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Fête de l'Absinthe in Boveresse 2014

Dear friends and Absinthe Lovers,

It has become a nice tradition to attend the annual Fête de l’Absinthe in Boveressse, in Switzerland. Just like the past years, the whole team of absinthes.com went to the Val-de-Travers last weekend. There, we met other absinthe lovers, spirits experts, absinthe producers and distributors, to exchange ideas about the passion we all have in common. Furthermore, some new absinthes had to be discovered!


An amazing view from top of the hill

I’ll talk about the different days separately because it has been a long and exciting weekend.

Friday, June 13th, 2014

We got up early in the morning, to leave for Pontarlier, because we wanted to stop by at the Guy distillery. There, we took part in a guided tour and had the possibility to taste some of their absinthes – the one that is most famous is probably the Absinthe Francois Guy.

In the early afternoon, we continued our journey in direction of Switzerland. Like every year, we stayed in the Hotel de l’aigle in Couvet, the neighbouring city of Boveresse. Directly after our arrival in Couvet, we headed to Gaudentia Persoz’ distillery and got the chance to taste some of her absinthes, for example the “Absinthe Traditionelle” (probably better known as La P’tite). Her distillery was just reopened after a severe water damage, caused by flooding, last year. After a short tour through the distillery, we already had to go to our next appointment: Claude-Alain Bugnon. In front of his distillery, we met some old friends and colleagues, and exchanged news, while drinking one or two glasses of absinthe. As every year, we enjoyed tasting his absinthe La Clandestine.


A delicious cheese fondue

The biggest surprise of this year was the venue for the cheese fondue. For the first time, this didn’t take place in Le Solitat, a small hut in the mountains, but on top of the Chapeau de Napoléon (head of Napoleon). After a short bus ride, we arrived on top of the hill and were thrilled by the amazing view. The first absinthe cocktails had been already prepared for us. We got the chance to enjoy something new – an Absinthe Mojito! Just after the apéro, the cheese fondue was ready to be served. We could not only enjoy absinthes, but also some white wine and an absinthe sorbet – a great finish of this meal. Later that night, we went back to Couvet, to have a beer tasting near our hotel. As you can see, we are also open for other drinks, next to absinthe!



Saturday, June 14th, 2014

After we had enjoyed a breakfast at our hotel, some of us went to a secret place in a forest nearby, to visit the fountain ‘La Discrete’. There, a bottle of absinthe, that can be tasted with fresh spring water, awaits every visitor.

Some time later, we all met again on the absinthe festival in Boveresse. A large variety of different absinthes and other regional specialties had to be tasted by us. After having spent the whole afternoon on the festival, the next highlight was just a few steps away: the barbecue at Diane’s garden. She has a little absinthe bar in the back of her garden, where we got the chance to taste some more absinthes. The choice offered is really huge! We enjoyed the evening while listening to her music.

Everbody who wasn’t tired yet, went to a party in the tent nearby. A couple of hours later, we headed back to our hotel, because we had to be well rested for the return journey on Sunday.


Sunday, June 15th, 2014

The weekend passed by so fast and  we had to go back to Freiburg at noon. Before that, it was time to say goodbye to our friends and to make sure that we will see each other again next year at the Fête de l’Absinthe!


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  • Wow, that sounded like an amazing weekend. I wish the US did something like this in a beautiful area.