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Absinthe Jade is back!

We’re pleased to announce that the long-awaited Jade absinthes are back here with us, ready to send out. But before going into more details on the new Jade millésime, let’s talk about Sirop de Gomme a little bit:

In the mid-19th century, at a time where specific absinthe spoon had not appeared yet in bistros, absinthe was traditionally drunk without sugar or with a “sirop de gomme” (gum syrup or gomme syrup), an enhanced sugar syrup. At right, an antique Sirop de Gomme label:Combier, producer of the famous Jade absinthes, the Blanchette, the Lucid and some delicious fruit syrups, is one of the only French distillery still making gomme syrup following a traditional recipe and using natural ingredients such as honey and orange blossom: Combier’s Gomme Syrup on Absinthes.com
Gum Syrup

So what is the benefit of using gomme syrup over sugar syrup or sugar cubes?
None. It’s just a parallel 19th tasting habit that every absintheur worthy of the name has to experience. Gomme syrup is of a different texture and taste compared to sugar syrup; the louche, colour and aroma of the drink have a very typical character that some absintheurs describe as “vintageish”. Of course your 2012 Jade won’t taste like a 1912 Pernod Fils or Edouard Pernod, but you may find some background notes reminding you of an aged absinthe, the grape alcohol base and the herbs of Jade absinthes mellowing perfectly with Combier’s gomme syrup.

Our recommendation is to use an absinthe dripper (aka “brouilleur”), fill it with ice and cool water, and then add a dash of Combier’s gomme syrup.

Marc’s personal recommendation is Toulouse Lautrec’s favourite cocktail: Tremblement de Terre (Earthquake): a brandy glass, half Cognac, half absinthe, a dash of gomme syrup, stir and add 3 parts cool water with a dripper or a fountain. And if you want to experience the best Tremblement de Terre ever, use 2cl of Pernod Fils Tarragona and 2cl of vintage Cognac or Armagnac.

The Earthquake Cocktail

Vintage Pernod Fils Tarragona to the left. Vintage Armagnac to the right

2012 is the revival year for the Jade absinthes: new labels (we’re still in the process of updating the pictures on the website so some of the Jades are still showing old labels), new bottles, new caps, but also new distillations entirely achieved by Jade’s creator Ted Breaux himself at Combier in Saumur.
The 2012 Jade vintage is now offered in 75cl bottles filled up to 70cl, the remaining 5cl guaranteeing an oxygenation and a perpetual maturation of absinthe and its grape alcohol, as well as a progressive ageing in the bottle.

Absinthes.com is offering for a couple of weeks,  a free bottle* of Combier’s gomme syrup if you order 2 bottles of any of the Jade absinthes: Jade 1901, Nouvelle Orleans, V.S. 1898 and L’Esprit d’Edouard.

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