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Absinth Verkostungsnotizen

The 20th Absinthe Festival in Switzerland

 Almost everybody of Absinthes.com went on a trip to Switzerland last weekend. We went to the annual absinthe festival in the Val-de-Travers in in the Swiss Jura mountains where absinthe was invented in 1792. The festival is originally called “Fête de l’Absinthe” as the Val-de-Travers is located in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Every year, local absinthe distillers offer their absinthe brands on stalls in the street and explain how to drink absinthe or what absinthe is to curios visitors. Many absintheurs from all over the world use this opportunity to meet, mingle, and discuss our most beloved spirit.

The Fête de l’Absinthe 2017 – home of the green Fairy

2017 was a significant date for the absinthe festival, as that year marked the 20th anniversary of this small village event. Since the absinthe community is fairly small, as are the villages in the Val-de-Travers, you could say these festivals usually always go the same way, much like our report from 2016. But it’s a routine we love and that we wouldn’t want to change.

Every year we kick off the festival by meeting up with fellow absintheurs or vendors just like us to enjoy a traditional cheese fondue in Swiss manner. The place mostly changes, sometimes it’s high up on a mountain or takes place at a very historic place, this year we went to this amazing historic restaurant “La Truite” in the very small village of Champ-du-Moulin. Before we make our way to the fondue place, we always meet up at Claude-Alain-Bugnon‘s distillery. His distillery moved about 20 feet in 2017, so we got the chance to check out his new place which is much bigger than his old one!


Busy at the Artemisia Bugnon Distillery!

Absintheurs and enthusiasts chat and sit together during the cheese fondue, and many absinthe distillers and hobby distillers bring along their samples and we all taste them together (for example, we were able to get an exclusive taste of the new batch of Absinthe Vivide, which recipe has changed significantly). After dinner, some of our friends carried on partying with Belgian beer, some of us went home.


The restaurant La Truite in Champ-du-Moulin.


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