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Absinthe Libertine 55: Tasting notes by Miriam

Bottle of absinthe Libertine 55 OriginaleAbsinthe Libertine 55 Originale has something rather special in it, just like her sisters Libertine 68 and 72. Let’s now discover what makes it interesting and how it tastes.

The first notable characteristic of the Libertine 55 is that it’s made from a blend of several distillates. In fact, during the production process, each herb coming in the final recipe is macerated into alcohol and then distilled on its own. Then all the distillates are mixed together according to a precise recipe and thus a very precise dosage. After a certain phase of maturation, the Libertine is ready to be bottled.

This production method is rather unusual in the absinthe world. Traditionally, all the herbs are distilled together and the resulting distillate is then colored with a couple of other herbs.

The Paul Devoille technique is quite clever because it allows more flexibility in the composition of the different recipes. But let’s now talk about the taste of this Libertine 55:

Aroma: pleasant and refreshing. A bit of anise, fennel and liquorice are coming out of the glass.

Louche: Libertine 55 louches quickly and becomes rapidly milky and pale.

Bottle of absinthe Libertine 55 Originale

Taste: creamy, round et refreshing. Despite the thickness of the louche, anise stays in the background, allowing the notes of fennel and liquorice to dominate.

After-taste: anise now comes on stage, slightly biting the taste buds, but we can still feel a hint of wormwood in the end.

Conclusion: Libertine 55 is an excellent product for consumers who want to discover absinthe without emptying their wallet. Its discreet anise profile is perfectly suitable for absinthe lovers who are yet not big fans of liqueurs heavy on the anise side.


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The two sisters:

Bottle of absinthe Libertine 68 AmerAbsinthe Libertine 68 Amer

The little sister of the Libertine series is as sweet and special as the other two but the wormwood is more dominant and brings some bitterness on top of it. The Devoille distillery again uses the same production process here, i.e. a blend of distillates. A very good absinthe!


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Bottle of absinthe Libertine 72 IntenseAbsinthe Libertine 72 Intense

This one is the strongest Libertine of the family. Also distilled in Fougerolles, France, its powerful note of liquorice gives it a very pleasant sweetness. Its high alcohol proof makes it even more complex than its sisters.


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