover even more flavors, like a cocktail, a delight for the taste buds! The last sips make the herbal side of the Gustave standing out, and this is its main vocation I think.

After-taste: a bit of tongue numbing, some greenery, and a lot of smoothness.

Conclusion: a multifaceted absinthe, very playful with the palate but still very round, unctuous and above all fully packed with herbal aromas. More experienced absintheurs will be delighted by its complexity in mouth, while the new absintheurs will discover a different facet of the beverage we all love, reminding its deep origins…

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