Absinth Fontäne Pernod Fils

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Diese matte Metallfontäne aus rostfreiem Stahl verbindet Tradition und Moderne auf eine ganz besondere Art und Weise. Der Deckel der Fontäne ist angenehm schwer, und hat eine „Pernod Fils“ Gravur auf den Seiten des Griffs.

Dieses hübsche Stück eignet sich für einen Absinthe Abend zu zweit – ob mit Ihrem Partner oder einem zweiten Absinthe Liebhaber, diese Fontäne sorgt für besondere Momente. Genießen Sie die Tradition des Absinthes mit der „Pernod Fils“ Fontäne.

Füllen Sie etwas Eiswasser in den Behälter, auf dem mit weißer Schrift „Pernod Fils“ geschrieben steht. Geben Sie eine Einheit Absinthe in ein leeres Absinthe Glas, und stellen Sie es unter einen der Hähne. Stellen Sie den Fluss, beziehungsweise das Tropfen des Wassers so ein wie Sie es gerne haben, und beobachten Sie wie der Absinthe sich langsam mit dem Wasser verbindet.

Absinthe Fontänen fanden bereits während der Belle Epoque, als Absinthe seine beliebteste Zeit hatte, Verwendung. Ihre Ursprünge reichen also weit zurück in die 1900er. Doch leider ist das genaue Jahr in dem diese schönen Wasserspender das erste Mal auftauchten schwer zu bestimmen.

Genießen Sie einen echten Absinthe auf die traditionelle Weise, und lassen Sie sich von dem modernen Touch verzaubern.
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Von Georges Méliès

Hinzugefügt am: 19/11/2014 Englisch

As a followup: at the suggestion of a friend I went to the hardware store and bought a tube of silicone caulking made for fish aquariums. I removed both spigots and lavishly coated each with caulk, with a bit more added to the gaskets. After several days of curing it did the trick and sealed the leaks.

I can once again enjoy the convenience of a lightweight, small fountain but it really shouldn't be necessary to go to that effort to make it usable. The fountain is still flawed, but at least if you get one that develops a leak, it's useful to know that silicone caulk can salvage the disaster.

Pernod definitely needs to improve their quality control. Great concept, poor execution.

Von Stu

Hinzugefügt am: 13/10/2014 Französisch

Très jolie fontaine, le design est beau les robinets de bonnes qualité, le réservoir est en plastique (facile à nettoyer et moins de risque de casse). Seul bémol la hauteur un peu juste pour des verres avec réservoirs, il faut surélever la fontaine de quelques cm pour pouvoir l'utiliser correctement, ainsi que la taille du réservoir un peu petite. Globalement j'en suis satisfait, elle est idéale pour une dégustation à deux.

Von Georges Méliès

Hinzugefügt am: 18/08/2014 Englisch

It is with considerable regret that I must revoke my positive review of this fountain. After only 9 nights of light use the plastic globe abruptly and mysteriously developed a stress crack in the sleeve portion through which one tap is mounted. This resulted in a major leak which renders the fountain useless.

It's a huge disappointment since I love the size, weight, design and convenience of the fountain, but if it lasts barely a week before becoming totally unusable I'm afraid it doesn't speak well to the quality after all. And because replacement globes are not available, it is now just an expensive paperweight.

(I gave it one star since the system would not let me leave zero.)

Von Georges Méliès

Hinzugefügt am: 06/08/2014 Englisch

I first encountered this small Pernod fountain in a couple of cafés and restaurants in Paris in 2013. I loved the elegant compact design but could not find anywhere to buy one. They were reserved for 'professional' locations only. Now that it is available to the public I was happy to order one of the first.

It's much smaller and lighter than my 'traditional' fountain, which is a very fine replica of a Belle Époque original. This is also much simpler, given its lightweight stainless construction and plastic globe. It definitely has a more modern look, but that was the designer's intention (Pierre Gonalons). The globe is ornately engraved with the Pernod Fils name, which is something of a vintage touch that counterbalances the otherwise contemporary design. The overall fit and finish are excellent. The base and lid have a lovely spiral-brushed satin finish that is very striking, and the spigots are pleasantly firm and adjust readily to any flow level desired.

The key advantage of this fountain is its ease of use. The small size and light weight mean that it takes up very little space and is very convenient to set up even for a solo glass. I'm enjoying going back to using a fountain to prepare my nightly apéritif; I rarely take my large fountain down unless we have guests so I normally use a brouilleur. The Pernod is perfect for one or two. Just as quick to set up and clean as a brouilleur.

Despite its basic construction it is much nicer than other inexpensive fountains I have seen. The spigots are brass and well-sealed, so there's no problem with leakage and little risk of breakage as with the common plastic spigots found on most small fountains.

For the price it delivers exactly what is promised: a well-made, attractive, and easy-to-use fountain for one or two people. Much better than similarly inexpensive fountains which are usually entirely plastic. It won't replace my full-size fountain but it definitely complements it.

It may not be the finest fountain around but I give it five stars because it is exactly what it aspires to be -- inexpensive, above-average construction quality, and very easy to use.

Von Christophe H.

Hinzugefügt am: 02/08/2014 Französisch

Une bonne fontaine à posséder, finition, pratique avec une bonne plage de réglage de l'écoulement et une contenance similaire aux verres à absinthe.

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