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Absinth Verkostungsnotizen

Stuffed aubergine with cream cheese, tomato, and...absinthe!

I bet everyone of us asked themselves the following question before: „Can you add absinthe to your meal?“ No? Well, we did anyway, and we found this recipe.

– 2 Aubergines
– 200g Cream Cheese
– 2 Tablespoons Pesto
– 4 sclices of roasted pancetta or breakfast bacon
– 2 roma-tomatoes
– 50g dried tomatoes
– 1 pack of spring onions
5cl absinthe (we’d recommend the Absinthe Libertine 68 Amer)
– 100ml Balsamicvinaigrette
– 1 table spoon of pine nuts
– A bit of olive oil to add to the pan
– Lettuce to serve aside
– Thyme
– Rosemary
– Garlic

How you make it:

Slice the aubergines, roast them in the pan together with olive oil, herbs, and garlic. Add a little salt and pepper, and let it cool for a while.

Marinade the cheese with pesto, absinthe and a part of the vinaigrette. Add the chopped up thyme to it. Then add the cream cheese onto each of the aubergine slices, roll them up and put the in the fridge for a little while.

Slice the roma tomatoes, dice the dried tomatoes and chop up the spring onions. Mix everything together into a salad. Roast the pine nuts and add them to your salad.
Serve the tomatoes together with lettuce and marinade both with the remaining vinaigrette, then add the pancetta and aubergines onto your plate.



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