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Absinth Verkostungsnotizen

Fête de l'Absinthe 2015 in Boveresse

Dear Absinthe Lovers,

Once again, the weekend went by way too fast!

As in previous years, our team took part in the Fête de l’Absinthe. This Absinthe Festival is held annually in June in Boveresse, a small town in the idyllic Val-de-Travers.

We were very happy to meet up with old friends, and share our common passion with Absinthe lovers, distillers and retailers. Of course there were also some new absinthes to be discovered this year! You may soon be able to find them on our website.

Fête de l

View of the Val-de-Travers

Since it was a long and exciting weekend, I prefer to talk about each day separately:

Friday, 6/19/2015

On this day, we left our office a little bit earlier than usual. In the early afternoon, we made our way to Switzerland.

After our arrival, we reached of course our accommodation in the first instance. Some of us (just as we did last year) decided to spend the night at the Hotel de l’Aigle in Couvet, a nearby town of Boveresse. The others wanted to get the real “Festival Feeling” this year and decided to stay at the campsite in Fleurier, another small nearby town.

Destillerie Bugnon

The ‘apéro’ in front of the distillery of Claude-Alain Bugnon.

After having packed all our belongings, we went together to the distillery of Claude-Alain Bugnon. He invited us for an absinthe drink in his distillery. Bugnon produces, among others, the world famous Absinthe La Clandestine. Additionally, we could try other absinthes from other distilleries. All of them were of the highest quality!
Some of our friends had already arrived to Claude-Alain’s distillery, so we were able to exchange our views on the latest news.

After a glass or two of absinthe, we boarded the bus on a way to a little surprise.

geheimer Absinthe Brunnen

Near the secret absinthe fountain!

The cheese fondue did not take place at the ‘Chapeau de Napoléon’ this year, but in a small restaurant in the mountains: the ‘Robellaz’. Along the way we made a stopover at a secret absinthe fountain. Deep in the woods of the Val-de-Travers, it reminded us of the time when absinthe was banned and people met in these secret places to maintain the traditional absinthe ritual.
After everyone had become stronger with one or two absinthes (with fresh spring water!), we pursued our journey to the restaurant. High up in the mountains, our next absinthe was waiting for us. The cheese fondue was ready for the off!

alle Teilnehmer Fête de l

Our group in front of the restaurant Robellaz.

The first evening went by too fast and shortly before midnight we were on our way back to Couvet. Some of us extended the evening near the hotel, and this time not with Absinthe, but with Belgian beer (yes, we sometimes enjoy beverages, other than absinthe

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