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Absinth Verkostungsnotizen

The origins of absinthe spoons

I thought you would enjoy reading about what kind of utensil was used by absinthe drinkers before the appearance of perforated spoons that we all know, and also when and why those absinthe-dedicated spoons appeared in the 19th bistro scene.

Absinthe was already drunk since decades when perforated absinthe spoon appeared in 1875-1880. What was commonly used by absintheurs back in 1840 or 1850 then?
The answer is shown in this sketch from Marie-Claude Delahaye’s book “L’Absinthe – Ses dessinateurs de presse”:

Before 1875-1880, absinthe was drunk using long spoons, also called “Mazagran” spoons. There was no real absinthe ritual as we know it when using perforated spoons, water was – most of the time – gently poured into the absinthe glass and then sugar was directly added and stirred using a long spoon. In other cases, sugar was directly placed on the spoon before water was poured.
Here is a 19th catalog showing an 18 centimetres absinthe spoon:

Perforated spoons appeared at the time when absinthe became highly fashionable – for both women and men – and when silversmiths thought about a way to turn the green hour into something a bit more entertaining.

Our friends at Absinthe Originals offers early absinthe spoons, a must-have for any collector of absinthe antiques who wants to own a piece of history from when the green fairy was drunk that way:

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