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Absinth Verkostungsnotizen

The Traditional French Absinthe Ritual

The French started drinking their absinthe with sugar in the 1870s and created a whole new way of enjoying absinthe, and changed its taste. The sugar ritual surely convinced some people that didn’t enjoy the taste of absinthe to give it another go and to end up genuinely enjoying it. Watch this video to see how to do the traditional French Absinthe Ritual:

Let’s see the 4 steps of the French Ritual:

Traditional French Absinthe Ritual

  1. Pour 2 to 4cl absinthe into an absinthe glass.
  2. Place your absinthe spoon onto your glass, and add 1 or 2 sugar cubes on top of your spoon.
  3. Now pour the iced water over the sugar cube, as slow as possible – best would be just small drops. An absinthe fountain is ideal for controlling your water drip. Wait until the sugar has dissolved with the water, and until you reached your preferred absinthe-water ratio.
  4. Stir your absinthe with your absinthe spoon to ensure the sugar completely dissolves – then, enjoy your glass of absinthe!

Absinthe Roquette: THE bestselling Absinthe

Absinthe RoquetteYou might have notice the really nice bottle of absinthe which is used for the video. This is the Absinthe Roquette 1797, our bestselling absinthe. Roquette 1797 has been brought back to life from an unpublished, hand-written manuscript dating from the eighteenth century, when absinthe was more mysterious elixir than evening aperitif.

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