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Absinthe Tasting with Gaudentia Persoz



Last week, we had organized an Absinthe Tasting at our local store in Germany with absinthe distiller Gaudentia Persoz. She distills classic Swiss absinthes in the Val-de-Travers, the place absinthe was first invented.

Since she is one of the very few female absinthe distillers worldwide, we can with no doubt call her the green Fairy!



Gaudentia Persoz – the real green Fairy

We did a feature on Gaudentia’s small distillery before, find out more here. Together with her husband, they lovingly produce absinthe and other fine spirits at their “La Ptite” distillery in Couvet.


Gaudentia’s green fairy costume attracted quite a bit of attention!

We thought it’s time people in Germany get to know this remarkable woman. This is why we invited her and locals from the area around Freiburg to share an evening of tasteful absinthes in a nice, nostalgic ambiente. Gaudentia arrived – wit her absinthes and green fairy costume at hand.







Absinthe brands by Gaudentia Persoz

Absinthe La Ptite

buy_absinthe_la_ptite_onlineAwarded, sweet and mellow. This is what we think of Absinthe La Ptite. It’s also why we think La Ptite makes the perfect Bleue fpr beginners. You can buy Absinthe La Ptite in our absinthe shop.

La Ptite absinthe price: $60.50

Where to buy absinthe La Ptite:




Absinthe La Ptite Douce

A second version of one of Gaudentia’s classic Bleues La Ptite. More anise and more complex!

La Ptite Douce absinthe price: $60.50

Where to buy Absinthe La Ptite Douce:





Absinthe La Valdetra Verte

Another awarded absinthe by Gaudentia, a Verte this time. Just as sweet and complex as her other absinthes – but this absinthe is characterized by a lot of fennel.

La Valdetra Verte absinthe price: $67.50

Where to buy Absinthe La Valdetra Verte




Absinthe Blanche Neige

Absinthe Blanche Neige is made exclusively for Absinthes.com. It’s not just Gaudentia’s indisputable talent for absinthe distilling which makes this absinthe unique. A rare ingredient, Génépi, adds a lovely and fresh aroma and taste to this absinthe.

Blanche Neige absinthe price: $67.50

Where to buy Absinthe Blanche Neige:




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