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Absinthe La Blanche Tasting Notes by Stefanie

absinthe_la_blanche_bourgeois_france_louche_in_glassAbsinthe La Blanche is, as the name suggests, a clear absinthe! Unlike most clear absinthes, called “La Bleues” that are made in Switzerland, this one is distilled in France, and French white absinthes offer very different aroma profiles than Swiss Bleues, which is a nice change once in a while. Let’s see what Stefanie thinks of this absinthe!

The Bourgeois distillery received an organic certification and works under strict environmental standards. The small distillery is located in Arçon and is run by Arnaud and Anne-Sophie Bourgeois. They cultivate most herbs and plants for their absinthes themselves, such as: wormwood, hyssop, lemon balm, coriander, and fennel. The couple distills other absinthes as well, another clear absinthe, and a Verte.

Color: Clear

Aroma before water: Pleasant with a very dominant aniseed profile.

Louche: The drinks turn cloudy almost instantly, another indicator that there is a lot of aniseed in here! Very nice, opaque, white-milky result.


Aroma after water: The aroma of aniseed is the same as before we added water, but now I can detect a few other herbs in the background.

Taste: Aniseed is the leading herb, definitely. But, there is also fennel which adds a beautiful balance to the taste.

Conclusion: This is a very mild absinthe, and not too strong with just over 56% vol. This is the perfect absinthe for aniseed lovers!


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