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Absinthe Francois Guy Tasting notes by Stefanie

absinthe Francois GuyAt a strength of 45%, Francois Guy has one of the lowest alcohol contents among all absinthes. Thanks to its mild and well-balanced taste this is the perfect real absinthe for beginners and absinthe experts alike.

The Guy distillery in Pontarlier, France has been making absinthe since 1890. In addition to absinthe, the family-owned business also produces liqueurs,  eaux-de-vie and aperitifs.


Discover the taste of Absinthe Francois Guy here:

Color: Francois Guy has a light green color with a slightly yellow shimmer.

Aroma before water: A well-balanced and fresh aroma. None of the plants is too dominant.

Louche: With the slow addition of water, the louche develops quickly and becomes quite thick inside the absinthe glass. The final color has a green-gold tint.

Aroma after adding water: A sweet smell, not there before adding water, streams into the nose. Overall, the aroma is not obtrusive and gently caresses the nose.

Absinthe Francois Guy

Taste: The absinthe taste is very round and well-balanced. You can taste the sweetness that is rounded off by a slight touch of aniseed. Francois Guy is a mild absinthe that is not too complex.

Finish: The sweet touch and the anise tickle the palate.

Overall Impression: Francois Guy is a light absinthe, that can be enjoyed at any time of the year and day. It is the perfect absinthe for beginners that is also appreciated by absinthe experts. An absinthe that should be part of every collection!


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Absinthe Francois Guy


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